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Eric’s Sunday Sermon; An Outlook of Love

Holding degrees in philosophy and Law. Formal studies or certificates or degrees in business, theology, insurance and security. Ex-preacher.

The Land is So Open, That is Twenty Miles Away

And we went down the narrow canyon anyways. Luckily the flash flood came while we were in camp.

And we went down the narrow canyon anyways. Luckily the flash flood came while we were in camp.

How Do We React?

There is an outer lens in our eyeballs. But it is not called the lens it is the cornea. The lens on the inside must look through the cornea to see. Our heart, our Love and our soul are inside also and must look through our mind to see. If our mind is full of garbage we see through the garbage and most likely all things we see has the tint of garbage. Yes the brain filters what we see. (of course I will argue against all things seeing through the brain this is the physical)

So the question comes up about the brain and Love. Oh for sure about the brain and God also. But for some reason we do not associate the brain with Love. Yes scientist can point to certain activity in the brain and say we mistake that for love but it is just a chemical reaction to stimuli. Can you even imagine running your rig of life with that as your Love compass? “She is noticing me and my heart is all a flutter, my palms are sweating and I think I will just burst out in Love”. “Oh yea that is just a chemical reaction.” “I will just keep looking for love”.

Habitual Love. Isn’t that cool. I like to think I have a strong habit, maybe an addiction to Love of all sorts. If I do not get my fix of giving or getting Love, run, do not walk away. One attribute of a strong habit is doing it without thinking. Think of flushing the toilet after you use it – I do not think that is a conscious thought. Drives my wife nuts when I act all loving to a store owner who is trying to rip us off. But it is a habit. I simply cannot help myself.

My health coach thinks that to break a habit and replace it with a new one takes about 6 months. I had heard 90 days. That does not work for me. 3 straight days without reading, meditating, prayer and love and my bliss and habit of loving goes right out the door. Bummer. But there is immediate pain that gets me back to the cure of Love.

When I am on a Love roll aggravation and frustration head me right back to a drink of Love. Like putting a burnt finger into ice water. Or more basic, pulling your hand out of the fire. Our reaction of loving after a being burnt should be a reflex.

Nature's Wonders

Let it rain!

Let it rain!

More Ranting on Love

Now back to the weird science and seeing through the brain. Physically I see through my brain and the connection, interpretation of what my eye observes and takes in. That is pretty basic mechanics of how our eye works. But the fact of that matter is my love is unfiltered. A great example of our brain ruining our love is found with what we now call “doubting Thomas”. One of the disciples saw Jesus on resurrecting and felt his presence but would not believe until he felt and saw the wounds. Blessed are those who believe who have not seen. Gets right to the heart of it.

I cannot allow myself to love because of what I see. I cannot walk in my pitch black home lest I have faith that all things are as they should be in their place. And if they are I can walk in the dark without seeing. Our Love shines through darkness and allows us to see without seeing. I happen to love my children and wife very much. I do not see them while I sleep or when they are living far away or when they are at work. I can’t even touch them, hear them or feel them. Yet perhaps I love them more when they are not present. I suppose to some degree I am with them in my brain. But they are fully present in my heart.

In pure structured philosophy we generally would call that a branch of metaphysics. A study of the fundamental nature or reality. It is like where our silly questions such as “what is love?” are dealt with. Pretty much non empirical. Which pretty much means without the senses. In that area we would say that we love without knowing. Or something like “I love my neighbor and all peoples though I do not know them.” Because love is a state of being not of the stimuli that it responds to. I know that is esoteric but really not that much woo woo and to complicated.

“I love you if….” Just makes no sense. I love you because I am in a state of love, matter it not what goes down that I can perceive with my senses. If you pause and think about it, it is really really cool because we do not have to “work” on issues, they just dissipate in love.

Somewhere on Coronado Island

I cannot not count the beauty.

I cannot not count the beauty.


If you are one of those crackpots that really watch the morning and nightly news, as about 85% of us do, your love meter is in trouble. Somehow your perception permeates down into your soul if you do it enough. So our love really should not change in watching such a horror story but when it is a habit it does. You simply cannot watch the haters and hurters and remain in a loving bliss. The abstract gets tainted by a morose and disgusting barrage of bad. The brain is elevated to a filter by which we feel.

Being informed. Being informed or deformed? Oh sure, if the world gave equal time to the beautiful and the horrific that would be a start. Radical to the side of ugliness requires an equal measure of the good side. That means I have to love more deeply and stronger than they do to not care of hate. So “being informed” is an excuse to wallow in the bad stuff. I study the Bible quite a bit, like daily. I do not have the time to study both the good and the bad out of it. If I read a chapter of the bad it means that I am taking away the time to study the good for the 30th time, and I need more. If I spend a lifetime studying the Love from Jesus it would be too little. Not being informed of the hell around us as a habit does not equate to us not caring.

Charity as Love begins in the home. Fill that house with daily horror and see how that really works for you. Worry and anxiety and being offended are not parts of Love. They in fact are a form of gluttony. An indulgence which is bad for us but we get too much of it anyway. We cannot help ourselves. Well cancel that. We do not have to be that way. If our vessel is so filled with love we simply do not have time, energy or space to get into that negative stuff. How can I spend time on condemnation if I am too busy living out heaven on earth. And love is not selfish so that living and loving must come from us and out into the world. Our world. If you want to change your world and are honest about it, join the Peace Corps and do it. But do not sit at home and ring your fingers over it.

For me, at my age, I am happy to be “in Love”. And spread the good news by actions outside my door.