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End of the Line for Work Boots

Kenneth Avery is a Southern humorist with well over a thousand fans. The charm and wit in his writing span a nearly a decade.

Work boots are more than shoes.

Work boots are more than shoes.

It had to happen sooner or later. Mostly later. Labor mixed with hot sun, sweat and back pain can only equal exhaustion topped off with depression. I know. I was in the same shoes (no pun, really) as these hard-working men and women. People who set their clock by each sunrise and glad when sundown makes another silent entrance. Much like a dramatic presentation on a big stage in a big, sophisticated somewhere. It happens.

Work shoes were new and young in the beginning, the same for their owner. Both shoes and my strength helped to build roads, ,bridges, runways and railroads. We never complained. The work was tough, but we were well-paid. This one fact kept us from going nuts. We had wives at home praying that we did not get killed in the course of our work and a lot of praises to God was breathed by those same caring wives when they seen us coming. It is happening now.

But human beings like work boots both have little or no tip-off when the end is near. Humans work until their body is completely worn-out and the same can be said about work boots. Talk about endurance, the boots can last a bit longer than human beings, in some cases, but with all things being equal, they both last for years beyond their usage.

Although worn-out, they still maintain their integrity.

Although worn-out, they still maintain their integrity.

This like all essays and orations that deal with mysteries of life and things beyond, hardly notice the work boots and the discrimination that goes with their place in life. It’s sad alright. Sad to the bone. Makes me glad that I am not a work boot. Lately I have been thinking the same thing about a human being who thinks himself to be a work boot. Laugh if you like, but when you work day-after-day doing the same thing, it gets old. Drudgery is more like it. I am not the least bit sad that these human beings that have woke up and search for better jobs. Only the limited of intelligence remain.

The day will come in a dark shadow with no light when the final feat of work and the human virtues vanish, will common sense will touch the hearts of those who have labored for many years and never seeing a visible raise in monies or an easier job in which to face, or labor, whichever that fits. Time like work boots and poor ignorant human beings have limits. I know. Several limits to be honest.

While work boots have literally stuck to our feet, they also stick to our souls in most types of storms. Those storms of the physical body can take a quick tool and death would be the needed remedy. Not so with the loyal work boots. They endure storms, pain, neglect and hard work, all without one mouth opened to exhibit rebellion against the powers that are permanently-stationed in places that cannot be torn or burned down. In a few words, human and beings still have things in common.

I can see the end of my lecture. It is plain to be schooled by words of power and good sense. I can say with solid conscience that work boots, the old, worn-out, dirty work boots have taught me far more than any college professor or a novice preacher. Work boots do the talking for human beings . . .if we only listen.

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