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Enjoy the Beauty of the Little Things!

I have always loved the out of doors. Teaching children to enjoy it as well is a big part of my life. Encouragement for kids is needed.

While looking at the majestic, never fail to look down.

While looking at the majestic, never fail to look down.

Take the Time

In December of 2012, I had my first car wreck. Fortunately, there was just my car involved so no one else was injured. But, for myself, I suffered a badly shattered ankle, leaving me immobile for 2.5 months.

Now, previous to this action, I and my family have always been active. We tent camp, fish, take long drives into areas most people wouldn't (just to see where roads will lead us), stroll the banks of rivers and streams looking for the perfect place and generally just enjoy the beautiful earth around us.

I had a lot of time to consider these things as I wondered when, if and if so, how long before I would be able to enjoy this type of pleasure again. Thank goodness, in the past, I have stopped several times to look at the little things.

Stop, Look and Enjoy!

I am by no means a photographer. I have a little digital camera that I picked up years ago that goes with me everywhere. Most people today have SmartPhones that are more powerful than mine. But, I can still take pictures that, while will never win awards or make me famous, make me happy.

Take a walk, a stroll or a hike. Go fishing, boating, riding or picnicking. Whatever it is that you do, stop and look around, then look down. Usually you will find some tiny little blossom of life with that tiny little essence of color and scent that you would have missed otherwise. Don't pick it! Leave it for the next person who might look down in their journey as well. Get your trusty camera (or SmartPhone) right down on it and take it home with you....digitally.

Then perhaps someday, when you've had that necessity for remaining indoors and/or immobile for a long period of time, you can browse those wonderful little pics and remember the time, place and person you were with at the time. See how heartwarming those remembrances will be!

(All of the photos here were taken on the road to Mount Baker in Washington State in September of 2012, after stopping to view the glacier and walking down a short ways off the road. See, it doesn't take much to find the little things!)

Go Hwy 542 to the end...then work your way back down!

© 2013 MaggieMarie M

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