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The Quick way to see the other side of the picture-Flip Your Mind


Sara is a writer. She believes determination and Trust in Allah Almighty give us the strength to face the challenges coming in our way.


Life is a like roller coaster. You have to face many ups and downs. Sometimes your life drives you very smoothly and suddenly you got a stroke.

The real perspective of your life starts once you got hurt. You can't even share the feelings of your inner damage. You just need someone who listens to you and holds you tightly what so ever has happened in life. You got shattered. You are lost.

Your existence seems to be meaningless.

Meet my Conscience and Me:

I closed my eyes and want to get some rest.

Why you are so depressed? I looked around... Noone was in the room.

Hello...Pay attention. Again the same voice.

It's me your conscience...

Discussion started; he said, you have got shattered dreams of peace and joy. This all shouldn't happen. It's difficult for you to fix this problem, infact impossible. This isn't your fault.... others who trapped you. A bunch of negative thoughts...

Unconsciously, I started to blame other people to hide my weaknesses. Why this all happened to me? I don't want to live anymore in this cruel world without realizing that I didn't take responsibility for my words, my acts, and my gestures.

I closed my eyes again and started to think about these negative lines. I admit my conscience might be right.

Other side of the Picture:

See the other side of the picture.

Pure conscience speaks the truth. This time an argument started but with the spiritual approach to life and positive energy given by our Lord Allah. Your pacific nature seeks to settle all your conflicts or disputes on grounds of justice.

I heard the voice of my conscience; but with a new perspective.

You are not alone. Allah is with you. You will find a way; you only have to trust and firm belief in Allah. He will ease your burden and give you relief from your fears.

" O you have believed, seek help through patience and prayer, Allah is with the patient." (Surah Al-Baqra-Verse 153)

No more regrets... I accept that life is full of challenges. Its all the game of your thinking resulted in actions. Problem is that we act without thinking.

Wrap up Remarks:

We felt regretful over our mistakes when something unpredictable happened to us. We are unaware of the storms coming towards us but we must have the courage to fight against those challenges.

We all must have a clear conscience which gives us the strength and helps us to make the right decision at the right time. Your pure conscience won't let you sleep. It will speak the truth whether you want to listen or not.

Sara Shahid.


SARA (author) from Islamabad on September 19, 2019:

I am glad you understand the message in this article.

The inner voice speaks the truth and we should follow it whatever the circumstances are.

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on September 19, 2019:

We really do need to send time listening to our consciences. Thanks for the message.

SARA (author) from Islamabad on September 17, 2019:

I agreed....we all have experienced that power which results into peace and joy in our life's.

Ruby Jean Richert from Southern Illinois on September 17, 2019:

To trust and listen to a higher power is bound to lead to happiness,

SARA (author) from Islamabad on September 17, 2019:

Thank you for appreciating my work...

And we can't deny and ignore the truth which our conscience is telling us.

May Allah Almighty shows us the right path always.

Kari Poulsen from Ohio on September 17, 2019:

"We all must have a clear conscience which gives us the strength and helps us to make the right decision at the right time." Such a beautiful sentiment! I pray every night I have a conscience that clear.

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