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When I was a kid, I didn't know what failure meant.May be that time for me, failure was standing last in a race, or not looking prettier than my friend or getting late for school, or losing in ludo or snakes and ladders. When I was a kid, this was the failure I faced. I didn't know, that someday I might fail in Maths Unit Test in class 8.

It was very unusual that happened to me because when I was a kid, I was used to score 90% and above. And that day I gotta know, this is the actual failure when I studied hard and yet didn't pass. And then a few more failure(s) and it made me weak. I had no faith in myself anymore. I thought myself to be completely useless, ugly, with no talent, etc .

But what made me confident was the fact that, in this world, there are infinite activities, infinite tasks, infinite jobs then why I'm I running behind standing first in everything. One of my relatives told me that it is ok be first in the class but it's excellent to be in top 10 rather than being number one and it hit me.

I've seen people who stand first everytime and it has become a habit for them. But I feel sad that somehow, god forbid if they face any kind of failure, it'll be hard for them to face it. Moreover, I believe that the success after a failure is just glorious. It makes us realize what mistakes we did. And that's the reason I take all my failures positively. Obviously it makes me think why only me, but that doesn't make me weak instead it gives me strength to become a better version of myself.

I'm able to speak about my failures because I know all of us have faced it at least once somehow. Therefore, it is ok to fail sometimes to create history.


© 2020 Gargi Nade

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