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Five Powerful Life Lessons, I Wish I Took the Time to Learn At a Younger Age

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.


Life is full of valuable lessons, whether they are good or not, as long as you live on earth, you’ll learn them throughout the years. Lessons learned from the past can be a priceless or costly experience. These experiences come with teaching that is continuous learning, and how you receive them can impact your life. Therefore, it’s best to learn the lessons while you’re still young. If you don’t, the consequences will affect your life as you get older.

Throughout life, how you learn life lessons will bring about monumental encounters or many disappointments and failures. When you fathom, life is full of wisdom that not hard to gain if you take on the responsibility, you can reap a lifetime of knowledge.

There is an old proverb that says, “Youth is wasted on the young?” I believe that saying to be accurate, and I wish I’d hadn’t wasted my youth on things that were petty and not worth my time or worry. It only gave me heartaches, regrets, and pain I should have put behind me to move forward and live. We all have to follow our path, perceive there aren’t new lessons, and there no distinctive method to learn in life.

However, as I aged and develop wisdom and maturity, I realize my mistake affects many more people than just me. It took me many years to understand that I can flop and yet not be a failure. The most resilient people aren’t the ones that don’t fail, but the ones that do and learn from it. If only I had developed the knowledge earlier, I could have accomplished more, but I wasted away time and fritter away my abilities in childish carelessness.

If I had the confidence, maturity, and knowledge I develop over the years, I would have never allowed petty things to get the best of me. I would have focused on the significant things in life. Though, when I think about it, I believe “life lessons” are called that for a reason. And we must know those reasons to absorb there are different ways to learn. You can gather from your experience or watching others that have erudite.

Some life lessons come with a powerful heartache that will awake even the most apathetic people that didn’t take the time to listen or follow the teaching of a parent who tried to give them skills that could be used throughout their lifetime.
It is imperative not to waste time nor wait until your way past the age of thirty to allow life lesson to teach you skills you should have learned while you’re still young. I learned from my life lessons the future belongs to those who take the time to learn skills and apply them to their life.

As people age, some miss the marks of maturity they should possess in life, so they do not learn how to handle real-life situations. Artificial maturity comes with a devastating circumstance to teach some a lesson they should have learned at a young age. Besides, the most valuable lessons learned in life are learned from the people you encounter or issued from family and friends.


As we continue to live life, it comes with many lessons. Existence comes with schooling that will teach you to find your way. The world is shifting and evolving fast. Therefore it’s best to begin learning expertise while you are still young.

Then use them in your everyday life. For the reason that if you don’t learn, chance are you are not escalating. And it’s safe to say your life is decreasing since you cannot determine you are merely going backward.

To spare yourself from learning life lessons the hard way and gain life flairs early in life. You need skills like time management, money management, comparison shopping, meal prep, health, and hygiene, cleaning, laundry, and mainly, decision-making.

I learn some of the most valuable abilities that any person will use in their lives during high school and through college years. Although it teaches many aspects necessary for succeeding and prospering in life, it does not prepare you for all life lessons. The reason is that the academic curriculum doesn’t teach, nor prepare you for life occurrence. You have to experience life, learn from it, and apply it in your everyday life.

High school and college cannot teach skills like thinking and decision making, money management, dating, getting married, and starting a family. You must learn how to build and maintain good credit, and begin a career, finding a job, interviews, and the benefit of supporting oneself and family, all the things valuable in life.

Five life lessons I wished I took the time to learn at a younger age

1. I wish I’d known to live life, meaning. I wish I hadn’t wasted my youth chasing things I thought I want, instead of going after what's beneficial for me. I should have enjoyed life with that one person that completes me. Live life now, don’t do like some who waste time and their life waiting for an opportunity to come that will never arrive. I learned from my experience that the world is my oyster, so I start living like it's my last day on the earth.

2. I wish I’d known to develop self-awareness: to develop self-awareness, I had to acquire a deep understanding of my past and current self. I explored by asking myself how well do you know yourself? How thoroughly do you understand your history? In order to be the best version of myself and to know myself, I had to develop a daily practice of self-reflection to understand my history

Becoming self-aware didn’t happen overnight, nor in a day, yet, after focus my attention on understanding what shaped me into the person I am today, and appreciating both my current actions and comprehending future goals, I ultimately develop “Self-awareness.”


3. I wish I’d known that I can't rush the desires of my heart, impatience does nothing more than makes everything take longer. All my life I spent it planning and rushing my desires. After planning, I’ve wanted my desire to come on like finishing college, getting my degree, finding a job, become successful, marrying my knight in shining armor, having a family, purchasing the home of my dream, and driving the ideal car.

I was obsessed with my heart desires, I was determined to move forward and doing it fast. I had to come to the realization and “awakened” to all the many disappointments to learn that impatience turns my life upside down and turn the clock backward to make everything longer.

4. I wish I’d known the “easy” road would end up being the hardest one, there an old adage that says, 'If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is' this saying goes with "easy" roads and just because something sounds great, doesn’t mean it is. Everything isn't always as it seems. I learned the only person that can make things happen for me is me, so I don't wait for handouts.

Moreover, when I hear the word ‘easy,’ from my experience, I know it means long and difficult and things will turn out more complicated. My life would have been so much better if I have followed the path that seems hard in the beginning. I no longer look for ‘easy’ roads, and this lesson is probably one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned. I know there are no 'easy' roads, just like nothing in life is free, consequently, I take the time to take a look and calculate present and future concepts of the principles before I determine if it an opportunity worth pursuing.

5. I wish I’d known that what seems like good luck is sometimes nothing but a stroke of disguised bad luck. I learned good and bad luck are both necessary to grow and to meet the possibilities of life. Besides, as long as we live here on earth bad things are going to happen. Although, at times something good periodically comes from such bad luck.

Good and bad, are not the same, but sometimes when things are going good, bad can take over by surprise and turn into failure, but from time to time it can lead to a remarkable victory. Life is full of good coming from bad. An example of good coming from bad, a surprising break up that seems like the pain will last forever, but the silver linings result in meeting the love of a lifetime. To give a brief summary of good and bad, bad is something you learn to deal with as sometimes bad things happen to good people and good is where you learn to balance the two, the right balance leads to happiness. Happy people live a wonderful life.


Five important things to think about that life teaches us all

1 When you can forgive another as well as yourself, you stop the imprisonment and begin creating space in your heart to find love in your life.

2 In life, you ordinarily get what you ask for, but what's hard is it seldom comes in the combination or the package you think it’s should come in.

3 Sometimes the person you feel you need the most is the person you’re better off without.

4 A mistake is an error. Cheating, lying and stealing are not mistaking. They are all voluntary choices.

5 What you do each day is significant because you are swapping time from your life as you age.

At a young age, most of us spend too much time sweating over little things we can’t change instead of being focused on what is significant. Although I'd wish I learned the five lessons I shared above at a younger age, there are no regrets, I learned to appreciate my journey instead of getting caught up worrying about the things I can't change.

From my journey, I've found that I've been fortunate enough to learn a lot of exceptional life lessons and I have been blessed enough to discover and use my talents. Furthermore, these life lessons helped me become the person I am today. Besides, one of the benefits of aging is that you learn how to balance between good and evil. Lastly, there will be struggles to obtain a solid direction, yet, you will need to gain clarity on what path in life you want to take.

Five Life Lessons I Wish I took the time to learn at a younger age!

Lessons Learned - Carrie Underwood

Some things can not be taught they must be experienced!


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