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Filipino Touch

Remember the days

“Remember the days.” You always hear these words from the old folks in the Philippines. Filipinos take pride in what they have done, big or small. We love to tell stories about our experiences in life and hope that the new generation will learn from it.

Filipinos are sentimental. Love to celebrate and be close to family.

Filipino families love to gather.

Filipino families love to gather.

My Mom

My mother is a giver. Her cousin who has six kids and her husband is not really earning much would always come to our house. She will ask for rice because they have no food. My mom, who is so generous, gave our last kilo of rice. Then we will ask my mom. “What are we going to eat?” She would just say we have some bananas. This story is very common to Filipino households because Filipinos are simply generous. They will give even the last drop of coffee.

My mom was a grade three teacher. She would receive so many gifts from her pupils before. There is one pupil that always brings mango and rice cakes to my mom. Filipinos like to express their gratitude in giving things. If you receive something from a Filipino then that means that person values you.

My Dad

My dad was a street vendor in Caloocan, Metro Manila. He was selling “Mami” , which is hot noodle soup. Sometimes he would give a homeless person, Mami because he knows how it is to be hungry. As I said, Filipinos are very soft hearted. Even they know they are already taken advantage of.

Mami noodle soup

Mami noodle soup

My grandma

My grandmother was a copra seller. Those days are precious memories in my life. We would be sitting there with the file of coconuts being opened by the workers. We are the young bunch waiting to drink the fresh coconut water and eat the “buwa” (coconut embryo). Time to sell the copra was like a fiesta. My grandmother would prepare a lot of food for the workers and of course we enjoy everything. Just imagine how much food on the table and the young coconut dessert we call “lamaw.” Filipinos love simple life and memorable events.

Peeing Little Boy a Souvenir from Belgium

Peeing Little Boy a Souvenir from Belgium

Have you ever attended a Filipino party?

You will notice during weddings you would see couples giving out mementos. On Birthdays, little kids would be given some bags of goodies. During fiestas make sure you have your little plastic bag for food to take home. Filipinos call it “Bring home.” You just need to wait until everybody is able to have their fill. Usually, the host or the one that entertains the guest will ask if they want something to bring home because there is a lot of leftovers.


We love to look back and cherish the memories. Filipinos don’t stay in the past though they are ready for all the changes. We are easy to adopt in places. We work in cold places or the hottest places on earth. We are known to smile at good and bad things in life.

If you know a Filipino then you must have heard so many stories about their families. How hard life is and the last words will be “We will be okay and we will go on.” Filipinos don’t give up easily.

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