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Education Sector: Victim or Victor

Shane is a Communication student at Saint Louis University. He is a creative nonfiction and feature writer.


Education Sector: Victim or Victor

In the rise of the campaign period and elections, COVID-19 updates are put on hold, and it appears to have ceased to exist. While grand rallies are going all the way, the education sector is still begging for the students and teachers to conduct limited face-to-face classes.

We are informed that the election will be the determining factor that will decide who our next set of leaders will be. However, with COVID-19 present, how far should we go? When the election period rose to its existence, the cry of students and teachers to proceed with face-to-face classes was silenced and unheeded.

If there is one thing that we all have learned or encountered over the past years, it is management and balance. In our context, failure to meet the tenets of proper management regarding a particular concept, going back to normal, produces errors conducive to failure as leaders, and poor decision-making is exercised. Putting too much emphasis on the elections while disregarding education shows an imbalance. They are left with a promise that mass vaccination will help the students return to their universities, and they comply. Yet, here are them facing their devices, inhaling and exhaling radiation.

Why can't we go outside the box?

Because the world outside is busy catering to the business and politicians' promises that will be regarded as "boon or bane" as time requires, the academies can't shine like the old days as tomorrow still poses a danger. In contrast, politicians are more likely to have immunity against the threats of this pandemic.

When can we go back?

Suppose the question "when" is covered with uncertainty and unpredictability. In our context, it is difficult to presume that victory is attainable as the platforms are yielding and subjective to destruction. The predicaments of our education system have jeopardized both the teachers and students. Online classes are not giving quality education anymore. It is just utilized for compliance so that students can go on with another academic year.

Students and teachers certainly don't want the elections to discontinue. They demand correct management. They are traded as a sacrifice to the pandemic rules while the whole nation is busy making decisions on who will be the next head of the state.

Nonetheless, remember what is left as a promise, "Build a country where no Filipino is left behind."

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