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A Ghost Story From East Tennessee

I write a wide variety of genres about people, places, things, and animals. Some are factual and fictional articles. This is a true story.

Fantasy world

Fantasy world

Ghosts in Eastern Tennessee

The following is a ghost story, appropriate for today (Halloween). This story was written by a credible person, who this writer has known since first grade. This is her account, in her own words.

He Appears

"It was a typical July day, almost sundown when I stopped at the recycling center, which consisted of large dumpsters that were in the parking lot behind a Home Depot store. After dropping my plastic jugs in the appropriate dumpster, I walked back by the "Goodwill" drop area because an unusually interesting looking outdoor dining set had caught my eye. After a brief look, I turned to walk back to my car. That's when I saw him; an older man dressed in thin white clothing. He was walking towards me and was almost within reach of me.

Woman on a parking lot

Woman on a parking lot

A Misty Cool Surrounds the Man

There seemed to be a misty cool surrounding him. The mist was very noticeable since the July day was hot and humid. Also, no one could have had time to walk the distance from the buildings to where I was. His first words were a comment on the outdoor dining furniture that I was looking at. He said, "My mother had a set like that when I was a young lad. it was high maintenance and very hard to clean and very uncomfortable." He went on to say, "Don't invest in it ---it is not worth anything."



He Asks Some Odd Questions

The mysterious gentleman asked me a few questions and asked if I'd ever done any acting and a few other questions that I don't recall. I noticed he had a folded paper in his shirt pocket that looked almost like a long strip of adding machine paper with lots of writing. Again, his clothing was white and worn very thin so it was easy to see.

Jack is My Nane

At this point, he started to ask me about different movies and plays and asked if I had ever seen them. I told him that I had not, and I asked who he was or what he did. In a polite way, he ignored my question and just asked my name and continued to talk about screenplays. I asked about the notes in his pocket and he pulled the long strip of paper out and said that it was the words to "It's a Wonderful Life," and he started to talk about scenes in that movie and other movies. Again, I asked, "Who are you and what do you do?" He just kinda took a few steps backward raised an arm and said, "Jack"....."I am Jack---good to talk to you, Emily."

Jack Disappears

With this said, he then turned to walk away --across the parking lot in front of my car. I got in the car and looked up and realized that he was nowhere to be seen. There was no place to hide.....nowhere for at least a football field length in each direction. He had just disappeared. I called my daughter to tell her what had just happened, and her first statement to me before I told her anything was "Mom you saw a ghost!" I said "What?" She repeated, "You saw a ghost." I questioned her and she just said that she just knew that, but had no explanation for why she thought or said it. Then I told her the story. No one has ever questioned my story, and usually, say they just knew it was true after they hear what I said.

The Second Meeting

About a year later, I was walking into the library near where I had originally seen Jack. I had entered through both exterior doors and was walking toward the back of the building when I met the mysterious man again. We were face to face and he just asked, "How is everything going, Emily?" I said "Hi Jack" and he just held his arm up like he had the first time we met. We both continued to walk in different directions, but within a few steps, I turned around to look, but he was not to be seen. I walked to the exterior door to see if he had already slipped outside, but he had just disappeared. Again, I called my daughter to tell her what had happened, but when she answered, she immediately said, "You saw the ghost again, didn't you?"


There you have it, another encounter that cannot be logically explained. Was the stranger a phantom, and how did Emily's daughter know about the ghost before she told her? Was it ESP between mother and child? This is just another of many unexplained happenings in our world.

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