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Emotions of Jokers

Being a content creator,it is honour to work on this huge plateform about any aspects.I hope;my articles woud give you something more.


The funniest people! Well, talk to them about their lives. You'll come to know that they actually are the people with most painful past. They may seem cool and funny outside, making everyone laugh with their jokes on point but inside, they have the deepest scars, fighting every problem from social and financial to domestic ones, they're real fighters. With their heart crying, ripped apart feelings and concern for their family, they make us laugh. Without a single tear in their eyes, without giving even the slightest vibes of sadness, they add colours to our lives.
Now look around. Look for the funniest people you know. I assure you that they are the most broken ones. With the deepest scars. They may look happy the whole time, making everyone laugh with the most hilarious jokes ever, spoiling serious atmospheres with their gags on point but have you ever peered in their room at night? Their pillow is soaked in tears. Why? They themselves may not know either. May be the bruises from the past make them feel helpless. Who knows? May be disloyalty or past memories killing them from inside. Their silent tears bear the loudest pain. They're broken, broken so badly that they become unbreakable but still, they feel weak and burdened. They just endure all the pain by themselves and next day again, their brightest smile and loudest laughter is waiting for you.

They're the jokers of your life. Try to listen to the shrieks of their heart. Try to feel the scars of their past. You'll know that they've lost trust. In everything! And everyone! They're just surviving, not living. But even if it's hard for them, they try to make others happy. They try their best that no one else goes through the things they've been through. They are heroes, the silent heroes who brighten your life. They are angels, the sweet angels who add joys to your existence. They are stars, the bright stars who even in the darkest times make you forget everything and look at them. They can see the sadness behind your smile but hide theirs perfectly. Sometimes they claim that they don't care but always end up helping others. Why? Just because they are actually soft hear-ted trying not to get hurt again. Find these jokers in your life and soothe them , comfort them before it's too late. Because their pain has made them dead inside and that torture can't be described in words when you've a LIVING BODY WITH A DEAD SOUL.


© 2021 Osman Ghazi

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