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The Bizarre Art of Writing

A brief thought on how human beings are always looking for the right means to express themselves, especially through writing and arts.

Expressing yourself

What makes human beings different from animals?

To answer this difficult question intellectuals have wrote many essays and said all sorts of things. I'm no expert on evolution or on the history of mankind, but what seems obvious to me is that one thing that undeniably makes people different from animals is the need to express oneself.

What I mean by this is that gorillas don't paint canvases to express their love for the nature that surrounds them, just like rhinos (or lions, or giraffes or any other animal creatures) don't write love poems to their mates to declare their feelings. Well, you might not believe this, but, for some reason, weird things like these happen all the time amongst us human beings!

The ability to communicate your inner world with the one that's on the outside (which in one word can be simply defined as "art") is not something that normally happens in nature and it is undoubtedly the one thing that truly makes the human race special. A lot could be said about this interesting topic, but I'm not here to tell you about the history of art since the Big Bang, mainly because neither you nor I actually care about it (if you're interested in this particular matter I suggest you to read Yuval Noah Harari's book "Sapiens").

What I'm here to tell you is my personal experience with writing and why it has got me thinking a lot about how people constantly feel the need to express themselves, even though sometimes you actually don't have anything meaningful to say.

Even 30.000 years ago the men in Chauvet's cave felt the need to express themselves, even tough they didn't know how to write.

Even 30.000 years ago the men in Chauvet's cave felt the need to express themselves, even tough they didn't know how to write.

Art is everywhere, we just don't want to see it

Take a look at the bigger picture, distance yourself from the screen for a second and take a big breath. Every object that surrounds us has been imagined and afterwards realized by someone. Literally everything in our world is the expression of oneself.

Take this blog I'm writing on, for instance: Hubpages is the clearer manifestation of the need that writers feel to express themselves. Us as writers never actually question the nature of what we're doing. We write and write and write, sometimes even about completely meaningless stuff, but we never actually stop for a second and ask ourselves what's the real reason why we do that.

Do we create content just to let people know how good we are at writing? Do we do that to get our thoughts in order about a subject? Or maybe because we don't know anyone who understands us enough to have a conversation about what we care about and we hope to find that "special someone" on the internet? I don't know the answers to any of these questions, but I know how important it is to always question the nature of your actions, to always ask yourself: "Why am I doing this?"

Take me for example. I'm a 19 year old Italian law student, I enjoy writing articles on blogs, especially tv series or movie reviews, comparing them to other works of literature and/or philosophy. At one point I thought it would be fun to start writing more on the subjects that I care about (in Italian, my mother tongue, of course) so I started looking for a website that gave me the possibility to do that. Long story short, I got here on Hubpages, a website that I had never heard about, and I started writing my first sample article (the one you're reading right now) on the concept of writing itself.

Of course the example of writers is just one in the mix, take a look at your shoes, or at your laptop, or at the chair you're sitting on: someone designed all those things to express himself in a way that would make that object unique. Art is everywhere, if we don't see it it's just because don't want to. Everything Is unique in our world because we, as human beings, are unique, we live to ask ourselves "why am I doing this", and maybe we'll never get the right answer, but it's always worth a try.

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