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For Onyeka Onwenu

I still remember standing in front of the television gazing at the picture, the woman in the boat with Nigeria flag moved me as a kid but the truth is that it wasn't the boat, the water, the flag that tripped me rather the song...

...her voice was (and is still) electrifying, strong enough to quench a heated argument and could actually direct a soul to perfection.

'Don't be sad; understand
Everybody has a day when the sun stays away
Take heart in a new tomorrow
Living one love between'

Mummy, you are a force to reckon, you touched us with your message/songs which are all rotted in our hearts so this is from me to you...

Chibuzo how do I fall in love just because of my father's child and mama africa when I am blessed with mama peace and ekwe, I don't live holy holy because I am renewed, am the one Turmi and Ochie Dike found in the moonlight when Odenigbo talked about Soddom and Gomorah but acknowledged that my everything is God so forget about nso nso because as far as I know you and I are falling in love and it's the greatest love.

'Ekwee. Ekwe o ekwe o ekwe o ekwe o ekwe!
M nee anya naka nni nekwa ekwe k'onabia.
M nee anya naka ekpe nekwa ekwe k'onabia.
Ebe m jelu ekwe ejee gwanum ife m geme. Umu uwa gbata nu
o gwanu m ife m geme...

Ekwe ejim gi ugwo...



This post is to appreciate this goddess of our time, I might not be a prolific writer and can't write a long biography of this special being who doesn't belong to the past but the future. Mummy, you touched our lives in so many ways so keep shinning for long life, good health will remain with you.

For Onyeka Onwenu.