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A Piece of Paper

A piece of Paper

You know what a piece of paper means? The support for an introvert who finds it difficult to socialize, the only way he has, to express his thoughts, how he feels. He will pour down his emotions there, burn the piece of paper and yet you will find everything normal with him.

You know if it wasn't for that paper, noone would ever know how he felt, because noone tries these days to check upon the other person.

I am an extrovert however, but I do know the importance of the thing you guys call a piece of paper. If you say what good can a piece of paper do to an extrovert ?

I have been habituated to writing and I know what good a piece of paper can do. Most people prefer not letting out and staying quiet rather than expressing, sharing. I don't belong to that category. But I do love writing. That piece of paper gives me every right to write the things I want to, stop if I want to, erase if I want to and take back all things I have written.

People have every right to go with the flow.

© 2021 Samip Katwal

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