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Espionage and Sleeping With the Enemy Part 2

Traveling and living in Spain for a couple of years, I experienced many things new and different to me. Some were funny and some weren't.

He and I at my bridal shower before I knew what was to come.

He and I at my bridal shower before I knew what was to come.

Introduction To Intrigue

I recently wrote about my experience with a possible case of espionage when my (then) husband and I went to Spain. He was in the U.S. Air Force and was stationed at an AirBase in Spain for 2 years. As long as we were in Europe, he decided it would be good to tour several countries on his 3-week vacation. We had planned the route and the places to stay months in advance, and George assured me he had saved enough money for us to have a very good time sight-seeing.

I was very excited to see Europe, assuming it may not be a chance I would get again. I was only 20 at the time and certainly naive. It didn’t really concern me that he never let me see how much money we had. It didn’t cross my mind to ask if we had enough. Our first daughter had been born 3 months earlier and since I was nursing her, we didn’t have to worry about baby food or warming bottles. She slept a lot and we had plenty of freedom to see many things. I didn’t think we may be putting her in any danger. I innocently believed he wouldn’t lie to me and off we went. The story that finally prompted my suspicions is too long to recap here but if you are interested you can read about it here.

Me at my parents home after I left him.

Me at my parents home after I left him.

“Evil begins when you begin to treat people as things.”

— Terry Pratchett, I Shall Wear Midnight

Cruelty And Abuse

Needless to say, things were going wrong in the marriage before this trip and didn’t get better after we returned to the states. Upon returning to the states I discovered I was expecting again so with one toddler under 2 and one on the way, George was pretty sure of me. He told me if I ever thought of leaving him that he would get custody of the children. He beat me often and sometimes did cruel things to the girls. My oldest hated having water drip on her face. It freaked her out. So I was very careful when bathing her. I told George that once and claiming he would break her of that, took her into the shower and turned on the water. When I protested that it freaked her out to have water on her face, he locked me out of the bathroom and all I could do was pound on the door while listening to her blood-curdling screams. After about 15 minutes but what seemed more like an hour, he opened the door and shoved the wet, dripping, whimpering girl into my arms, and left the house. Even then I didn’t think he was a true monster, just misguided.

Me and my two girls.

Me and my two girls.

A Lesson In Genetics

After the second daughter was born, things got worse. He blamed me for having not one but two girls. He said it was all my fault and I wasn’t “allowing” boy genes to get through. He claimed he was going to take me to a doctor to find out what was “wrong” with me. I began to wonder about his schooling. How could anyone in the 20th century be so Medieval? He beat me more often and started accusing me of “looking” at other men. When driving with him, I wasn’t allowed to look above the dashboard or I would be looking at other men. Soon the TV was a source of beatings but I was “looking” at men there too. Without going into all the particulars, I eventually ran away with the girls. Luckily we were stationed in California only a 6-hour drive from my parents, so I packed the car and left. My oldest got car sick along the way and I had to pull off to a gas station to clean her up before continuing the journey. That had to be where he passed us on the freeway. When I got home, I stopped at my sister’s place first only to find George had already been there looking for me. My mom told me not to come home because he was waiting for me on the street with a gun. If my girl hadn’t gotten sick, I may just have been one more of those stories you hear about or headlines you read: “Husband Shoots Wife And Daughters Before Turning Gun On Himself.” I knew he had lost it and it confirmed to me that I should never go back to him.

Even here I wasn't allowed to look at the camera because a man was taking pictures.

Even here I wasn't allowed to look at the camera because a man was taking pictures.

“People speak sometimes about the "bestial" cruelty of man, but that is terribly unjust and offensive to beasts, no animal could ever be so cruel as a man, so artfully, so artistically cruel.”

— Fyodor Dostoyevsky


Now that I was away from him, I began to think about all the strange and suspicious things he had done in Spain and Germany. I thought someone should know in case he actually did “sell secrets to the enemy.” First, I called his commander at the base he was stationed. The commander listened but dismissed my suspicions as unfounded. I didn’t quite know where to turn from there but got the name and address of my senator and wrote to him. He at least wrote me back and assured me that it would be looked into. Within a week, I was giving a deposition and testimony to the Judge Advocate General’s military legal team. The problem was that I didn’t know any of the names of the people we had come in contact with. The folks we stayed with in Zurich were a mystery to me, even. I only knew the first name of the wife, because she spoke to me in English, but I never got her last name. Without more information or at least, the baby rattle, the military legal team couldn’t take the investigation any further. They did, however, take George off of top security clearance, which made him very angry with me. They did not discharge him until several years later when he was caught in an affair with an enlisted woman whose husband protested strongly to the military. They discharged him for conduct unbecoming an officer.

He Also Beat His Dog

End of the Second Marriage

That happened during his second marriage. While his second wife and he were stationed in Germany she found he was having an affair with a woman he met the first time he went to Germany (while married to me). Later, she called me and asked me to help her leave him and I couldn’t let her down. I went to Indiana and testified that if he could he would kill her before allowing her to leave him. The judge granted permission for her to leave the state with her children before the divorce decree was final upon my testimony.

Me and the girls a year later and a bit happier.

Me and the girls a year later and a bit happier.

“Man is the cruelest animal.”

— Friedrich Nietzsche

Final Thoughts

In total, he has had 5 wives and 11 children (mine being the first 2) and I understand the fifth wife is not with him now. It seems to me that a man like that really should not be allowed to have so many children and ruin so many lives.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter. Do you think there is anything else I could have done? I wish I had been more “aware” of names at the time but I just didn’t think it important back then. Leave your comments below.

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