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Face-to-Face with 2021: Planning Ahead of the Year and Putting Aspirations in Perspective

Endy is a creative writer. He writes on a number of subjects. Well, he never missed the fun of writing. .

The 2021 Story

Pacing quietly and soberly through the garden, I felt newness. The newness I drew from the freshness of the incoming New Year; that was already furiously piercing through my skin. I felt the warmness that comes with a new beginning. Unsure of my location in the Universe, “I may have felt this way in 2019 while anticipating 2020,” I self-reminded.
Well, whether I do or don’t is immaterial. It’s time to close the account with 2020. It’s gone and gone into history like 2019.
“2020 would have been fair, only if it hadn’t unleashed the Coronavirus disaster on the world,” I thought. “But that isn’t the only unfair thing about 2020. The others are more personal than global. The unrealized dreams, aspirations, and more troubling to remember, the death of my beloved brother, Michael, left alone for the unrealized dreams and aspirations, we will always have them. There are things we didn’t imagine could happen that did happen on a positive note. And there are others we so passionately wish should happen but never did. Plus, or minus, there is a significant achievement. We have left where we were and have moved on despite the ‘epidemiological hoodlum’ and lockdown.
The most important thing for me right now is to think ahead of the year and move on. Yes, that’s right. Time isn’t staying stagnant, so we too mustn’t,” I thought. Just then, I felt a gentle touch on my shoulder. I turned to see who it was. It was 2021.
“Oh, you’re here already!” I exclaimed. “You may have been so anxious to reach here. How was your journey?” I quickly asked.
“My journey was splendid. Hope you have made plans?”

Planning the New Year

Planning the New Year

How I want 2021 to Look Like for Me

"I was thinking about that. Also, I was wondering about your policies, and I thought I should ask. Will you continue with the 2020 policy of unleashing a deadly virus on the world? How about the politicians insisting on the economies and schools' lockdown? Are you going to do that to the world, or are you going to kind this time?" I 2021 asked in a perspiring voice.

Em em, let us say I do. How would that affect your plans? asked 2021

It will affect me in a big way, dear 2021. If you do, schools and businesses may remain closed down. To imagine the worst, we may continue the carryover of the lockdown with the new variant of the Coronavirus or the stench of the disastrous economy. But neither of these is anything I wish. I cannot imagine another lockdown, even if Coro deploys all its variants or the most virulent of them.

I see a New year where I can promise myself the best. I know the economic stench will live with us for a long time. Perhaps, even longer than I may have imagined, but hope first, reality can follow later. I hope you will be nice, uh? I asked as I starred into the uncertain eyes of the New year.

“Dear, let me see your plan outline, and I will tell you if I will be kind or not," requested 2021.

Okay, here are my plans:

First, and very dear to my heart, I have a book plan. It's something I long wished to accomplish, and I still want you to grant me an enabling environment to do so.

Second, my rib is still missing. I have been carelessly searching for it for some time now. In the last part of 2020, I got serious about it, and I wish you (2021) could help me find it. More precisely, I want you to catch the "I do" feeling before you are gone.

Thirdly, I have been dreaming of big money for some time now. I have great ideas on how to hit the jackpot and have laid out plans. But somehow, these plans depend if you will carry on with the disastrous policies of 2020 or not. Please, no Coronavirus carry over, no lockdown, no schools and business closures, and finally, stealing of loved ones.

Dear 2021, in case my grammars confused you. Here is the three-point summary of all I have said.

  • Fat cash in my account;
  • My book on the global shelf;
  • And my missing rib in my arm.

"I guess those are not too big or too plenty to ask from you, 2021?" I asked patronizingly.

"I will decide on your request in due course. Anyway, my action will be subject to your energy and determination. I will be kind where and when I have to," 2021 replied.

How about my friends and readers, you will be nice to them, right?

Calm Environment

Calm Environment

How do you want 2021 to Look Like for You?

“In summary, I plan to be a Nice year because my predecessor was nasty. But I must reconcile with realities on the ground. It left me a mess to clean-up. I hope that politicians will give me a free hand to deal with the Corona messes as soon as possible.
As for 2020 unleashed Coronavirus and its variants, you and your friends should learn to live with it as you have with every other disease that broke out in history.”
“Does that mean you will be kind, 2021?
“Yes, if the politicians let me do what I have to do. I promised not to unleash a new virus on the world. I don’t want lockdown, schools and business closures, and other nonsense.
“Does that mean my friends, too, will be prosperous?
“Yes, they can be prosperous, only if they plan and work for it. You know, I only reward those that work for things with the things they work to get. That’s my rule.
“So, you’ll reward Donald Trump with election victory?
“Hum…I guess I should reward him. He worked and fought hard.
“How about my friends reading this?
“How do they want me (2021) to look like for them?
“Em em…, maybe they should speak for themselves in the comment box.
Please, get in the fun. We need to enter the year relaxed yet determined. New Year doesn’t like overambitious and overly zealous people. Be conservative! Put your plans in perspective while you have fun. I wish you a Happy New Year, Hubbers.

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