Faces in Nature

Updated on March 26, 2018

Around us, above us, even down below us, nature has delightful surprises waiting for us to see. Course, there is always that possibility we do not know what we are seeing, except we know we are seeing something. First though, we must look with open, sometimes soft eyes.

And so, if you are a person who likes stretching your imagination and looking to the sky for faces and other beings there are fantastic things happening in that great distance.

Here, in this first picture there are actually three different faces. One is a man with a beard.

What's up in the clouds?

My friend, Julio Barrios, whose roots are deeply and firmly Guatemalian, inspired this blog. He and I one day were chinwagging about what happens when we look up into the sky. In fact, he told the story of one day driving along with his family, when suddenly he pulled over the side of the road, which was a bit of a surprise for them, "What are you stopping for?" "Look," he said, "look up. Look at all the things taking place in the sky." Shortly after his telling me that story, I began looking much more up into the sky myself, and not only up did I look, but beside me, and yes, below me. Then I got the fanciful idea of capturing what I was seeing. So, I compiled bits here and there of some of what I found. Hope you like them.

While you are out and about with your adventurous eyes, be sure to take the time to look to trees, you might just find someone, or some being, looking back at you..

Or you might look onto the ground, where there could be an urchin of some kind. Is that what this is? Maybe the Loch Ness Monster?

And what about the snow, where you might be surprised to find a mystical being frolicking atop a tree

What surprises, what delights you will find in nature wherever you are. There is a menagerie of beings and who knows what else waiting for you to encounter.

In the sky one day a polar bear showed up having a delightful time lounging in the sky

And here a dog rests its chin on a mountain top.



What have we here? Could it be none other than the feline making an appearance? Could be.

Something flying unfettered across the wide open and free blue sky.

What is the man pondering?

And what might be so engaging here? Looking upon earthlings to see how they a amusing themselves on this sunny afternoon?

And here a bird flying across the horizon. Or maybe a porpoise. Or what? I don’t know. What do you think it is?

And look to see what is lying in the grass.

From the sky it is an easy maneuver to look down to see what is at our feet. Really? In the grass?

The beautiful thing about nature, it makes no judgment. As my friend once said, "The mountain doesn't care." Nor, apparently, does this sea horse?

We have, I think, an alligator, maybe a crocodile.

Strong eye, lower lip.

A friendly dog out for a stroll.

The Kiss

How about that waterway you might find yourself next to where a walrus shows up on a summer afternoon?

A sea horse in the lake. Not supposed to happen that way, is it?

Something with a long snout and a hard shell back. Aardvark? Anteater?

Reclining in the presence of the ever soothing river's edge.

Yet another comfortable liedown on snowy day afternoon next to the river's flight.

Meditating next to a flowing river. Comfortable place, this river.

Porpoises flowing in unison.

Staring back at you.

Bird draped over pines in winter.

Looks like someone's dog got into the garden. Whoops.

A lioness with an eye toward you as you pass by.

Trying to make sense of something here.

We've got three faces in this lucky tree bark.

The feminine and the masculine. Just above the lady in this picture is a guy with a big nose. Do you see it?

If you look into the iris, there is a lady.


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