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Being a father is a very tough job. They always have to work hard to take care of their children and provide them with all the facilities for their bright future. Fathers are selfless, supportive, and very kind to their children. Their duty as an employ at work and then as a father is very tense, but they manage it with elegance. They prioritize our desires over their own needs. Their responsibilities as a father demand patience, love, and willingness to sacrifice their personal entertainments for their children.

Father is your very first teacher after your mother. The connection between father and his children must be very strong, because it shapes the personality of children. Children learn a lot from their father. Their interaction with others is what they have learned from their father’s personality. When a father sits with his children, they feel that there is someone for their protection. Interacting with children more and more develops the environment in which children think that their father is their friend. It is true that when your father and you have a strong bond, then you need very few friends. Watching TV with your father, discussing irrelevant topics, and road trips make this father-children relation very special and strong. You can share everything with your father and the support you get from him is unmatchable. When you go out and interact with people, you reflect your father’s character and his teachings.

A very beautiful thing about fathers is that they never leave you behind. Father is your best supporter; he always wants to see his children on the heights of success. When you feel left alone in this world, he comes with his support to cheer you up. When you fail to achieve something and you fall down, he gives you his hand to stand up again and encourages you to achieve your goals. Father tells you that nothing is impossible and motivates you. If you face financial problems, he helps you. Father is always very honest and selfless for his children. Sometimes, he does more than one jobs without worrying about his own health to make your life stable. He never wants to see you crawling in the race of this world. He walks by your side through thick and thin.

Mostly fathers face many hurdles throughout in their life. They have this responsibility to maintain a balance between their work and home. They are emotionally very stable; they do not let their children know about the hardships of life. A father also gets hurt and bears the pain, but he always keeps the environment calm for his children. Children idealize their father as a role model for all of the efforts he puts for them. A father comes very tired from office, but he sacrifices his sleep just to give his children time. Whenever something bad happens only father stands firm and handles the situation by his experience. He also tries to teach his children how to stay calm and quiet when things go wrong. He experiences a lot of mental pressure, but he always deals with it silently. He faces all those problems just for the love his children.

Fathers never want anything in return of their efforts. They are very generous with their deeds. They always advice and assist their children, so they can be on the right path. They just want to see their children succeeding and making them proud. They just want to see the children happy and for that they work hard, sacrifice their own interests, and do whatever they can. Their support is the backbone of their children. Children feel safe around their father and do not look out for the love and kindness.

© 2022 Zia Ur Rehman

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