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What Makes Mother's Special?

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Memories of old; My father and his brothers, sisters, and Mother.

Memories of old; My father and his brothers, sisters, and Mother.

To those who hold the most important yet most thankless job in the world, THANK YOU!

What makes Mother’s day extra special? Well, for me it’s because it’s the day wherein we intentionally look back, reflect, and thank God for the woman He used to bring us into this world. This letter I’m sharing at first glance may not seem to be anything out of the ordinary. I encourage you though to read on, and at the end I will show you a rare treasure often forgotten. The title of this letter is, Thank You For The Little Things You Did For Me.

“Thank You For The Little Things You Did For Me…

For sending me with Alan (a brother) to Tagbilaran (a city in Bohol, Philippines). It gave me my first glimpse of Jesus Christ through the Sunday School class coloring books. Did you know that I colored His hair yellow?

For your faithfulness in playing the organ during Sunday Worship Services at the All Saints Chapel. I was amazed at how you labored to foot pedal the organ, flipped the pages of the hymnal book, and at the same time played it. I wondered why you had to do it Sunday after Sunday. I didn’t appreciate it then, but now I realize how wonderful it is to serve our Lord Jesus Christ… just like you.

For comforting me and putting bandage on my foot when I stepped on a nail when we were unpacking our things in Baguio. Now, I prefer to wear shoes than slippers everytime when I’m up and about.

For serving “champorado” (a filipino version of chocolate porridge) quite often for breakfast. It sure nourished the 7 of us to grow healthy. Now, I’m too healthy that I don’t have to eat “champorado” anymore.

For holding me still while the nurse was stitching the cut on my head when I hit it on the edge of the bunk bed. It was not my last. I had two other cuts but it was nothing because of the good experience I had with the first.

For allowing Daddy to keep Friend (a dog) after he found him walking lost along Loakan road. I learned to love dogs since then.

For drying my only pair of rubber shoes in our electric heater every time it got wet because of the heavy rain. I had something to wear again for school the next day.

For allowing us to have a taste of the “maja blanca” and the banana cupcake (a filipino delicacies) you made for the Cadet Mess Hall. Although we had only a bite, it was a real big treat for us. The banana cupcake was Lolo (grandpa) Minggoy’s recipe but what mattered most was that you were the one who made it. We knew you were doing it to earn extra money and help Daddy provide for us.

For buying my first “maong” (jeans) pants. I walked differently that day on my way to school because it was new and not a “hand me down.” It started my penchant for Levi’s jeans.

For sending me often to the Post Commissary for errands and allowing me to use some of the change for myself. We didn’t normally have juice and soft drinks at home. So, it gave me the chance to enjoy gulping Sunkist juice and Sprite from those errands.

For not sparing the rod when I was bullying Eric (a brother), Tina (a sister), and Tan Tan (a brother). I didn’t appreciate it then, but I learned to be considerate and loving of others.

Mom, thank you for these little things that mattered most in my life.

I Love You,


This letter was written by my father to his ailing mother. Although she is now in her late 80's,and suffering from advance stages of Alzheimer’s disease; although she no longer is able to remember much or recognize even her own sons; It did not deter my father from sharing all these little things with her.

Despite of the painful truth of how this disease has robbed what should have been the most treasured memories of old from her, it doesn’t make her any less than who she really is in the heart and eyes of those whom her life has touched. The sacrifices she has made, the love she has given, is well remembered, treasured, and cherished, and will echo on in the minds and hearts of his children.

To all the mother’s out there. Never tire of the seemingly little things you do for your children. They are worth so much more than what you think they are. They are worth treasures that no one can steal in the lives of your children.


© 2018 Milton Luga

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