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Few Uncomfortable Questions for Religionists


Val enjoys writing prose in rhymes by always leaving a message of a life truism in each piece.

In corporate celestial establishment many small gods have faded into obscurity, leaving just several giants that passed the test of time. -- Val Karas

In corporate celestial establishment many small gods have faded into obscurity, leaving just several giants that passed the test of time. -- Val Karas


So far I have touched with my creative curiosity just about any of those forbidden themes that make no writer popular -- not particularly caring about a possible negative feedback to befall me. To mention off-hand just a few -- like politics, homosexuality, brainwashed masses, illusions about global Superpowers, origin of the f-word, medico-pharmaceutical myths about our fragile health, and yes, maybe the most sensitive one, religion.

I must say, I am grateful to those readers who were leaving a nice comment, and even more grateful to those who were nice enough to spare me of their harsh comments. I don't know how much longer I can count on that luck, for, here I go again pulling devil by the tail with another religious post.

Well, when you challenge people's religious beliefs, you can't really count on a comment with a thumb pointing up -- it's more like that middle finger. But, being an out of the box thinker for the most of my adult life, I have developed an immunity to people's shaking their heads in disapprovals.

Actually, there was this man of cloth with whom I once had a nice, face to face, long discussion, and at the end he told me:

"Val, you have hardly mentioned God, and yet I think that you are closer to Him than many of the devoted church goers I know."

I took it as a compliment, so I answered jokingly:

"Well, then I hope, after this conversation, you will put in a good word for me with your Big Boss."

We both laughed. Laughter is good.

However, I wonder if he would have said that had I asked a few of those uncomfortable questions. Like:

Why did God make us imperfect?

Let's forget how the Bible is answering it with that story of us being made perfect, but screwing it up by taking that forbidden fruit -- let's use our own minds, because we were given intellect to use it, not to quiet it down with blind believing.

Look, He did install into our nature some untold default programs enabling our bodies to function. He even gave us those Ten Commandments -- so why didn't He also make our minds unable to produce crappy thoughts and emotions, but instead gave us some choices there?

To me it's like an unfinished job, if you asked me; and if you would ask a robotics engineer instead, he is bound to tell you that even robots are not made with programs to work against their own designated purpose -- let alone a cosmic cybernetic masterpiece of Man's significance.

Some may protest that God was not creating a robot, since He gave us a free will. To them I say: What was He hoping to happen as the result? Being the supreme cosmic principle of everything positive, creative, and constructive. He just must have hoped for all people to follow His way.

So, in a hopeful anticipation of that outcome -- why not take a shortcut and program people toward that result? On a small scale -- we allow our children their free will, but why do we try so hard to instill into them an inner positive voice that will guide their free will along positive avenues of living?

So, why did God bother, after all, to give us a free will in matters of decency, honesty, altruism, and other virtues? We could have still used our free will in all the gamut of other areas of living, couldn't we?

Now, please, don't tell me how "God works in mysterious ways".

When our kids were very small, and they would ask "Why do I have to do it?", I would tell them: "Because I say so -- just trust me", because they were too small to understand why. Of course, that fatherly attitude did not later on escalate into a religious indoctrination, so that they would keep hearing "Don't ask why churches don't pay taxes -- God works in mysterious ways".

But here we are, coherent, mature, logical grownups, so we don't have to accept answers like that. We got eyes for seeing, hands for holding, and legs for walking, and somehow I don't believe that we got heads for just wearing a hat.

Now, before I end this rhetoric questioning, one more comes to mind that's worth mentioning.

Since He "knows everything", and He must have known in advance that a bunch of ignorant idiots were going to crucify His only son -- why did He allow it to happen?

Really. For a bit of simple logic, since He "made man in His own image", and I, for one of those men, would never let my son die in hands of some ignoramuses -- while knowing in advance about his pending peril -- why did God let it happen?

Moreover, what was really the whole deal about His son's "sacrifice for the human race" if He got resurrected shortly after? Was it supposed to be only a "temporary sacrifice"? This is what happens when you use your own mind by applying the Bible's information.

Again, please, forget the answer: "He works in mysterious ways, and blah, blah, blah...".

To make my question longer, why is He allowing ALL of His beloved children to suffer, innocent kids to be molested, starving, abused, killed?

Well, thinking now of these, and so many other questions -- somehow I think that I would have never heard that compliment from that man of cloth, had I asked him any of them.

Nevertheless, here I go with some of my rhymed prose, not with any crazy ambition to convert anyone, but simply to share my thoughts about the deity being cherished so much, and for so incredibly long, and in such a clumsy way.


Belief is a deliberate construct of the mind

not something we can contend we know

but so often it's getting stubbornly blind

with no solid evidence we could show.

Beliefs are not factual truth reflected in mind

even facts make us believe different things

a matter of our intellectual taste of a kind

belief being its expression that it brings.

Knowing something means that we all agree

in every religion two plus two equaling a four

and even worst fanatic won't add it to a three

so -- why not keep it all a matter of a folklore.

Let beliefs be whatever, religious or political

hey, even a scientist believes beside knowing

as long as they are not for coexistence critical

or thwarting our mental and intellectual growing.

Well yes, there is something unfathomably great

but sorry, we are not wired properly in our brain

and even less in our hearts tormented by hate

to ever grasp its nature, so trying it is in vain.

All we can do is construct our belief

and as for ultimate truth, give it a rest

just let's tear down the proverbial fig leaf

trying to be some decent humans to our best.

God and Me

Some say that God is real -- others say not

but punishment comes more than blessing

maybe so imperfect we don't deserve a lot

a food for thought, much more for guessing.

I don't go to church since He is everywhere

He is in me so much more than I am in Him

that attendance would not show how I care

but I may visit some day out of sheer whim.

I don't understand why people pray

knowing that we reap whatever we sow

since we are responsible in life every way

so what's there that God should by prayer know.

God is not an egomaniac to demand his glory

not being "in our own image" all that much

so to appease Him is not really my worry

as our two egos are not in any touch.

Well, don't let me kid you -- I've got my own belief

while outside any religion I believe in a "god"

but that's the theme where I can't go brief

anyway you may see it somewhat odd.

To me it's universal consciousness -- nothing more

unfathomable and way too much for me to "know"

while pretending is something I won't go for

thus everything beyond that is a show.

But don't take any of this wrong

I do respect others' convictions

with which I just can't go along

I got my own mental addictions.

Question of Celestial Mercy

Another disaster killed innocent folks

making me, as usual, wonder in vain

if the stories about God are but jokes

for why little children had to die in pain.

By a simple reasoning of any creating

we strive to make things good as we can

and I'll leave it to the smarter ones' debating

why God created such an imperfect life for man.

No music comes from instrument out of tune

only noise comes no matter how you're skilled

so why create creature fitting more in a cartoon

and what is the faith for if you must end up killed.

"He works in mysterious ways" -- they say

and that appears the lamest of all excuses

you can curse the bad luck or faithfully pray

life ends up in sorrow after so many bruises.

Man and animal care for their young

keeping them safe from any life's trap

plants may flourish on soil with a dung

but kids can't thrive going through crap.

Wondering about a celestial Father

seeing us as orphans left on our own

with all religion just an ineffective bother

"unconditional love" sounding way overblown.

© 2021 Val Karas


Char Milbrett from Minnesota on March 06, 2021:

I agree.

Val Karas (author) from Canada on March 06, 2021:

Char -- Thank you for sharing your religious thoughts in response to my article. You say, "Even an atheist must believe in God, not to believe"

Well, at least in my case that's not correct, because -- while you have a biblically based concept of God, I don't have any concept there at all.

I simply assume, since it takes "some" kind of consciousness to create anything at all, that a consciousness is involved in creation of the universe. But then, even there we are not talking about my "belief" because no one knows what consciousness is, so I can't "believe" in something that I cannot conceptualize.

What people call "god", might be a quantum principle of collapsing the potential possibilities, with this world being northing but a virtual reality. After all, at a very subtle level, we are not "solid bodies", but bundles of energy orchestrated into game of frequencies which give illusion of solidity.

I hope you are beginning to see that even the word "atheist" doesn't simply mean "someone not believing" in biblical or Quran's, or Bhagavat Gita's deity, because I am not "believing in non-existence" which is just an illogical game with words -- but assuming that consciousness (of which I know nothing) is behind the whole "creation".

In a realm without time and space, this universe might exist in eternity, without a beginning, but our linear minds can't conceptualize how something is created without a beginning.

Let me put it this way -- Our minds are not advanced enough to experience outside of conceptualizing, we are only verbalizing our created concepts which we have formed into "beliefs", which includes a belief in a deity.

Thank you again, and please, don't ever interpret my own thoughts as an "opposition" to yours -- we are simply thinking differently, my thoughts being right to me, and yours being right to you.

I also believe that there are foods that one of us loves, and the other doesn't, which doesn't make that food "bad" -- Cheers!

Char Milbrett from Minnesota on March 06, 2021:

Hello, ValKaras!

Yes, you were brave, once agan, to trudge into the storm writing about religion, or even religionless.

I believe even an aetheist must believe in God, to not believe, or reject.

I believe that God tried, many times, to correct the behavior of his creation. There are many, many stories in the Bible about God correcting people.

Finally, he had an angel announce that he was sending his only son. Instead of being 'made" like Adam, and "cloned" like Eve, he was 'begotten" like us.

At the Lord's supper, Jesus announced that he was going to die. He knew that it was his 'father's' plan to have him leave earth through death. He was half human, half God.

The cross simply enabled the human side of him to die.

He was betrayed by a kiss. Remember Peter did not want to do it, but Jesus told him that it was already decided by God. When the cock crowed three times, he would give Jesus a kiss to identify him to the {??] police and he was then arrested, tried and even though found innocent and sent to the cross, "crucify him, crucify him" , this was all part of God's plan to end the plan.

It was a fulfilment of what was already set in stone as the plan. He did not come to abolish the law, he didn't come to change anything. He simply came to prove that there was life after death, and that if people believed in HIM, as being the son of God, that people would go to heaven.

That's why people say the Nicene Creed, with which I am sure you are aware:

I believe in God, the father almighty, maker of heaven and earth and all things visible and invisible.

I believe in Jesus Christ, his son,

made of one substance with his father.

I believe that he was created for our salvation.

I believe in eternal life.

I believe that you must die to be born again.

Born again. Like when we die, we go through another passageway, not unlike the original vagina, but this time, a birth of our spirit, since we leave the "ashes to ashes, dust to dust" version behind.

(Wow. I was brave, like you..) May the peace that surpasses all understanding abide in you all. Have a wonderful day!

Val Karas (author) from Canada on March 05, 2021:

Nan -- I appreciate your nice words of praise. Glad that you found it interesting.

Nan Hewitt from Albany, Western Australia on March 05, 2021:

You make some very interesting points. It seems you are what I would call a 'critical thinker'. Good on you.

Val Karas (author) from Canada on March 05, 2021:

Lisa -- I would gratefully welcome your prayers to God to "open my eyes", but I am already an extremely happy human, with a happy 56 year old marriage and two grownup kids who say they could never find a better friend than I have been.

I am a meditator for 5 decades, a deeply spiritual person, disciplined in mind and body, robustly healthy.

So, why would you really want God to open my eyes?

Like I said, I don't really mind others' believing in anything, I don't even mind their believing in Santa Claus -- I am not a normative person.

So, you have my friendly blessings to continue reading your Bible, to find your own bliss -- because I will most certainly keep doing the same.

Oh, by the way, I have read over a thousand books on human nature, which means that I don't stop at one which would provide "all answers".

Be well, my friend.

You too, dear Schoolgirlforreal.-- I think you are both fine ladies and human beings, so stay with your "eyes open", don't worry about mine.

schoolgirlforreal on March 05, 2021:

Well put, Lisa. The main thing I connected with was that God wants our Love. That is a huge meaningful thing to me as well. With free will, - the only way for us to love God "by choice" we can make mistakes and those mistakes is what makes the world evil. those mistakes (sins) make the world evil. otherwise if everyone was kind, the world would be heavenly except for suffering. but without suffering we would never ask for help and therefore would not need God. our NEED for God/ help makes us pray and there fore we establish a connection with Him.

those who are angry at God for suffering refuse to pray.

not realizing that when we actually pray, he answers prayer much of the time. and he always answers prayer that is his will. for example there are certain prayers he will NEVER refuse for example:

1) God please save my soul

2) God please give me faith

3) God please reveal yourself to me, so if I'm wrong in not believing in you, show me a sign you are real.

or several signs

4) God please heal my body or my friends body from illness

5) God protect me

things like that.

God doesn't want us asking for wealth or fortune.

He wants a connection with us.

Please share your thoughts

Blondey on March 05, 2021:

Sorry I read some and had to jump to the end.

What if it's all a test?

To see if we're worthy

that's how I see it.


I know it's really hard

But I guess I can't blame him for wanting to be loved genuinely

after all isn't that what we want?

just a thought.

Lisa Tippette from North Carolina on March 05, 2021:

Val, as a Christian and what I consider an overall "nice" person, I'm not going to give you the "middle finger" NOR tell you that "God works in mysterious ways" (although he often does!) I'm guessing you don't KNOW my God on a personal level, for if you did, a lot of your questions would be laid to rest. All I can do is try and explain to you what its like from a Christian's point of view. And mind you, not ALL Christians share the same viewpoint! Funny, I asked myself the SAME questions from time to time, but then I go to the Bible and find the exact answers I need every time. You see, this is an IMPERFECT world made of IMPERFECT humans. At one time, God did mean for this world to be perfect, and yes, man screwed it up by disobeying God. Why? Because he was given FREE WILL. I suppose God could have made us "robotic" in nature and "programmed" us to be whatever he wanted us to be, but all He ever wanted us to do was LOVE and OBEY him from our HEART - not because we were MADE to. Just like you want your children to do. But unfortunately, that one act of disobedience in the Garden of Eden led to separation from God with no way to atone for our future sins - until He CHOSE to die on the cross for our sins, and make a way for us to be reunited ETERNALLY with him in Heaven. And THAT is where things will finally be made PERFECT. Not on this earth or in this life. The Bible says, "If only for this life we have hope in Christ, we are of all people most to be pitied." (1 Corinthians 15:19) So you see, we expect TOO much from this life when we should be setting our hopes on our ETERNAL life with Jesus! Once you realize that, your "uncomfortable questions" will cease to have meaning. :) I pray God will open your eyes to the TRUTH and heal you from the "mental addictions" that cause you confusion and uncertainty about the world around you. Peace and prayers for a fellow writer! - Lisa

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