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Filipino Crab Mentality in a Positive Way

When did it start?

Envy is the answer.

I wrote a story about envy.

There was once a big party for little girls. First girl saw the second girl with the chocolate cupcake. There are so many cupcakes on the table but the first girl wants the cupcake of that second girl. The longing aroused to have that cupcake. So, the first girl told the host of the party that the second girl is allergic to chocolates. The host rushed immediately and got the cupcake from the hands of the second girl. The first girl immediately grabs the cupcake which she desires. The second girl doesn't know what is happening. That is envy. It makes a person a monster and devours anyone that stops her. It is not a good ending of a story if we will let all the envious people win. Rewrite the story of your life, make it a happy ending and not let envy destroy you.

The ending should be like this. The host grabs the chocolate cupcake from the second girl. The second girl holds on to the cupcake and asks the host. Then, told the second girl that somebody told her that she is allergic to chocolates. The second girl explained she is not. The host of the party let her eat the delicious moist chocolate cake. The first girl realized there are so many choices on the table that they can all partake. The end. That would be a nice story wouldn't be.

But, Wait! There is more.



Why gossip?

It is juicy, funny and innocent at first. Then the person becomes the subject every time the group is together. Someone always starts the conversation and that someone has the motive to destroy the reputation of the person. A good good example of a crab trying to be on top.

Some Filipinos love to talk about what happens to their families, relatives, friends and neighbors. First thing they will ask is, “What happened to Maria?” Take note that this is a question with a caring tone. When the person being asked will start to answer they will also say with a concerned tone. “She is not going out of the house anymore.” “Why?” Follow up question. “She was fired!” Explained the other person. Then this will start the gossip.

What are you going to do if you are the crab being pulled down?

The best answer is don’t let them pull you down. How do you do it? First, Know the source of the gossip. Then, ignore. Some people love attention. The only solution is not to feed their hunger of attention. Do your level best. Never be affected by gossip. Engage in improving yourself. Make a list of the things that will help you grow as a person. Surround yourself with the people that truly care for you.

Instead of sulking, help! Make yourself available to those people that need push, not pull. Be creative in dealing with others. Make them know that you are not an enemy, you are an ally. The moment they acknowledge that you are not a threat, they will slowly come to you. Keep it up and don’t be discouraged on what others will say. Be confident and know your potential, skills, and abilities. Go on.

Do you like to talk about others?


Are you a crab?

People are not crabs but they become crabs if they start stepping on others . They have desires and ambitions and whoever is on the way they pull it down. Filipinos are known to have a crab mentality and I myself disagree with this notion. I do hope this article helps others to grow and shine in the field they are in.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.