Faces in Nature

Updated on March 21, 2018

All around us, all above us, even down below us, nature has delightful surprises waiting for us to see. Course, there is always that possibility we do not know what we are seeing, except we know we are seeing something. First though, we have to look. This bit of nature is pretty well evident.

What's up in the clouds?

My friend, Julio, inspired this blog. He and I one day were talking about what happens when we look up into the sky. In fact, he told the story one day of driving along and with his family, when suddenly he pulled over the side of the road, which was a bit of a surprise for those in the car other than himself, of course. "What are you stopping for?" "Look," he said, "look up. Look at all the things taking place over your head." Shortly after that I began looking up much more intently myself, and not only up did I look, but beside me, and yes, below me, and then began capturing what I was seeing. So, I compiled bits here and there of some of what I found.

What we find, of course, is not always in the sky. Here is a bird in a Christmas tree that had been put out for trash day the night before a snow. Don't know if this bird had just alighted on this tree or is ready to take off. I got up pretty close to take its picture. It was not the least concerned about me.

And how about what is in the snow?

What do you know, another snow day. Not the same day, place or time. In fact, it was draped over a potted plant that looks pretty healthy for being outside in the cold and all.

After a frosty snowfall in the Adirondack Mountains. Not much moisture, as you can see, in this snow. About as grainy as you can have. This is the kind of snow that crunches under foot when you walk on it. Frigid. But this dog seems not to mind.

Yet another dog, chin resting on top of MacKenzie Mountain, Saranac Lake, NY.

This looks like a seahorse to me, and in the grass, of all places. Seems an unlikely place to find one of these things, but then, who is ever to say anything about anything, as long as we don't interfere with our own notions of how things should be.

And look at what is lying in the grass.

Another sea horse? Well, maybe it is just a horse, this time placed in a frozen lake, or the edge of a frozen lake way up in the Great North.

Even the ice has something to show us.

Polar bear, huh? Spread out all over the place above my head.

A walrus. Well, it is in the water. Looks like it is home.

Just below the surface of the water

Alligator? Crocodile? Could be.

Strong eye, lower lip.

Walking along in the woods we never know what is going to come along, or what we are going to come along to. I almost felt like hanging out and having a conversation.

Trees as well. Amazing.

And another

Yet another face in a tree. Three, in fact. One is the face of a horse.

Three faces here, too. Strangely enough, I showed this to three different people and each chose a different face. Weird. Didn't say a thing about it to any of them, other than: can you see the face?

Hello in the snow.

Might this be a lioness looking at us out of the corner of her eye?

Some kind of urchin. This is in sawdust on top of melting ice, at a park where many people were visiting.

Not sure what is going on here. Something intimate, I think.

Even on a concrete walkway

Something with a long snout and a hard shell back. Ardvark? Ant eater?

Looking over all things coming and going.

Man on a fence post.

Diving in unison

Well, there you have it. Faces in Nature show up in all kinds of places. I am sure there will be many more as I go along in my travels.

What do you know, another addition. Having a fine lie down. So many interesting things show up in the snow. Who would have known? Not I, but there it is.


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