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Words of Wisdom From a Mother to Her Son

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Passing on Some Words of Wisdom to My Little Boy


Growing Up

He said he's too big to take pictures now.

He said he's too big to take pictures now.

Special gift for my son

My son is now five years old. He will be starting Kindergarten this year and that is a big step (he's been in preschool for the past two years but Kindergarten seems like such a big milestone). It means that one day not to far from that, he'll be graduating high school. I would love to make time stand still and cherish these young years a little while longer. I don't have the power to stop time, however. My son will keep growing and soon these first few years will be gone, locked away in the past.

He learns more and more each day as he grows and I'm thankful to have a front row seat to it all. For his birthday this year, I decided to give him an extra special gift that is more meaningful aside from the toys or clothes he'll be receiving. A gift that he can carry with him no matter what age he turns. He won't understand it all now but he will one day. This is the gift of a mother's words of wisdom; the things that I want him to learn and may it inspire him to be the best man he can be some day.

Precious Time

Things to keep in mind as you grow...

1. Your mother will always be here for you. No words can ever express my love for you. Don't ever be afraid to talk to me about anything. I'll always try my best to listen.

2. Listen to your parents. We will never intentionally steer you in the wrong direction.

3. Be honest. Honesty goes a long way.

4. Kids are going to be mean. People are going to be mean. Don't be afraid to speak up, talk to your teacher or parents about it. Don't become them. Don't be the bully.

5. Be nice to your little sister. She annoys you and follows you around because she looks up to you.

6. Apologize when you realize you're wrong. Ask for forgiveness.

7. Don't be afraid to be affectionate and love with your whole heart so that you may receive the same in return.

8. Respect women.

9. Have hobbies, learn to play an instrument, play sports, join clubs and do volunteer work. This will all look great on your college application and/or job resume some day. All of these things will teach you valuable skills and make you a well-rounded person.

10. Travel. The world is too beautiful to not explore. Experience it as much as you can.

11. It's okay to lose. Try your best.

12. Don't inconvenience yourself for someone else's convenience.

13. Know when to be assertive but don't be the guy everyone hates.

14. Don't just hear but listen.

15. Learn to be patient.

16. Learn to take care of yourself, don't expect someone else (like a woman) to do it for you. Learn to do household chores, cook and buy groceries. Have the ability to make yourself useful in and out of the house.

17. You don't need power to be great especially if you lose yourself and your soul to gain that power.

18. I know you're going to grow up in a technology-run world but go outside every now and then. There's still real life outside of your phone and computer.

19. Believe in your dreams and do your best to make them a reality.

20. Accept that dreams can change. Also, don't expect nor ask someone else to change their dreams for your convenience.

21. Be independent.

22. Set goals, you'll have a better sense of direction in life.

23. Have faith.

24. Respect nature and the environment. Help take care of it and it will take care of you.

25. Education is a privilege and a worthy investment, don't take it for granted.

26. Respect others but don't be a fool when the respect is not returned.

27. Realize when to walk away; you can only give so much until you compromise your integrity and happiness.

28. Be proud of your heritage, your culture, who you are.

29. Be well-spoken, well-traveled and well-educated the best you can.

30. Everyone fails sometimes but not everyone tries again. Be that one person, try again.

31. It's okay to change your mind, just have a clear path of where you're headed next.

32. People gossip so rumors are born. Remember that when you think no one is listening or watching. Don't participate in the gossip if you're not ready to accept the consequences. Karma is not forgiving.

33. Forgiving doesn't mean everything goes back to normal. If you don't distance yourself from those who have hurt you, you'll never fully forget nor heal. Remember, not everyone is meant to share every chapter in your life; know when it's time to keep them in the past.

34. Don't let others make you doubt yourself or make you feel less worthy than who you are. They actually see your potential and are scared of what you're capable of doing.

35. Learn to budget and save money. Use that saved money every now and then to experience the world, travel, eat a variety of food from different places and cultures. Use it to enjoy life with vacations and leisure activities. Don't spend it all on material things that are meaningless.

36. Don't judge others unless you can handle being judged in return. Sadly, people are going to judge you every now and then. It's because they themselves have been criticized one too many times.

37. Don't set up limits for yourself. Break down boundaries. You were meant to be great. Like my father (your grandfather) always said, "If he can do, why can't you?"

38. You're going to embarrass yourself, laugh it off. Just don't let it end up on the internet.

39. You're going to make mistakes. Just don't repeat the same ones twice.

40. Don't always take the easy road. Accept the challenge. The reward will be worth more in the end.

41. Be a team player. Play nice. It's lonely playing alone.

42. Don't be afraid to try new things.

43. You may get married someday. Try your best not to choose me, our family or her over the other. Try to make our families get along as much as possible and remind me to do the same. She will be the most important woman in your life especially after I'm gone. She may also bear your children. They will grow up one day and leave, too, so in the end, she's the one you need to please.

44. Don't make promises you can't keep.

45. Read books and watch documentaries, You'll be amazed at what you can learn.

46. Read the newspaper, listen to the news. Know what's going on with your world.

47. Have some fashion sense. It goes a long way.

48. Be healthy. Eat well and exercise,

49. Be clean. Have good hygiene.

50. Be passionate about everything you do and what career you choose. It shouldn't always be about the money especially if you're unhappy.

What are some words of wisdom you'd like to pass on to your children or any that your parents passed on to you that you would like to share? I'd love to hear them, let me know in the comments below!

My Little Boy

This tunnel reminds me of how I feel sometimes watching my son grow;  He enters one side as a small boy but will emerge one day from the other end as a grown man.

This tunnel reminds me of how I feel sometimes watching my son grow; He enters one side as a small boy but will emerge one day from the other end as a grown man.

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