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Few Uncomfortable Questions to Religionists

Val is a life-long student of unexplored human potential and many challenges that self-honesty throws at us on that path.



So far I have touched with my creative curiosity just about every of those forbidden themes that make no writer popular -- not particularly caring about a possible negative feedback to befall me.

To mention off hand just a few -- like political brainwashing, homosexuality, illusions about global superpowers, origin of the f-word, medico-pharmaceutical myths about our fragile health, and yes -- that possibly the most sensitive one, religion.

I must say, I am grateful to those readers who were leaving all those nice comments, and even more grateful to those who were nice enough to spare me of their harsh comments.

I don't know how much longer I could count on that luck, for here I go again, pulling the devil by the tail with yet another religion oriented post.

Well, when you challenge people's religious faith, you can't hardly count on a thumb facing up, but more likely it's the middle finger. But being a notorious out-of-box thinker for the most of my adult life, I am a sort of used to seeing people shaking heads in disapproval.

Actually, there was that man of cloth with whom I once had a nice, face to face discussion, at the end of which he told me:

"You know, Val, you have hardly mention God, and yet I think that you are much closer to Him than many of my devoted church-goers."

Upon that I answered jokingly:

"Well, I hope, after this conversation, you will put in a good word for me to your Big Boss."

We both laughed. Laughter is good.

However, I still wonder sometimes, if he would have said that, if I had asked a few of those uncomfortable questions. Like:


Why Did God Make Us Imperfect?

Let's forget how the Bible is answering it with that story of us "actually being made perfect, but screwing it up by taking that forbidden fruit -- let's use our own logic since we were given intellect to use it, not to quiet it down with blind believing.

Look, He did install into our nature some untold intelligence with default programs for maintenance of health and self-healing, and we truly are some biological masterpieces. Then He also gave us those Ten Commandments -- so my questions goes:

With all those good life-promoting programs, why didn't He also install into our nature inability to produce crappy thoughts and emotions -- instead of giving us a choice.

Indeed, from the perspective of logic used in robotics, it could be called something like "unfinished job".

Namely, if you asked any robotics engineer, they are bound to tell you that even man-made robots are not made with programs that would give them functions capable of sabotaging their designated purpose.

It would be like sending a rocket to the Moon, but allowing it to randomly change its course somewhere half its way and aim, let's say, due Mars.

You see what I mean?

Now, some may protest that God was not exactly creating a robot, but gave us a free will instead. To them I say: What was He expecting to happen? Being the supreme cosmic principle of everything harmonious, positive, and creative, He just must have wanted us to "truly be someone in His own image, not some idiots texting-while-driving, and making moronic wars.

So, why did God bother, after all, to give us a free will in matters of decency, honesty, altruism, and other virtues?


The point being: If we were not given a choice over color of our skin and eyes, which is of less significance -- why were we given a choice over killing some unknown people who wore different uniforms but didn't personally do anything against us?

Could God have installed that limitation into our mental functioning? Yes, He could have, because there is something like amygdala in our lower brain which is the seat of arrogance and other crappy emotions tied to our survival instinct -- and if our shrinks know about it, God must have known it as well, when He was putting it into our skull.

No, please, don't slap me with the holy book telling me how He works in mysterious ways".

Now, before I stop with this rhetoric questioning, one more comes to mind that I see as worth mentioning.


Why Did God Allow Crucifixion of His Only Son?

For a bit of a simple logic -- and I certainly hope logic is allowed -- if He made Man in His own image -- and I, for one, happen to be one of those men, I would never allow my son to be killed by a bunch of ignorant idiots, providing that it was in my power to prevent it.

Why did He allow it?

And moreover, what's the real deal with his Son's sacrificing His life for the sins of the mankind -- if He got promptly resurrected briefly after that?

Was it supposed to be only something like a "temporary sacrifice"?

You see, there are these things that just don't sound logical to me. Maybe you are like many other believers who are taking everything in the Holy Book on its face value -- but I am obviously not.

Then, if this God is not an intervening God, not caring about His Son being crucified, and innocent children suffering abuse, starvation, molestation, and getting killed -- then why is everybody worried about His punishment, since He obviously doesn't want to interfere with human affairs?

Well, as I am thinking now about all this, somehow I believe that I would have never got that compliment from that man of cloth, had I asked him about any of it.

And I don't know why I am now getting so carried away with all this, that I even feel like going poetical about it -- say, make up something like a couple of pieces of a rhymed prose. Let's see what they would look like.


Question of Celestial Mercy

Another disaster killed innocent folks

making me, as usual, wonder in vain

if the stories about God are but jokes

for why little children had to die in pain.

By a simple reasoning of any creating

we strive to make things good as we can

and I'll leave it to the smarter ones' debating

why God created such an imperfect life for man.

No music comes from instrument out of tune

only noise comes no matter how you're skilled

so why create creature fitting more to a cartoon

and what is the faith for, if you must end up killed.

"He works in mysterious ways" -- they say

and that appears the lamest of all excuses

you can curse the bad luck or faithfully pray

life ends up in sorrow after so many bruises.

Man and animal care for their young

keeping them safe from any life's trap

plants may flourish on soil with a dung

but kids can't thrive going through crap.

Wondering about a celestial Father

seeing us as orphans left on our own

with all religion just an ineffective bother

"unconditional love" sounding way overblown.



Belief is a deliberate construct of the mind

not something we can contend we know

but so often it's getting stubbornly blind

with no solid evidence we could show.

Beliefs are not factual truth reflected in mind

even facts make us believe different things

a matter of our intellectual taste of a kind

belief being its expression that it brings.

Knowing something means that we all agree

in every religion two plus two equaling a four

and even worst fanatic won't add it to a three

so -- why not keep it all a matter of a folklore.

Let beliefs be whatever, religious or political

hey, even a scientist believes beside knowing

as long as they are not for coexistence critical

or thwarting our mental and intellectual growing.

Well yes, there is something unfathomably great

but sorry, we are not wired properly in our brain

and even less in our hearts tormented by hate

to ever grasp its nature, so trying is in vain.

All we can do is construct our belief

and as for ultimate truth, give it a rest

just let's tear down the proverbial fig leaf

trying to be some decent humans to our best.

© 2021 Val Karas

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