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Exploring the Word Purpose~ for What Purpose?

Scratching the itch of curiosity to find reasons beyond the things I start to question and wonder more, and learn from realizations.

An Introduction

When I've learned that the word prompt is about purpose, a lot of things popped into my mind. Ironically, I've been thinking for what purpose am I living for lately. I guess while writing this, I found a few answers to that question.

We all heard about the clichè saying that Everything happens for a reason, but for what reasons? Find out below.


Meeting People From All Walks Of Life.

Have you ever question yourself why people may suddenly come into your life but only just for a certain period of time?

It is probably because of their purpose to your life.

Some people we meet at the crossroads of our life tend to leave us so sudden that will make us think;

"What is the purpose of meeting them when they won't stay long in our lives?"

I figured it could mean a lot of reasons.

Just think about riding a long distance train. The type of train that has bunk beds of some sort and where you get a chance to meet people.

If given a chance, sometimes you'd initiate a conversation to that someone maybe riding next to you.

You learn things about one another, share some experiences, laugh about good times in life, cry about the things you regret in the past; next thing you know you're talking with one another like you've known each other for decades even when it was just a couple of hours ago.

And when it's time to get off, there's this feeling of being sad 'cause you were just getting started with the fun and getting to know more about each other.

Just like the saying goes:

" Feel the happiness while it lasts, but when it wears off, you'll feel empty."

Sometimes I used to think, what's the point of getting hyped up and excited, getting so giddy happy when I already know any minute from now I'll be alone again.

Whenever that thought comes to mind, it just spoils the mood whenever I'm trying to be in the moment and enjoy it.

But I guess, it's always better to be happy when the situation calls for it. Instead of thinking about that when all of these ends it will be lonely again.

You can never go back in time. Be happy if you want to, enjoy if you want to, have the courage to speak up to someone you really want to talk to that you know if you miss your chance now you'll never be able to do so in your lifetime.

Just like the people we meet unexpectedly, there's always a purpose in those encounters.

Some will just be passing by, but it has meaning to it.

Some are scenarios you'll see as if you're watching a movie but definitely it is being shown to you for a purpose.

I view these as secret messages from Heavens that only those who notice it and can interpret it would know.

However, it isn't only about human interactions or encounters that has purpose in our lives.

Animals too, and maybe things you value.

Remember the time, when suddenly your car stopped working just when you're about to leave and you were running late perhaps meeting someone?

Maybe you were bound of getting into an accident or something has happened to that person. Maybe He heard something about that person you were about to meet that might hurt your feelings or you might get disappointed.

Even the songs they play on the radio.

Sometimes, the song you caught playing on your ride might just be the advice you need in your life right now.

Or if it reminded you of someone then perhaps, just perhaps at that very moment you are thinking of one another listening to the same song while inside a vehicle. Who knows?

Sometimes I hear random types of birds at night or in day time.

I wonder what are they saying or making such loud noise of, but sometimes it's nice to think they are singing and that I am not alone.

Although, some really creep me out but I guess, there's no harm in that. I mean it's better than witnessing people talk bad things about you when you're not around.

Side Story: A Cat's Instinct and Bravery Saved Me.

I remember the time when a huge insect came flying in our garage,

I was really scared as it might attack my eyes or fall into my head luckily when the light went off in our porch ( 'cause the light turns on when it detects movement) the insect fell of the floor and the cat tried to sweep it away and it worked at the very least.

I was afraid of cats for the same reason that it might suddenly jump of me and attack me but this certain cat, a pet of my cousin jumped of from the fence and save me of some sort.

Purpose of Dreams We Get In Our Sleep.

I believe dreams may it be nightmares or good ones also serve a purpose in our lives.

Although sometimes I confused the flashback of my memories with dreams, even mix it all up. But doesn't it count as a memory anyway once the dream is over? It has become a memory that has retained in your head. But sometimes getting it all mixed up can get you into trouble.

Like if you mixed a certain part of your dream that hasn't happen in the past to what you remembered that has really happen people might start doubting you and your credibility.

Dreams are often interpreted as a sign that there's something your inner you is trying to tell you. It could be about your health, something that's bound to happen in relationships, danger, or something important.

But sometimes, on some instances dreams do come true or probably a coincidence. I sometimes think some dreams I see are premonitions although I don't possess any psychic ability.

Some dreams becomes a dè ja vu. Like the scenes becomes familiar to you and you know you've seen this happen before.

Just like the dream I had before. Who knew I'd see a scene from my dream years ago in the Japanese Series I've watched just recently in Netflix.

The series is entitled " Japan Sinks : People of Hope".

The scene from my dream went like this,

There's this blurred shadow rushing towards a certain medical center somewhat like a small hospital you see in provinces. It was jam packed and in huge chaos. Upon entering the entrance, the human was catching his/her breath as if coming from a triathlon. Scanning through the area, it's filled with the likes of Japanese/Chinese people who were most of them are elderly women.

I don't know why I had such a weird dream but it was kind of similar to what happened in the series. The only difference was in my dream the person could be me but in the series it was portrayed by a man.

There's still a possibility though, I might encounter a similar scenario in the future with me being the main character.

Someday It's Gonna Make Sense.

For whatever purpose, there are things or occurrence that come at you to make you re-think about life and your choices.

We often ask, why don't we ever get the answers we asked for? Often times, the answers can be found anywhere you just can't recognize it because it has various forms. Sometimes in a form you would never believe it would be delivered to you that way.

You will just realize it when it hits you or once you get back to your senses.

Everything will soon make sense sometimes it just takes time.

If you want answers quickly, find time to reflect and analyze. If you put all pieces, clues, evidences, testimonies, events, together and find the relation in between such events; you'll be able to find the answer right in front of you.

Finding A Purpose: Why You Should Write and Publish A Book About You Before You Die?

Lastly, if you ever find yourself questioning your sole purpose on earth, just look around and listen very carefully to your surroundings. And then ask yourself, "What's that one thing I can do or leave as a legacy for the next generations that will make them remember forever ?" What can you contribute to the society that's timeless and universal, wherever it reaches it will always be talked about by many?

A book or a journal.

It can serve as a primary evidence of your life and existence. Best if you write it yourself and authorize it. That way, people of the future won't have to go around the neighborhood asking how you were like when you were alive. Plus, nobody can ever prove if the things they say about you were true cause you're no longer around. It will all just be heresays. That is why I think keeping a record of all the things people should know about you is important. A written one or a hard copy. Not digital. Preserve those written anecdotes and memoirs for as long as it can be preserved.

As every one has their own side of the story, and they met you at a different time, different place, different you. Sunmarizing all what can a hundred people say about you doesn't mean it's reliable and all accurate. Maybe some would've mistaken you for another person since people age too.

If you haven't start writing one, maybe now is your chance. Who knows how much you'll be able to write until the time is finally up. But hopefully it becomes enough for the future readers.

If we ever get to meet, I wonder for what purpose our meeting will be?


Songs That Inspired Me For This Article.

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