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Earth and Us

Being a content creator,it is honour to work on this huge plateform about any aspects.I hope;my articles woud give you something more.

Sometimes I think what if Ecosystem disturbances, Global warming and Environmental changes are nothing more than Earth's way of telling us that she is done with us. All that she wants now from us is to leave her alone. Might possible she is too sick of us and expresses her agony by all this. What if melting glaciers are her tears of dismay and pain, that We so called "human have caused her.
We humans of today are so full of negative feelings and emotions that we are affecting mother nature too. We are so self-centered and self-loving that nothing gets pure attention but us. I read everywhere that self - love is important, one should love itself. But you know what I feel is we are already loving ourselves too much and that kind of love which is toxic to everything, even us. And that toxic love is the reason of increasing depression, anxiety and other mental & physical health issues rate.
I believe everything contains its own energy and aura, even plants and animals too. What if we are gone too far that our dark aura is killing light aura of every other thing on earth. What if because of us plants don't wanna grow and Northern fires are their SUICIDES. Might possible they feel like, its enough now. We don't wanna deliver any single thing more to this corrupt creation aka HUMANS.
And you know what's the solution to all this.Stop being so focused on yourself. You think you are important to this universe, you are wrong. You are just teeny tiny SELFISH PARASITE to it. It hosts you and in return you harm it with both your physical and mental being.

Be gentle to your surroundings and be gentle to Earth. Love other humans and animals and plants. Love the soil and air and last but not least love the Earth. Don't be selfish to her. She is already suffering. Be a healer to her. She doesn't need more humans but she needs every human to be humane.


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