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Experiences on the Otherside

Testimonies of the Afterlife

An Artist Walks into a Bar...

I have been working with people in different capacities since I was 13 years old, and I have always been intrigued by the stories of the people I have encountered. One story stands out in particular, and it is regarding the after-life. I was a senior in college, and I worked at a tiki bar at the beach. A local artist came in, ordered a drink, and exhibited his artwork to the patrons. He asked if I would like to see his work, and I replied "Sure! I'll say 'wow'!" As I looked through his work, I shared with him how I like to paint as well, although I'm not very good.

I told him that I had wanted a painting of a sailboat so badly, that I had painted one myself. I candidly shared with him that it was so bad that the sails started to look like ghosts so much so that I went with the concept of ghost sails. We got into talking about ghosts, the after-life, God, and how he didn't believe in any of it. I bought one of his paintings, the one of a sailboat. He paid for his tab, and never returned to the tiki bar. Now fast-forward to the summer after my college graduation, and my grandmother was dying in the hospital. I still worked at the same tiki bar, and I had visited my grandmother after my lunch shift one fine day.

As I sat in the waiting room, I was crying because I knew my grandmother would pass away soon. Suddenly, a seemingly crazy man stormed into the waiting room in his hospital gown. He was obviously agitated and making a scene, but upon taking a closer look, I noticed it was the artist whose sailboat painting I had bought earlier that year. I approached him, reminding him I was the bartender at the tiki bar who bought his sailboat painting. He remembered me, and he remembered our conversation about our spiritual beliefs. He shared with me that after he visited the bar that day, he found out he had cancer; and, he had an after-death experience that made him a Believer.

He had actually painted what he saw in his after-death experience, which was a brightly lit room with a gate and staircase viewed from the perspective of a peep-hole in a prison made of rock. He was moved to repent for his un-belief, and prayed that one day he may see the light and ascend up the staircase. After we talked, he led us in prayer for my grandmother. I haven't thought about this artist in years, and I recently thought about him because I met with a client who had an after-death experience similar to the one the artist described so many years ago.

A Consultation with a Client

According to my client's account, he was in a dark ampitheatre that had a table and two administrators at the bottom. The ampitheatre was lit by an other worldly light that shined through a gate with a staircase behind it leading infinitely up. He described the light like no other light that exists on earth, an iridescent blue with a pearl-like glow. As people went through the gate after speaking with administrators, they were shot up the stairs like canisters vacuumed up the tube at a drive-thru bank teller. The two accounts seemed so similar, that I began to wonder "could that really be what the after-life is like?"

My client also shared traits of himself as he described his after-death experience, such as his personality and his unique spirit were still the same; but, his body seemed different. While he made it a point to observe as many details as he could about his experience, he did not feel the need to be aware of his physical form. However, he still had awareness of such characteristics as his sense of humor and curiosity. When he reached the table of administrators at the bottom of the amphitheatre, he was asked if he wanted to proceed through the gate or go back; interestingly, it was his choice to make. He humorously referenced a Stouffer's commercial saying "I have to go back for the stuffing!"

Needless to say, he returned back to the operating table he had just died on. He also shared his journey to and from the ampitheatre, saying that he went down to go up. His return was also the same, he went down and back up to his body. One would think that "heaven" is "up," but he traveled the journey there through the floor of the hospital to get to the staircase that takes him up. Although he never went up the stairs, he returned down through the hospital floor back up to his body.

Apparently, he was literally dropped on the floor during an operation; which, caused his death. This client has a autoimmune illness that doctors do not know how to cure because it is so rare that he is a test subject at the University of Florida. These tests are also somehow related to Covid-19 research, in search of finding a cure. The reason he wanted to come back was really because he had work to do in this on-going research with the University, but would you come back?

The Otherside of the Spirit

It's impossible to know what we cannot know, but in both of these cases there were some interesting findings of what one can only speculate. Both accounts described the infamous afterlife light as iridescent, unlike anything they had ever seen before. Both accounts also described a gate seemingly underground where one would go before going up into the light, and both accounts described a staircase leading to that light. What I found most interesting, though, was that to go up, one went down first. I also found interesting that judgment was a choice one makes, even in the afterlife. One thing is certain to me: there is a God, and we will have a choice to make. What choice will you make?

© 2020 Marilyn Prado

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