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Time to Think over Morning Coffee

Quiet time


Time to think over morning coffee

As I sit here enjoying my hot cup of coffee, I realized how many things I have missed or overlooked while rushing to work every morning. I would pour my coffee into a carry cup which stayed warm until the second light, and so many shirts were ruined by coffee stains.

I am a huge coffee fan, I usually buy several brands, one for mornings, one for espresso, decaf and flavored coffee for guest. I always like to try new brands, so far I have not settled on a particular one.

Now that I’m not rushing to work, I have time to enjoy the quiet of the morning from my back yard with a great cup of coffee. I now have time to reflect on the past, present and future, and in the quiet today out of the blue, I realized that everyone in my family has a pet but me.

Apparently, since I have no pets, I may be the only one in my family who lacks the need for an emotional connection.

My sister and sons have dogs and cats, my daughter has a cat named Burrito, (pictured above) who, when I babysit him, sits on my back patio with me. My mother owns a male Conure parrot named Daisy, and my other sister owns a special needs parrot, a Queen of Bavaria Conure named Rio, who likes to wear hats (pictured below).



Health benefits of owning a pet

There are many health benefits to owning pets.Studies show that the bond between people and their pets can increase fitness, lower stress and bring happiness to their owners. Pets may even decrease blood pressure and kids who grow up with a pet are less at risk of developing asthma and allergies.

Studies also show that owing a pet may also add years to your life, which I personally can't see since you have to walk it, repeatedly bend to pick up poop, search the neighborhood when it gets lost, brush it, bathe it, feed it.

I especially have to give a lot of credit to anyone who owns a pot belly pig for not looking at it as a slab of bacon or pork chops. I don't want to offend anyone, but although pet pigs are cute, and even smart, the thought of having a BLT is very tempting.

Don't judge me

When I was a young girl, I do remember getting a red helium balloon and my little neighbor and I decided to make it our pet. We painted eyes and hair on it and named it Monica. When we sat for a tea party, we tied it to the chair so it wouldn’t run away or get lost. After a few days when some of helium leaked out, Monica was able to sit on the chair like a big girl. When we found Monica deflated, we put her in a large matchbox and buried her in a hole between our houses, neither of us was heartbroken.

Today the closest thing i have to a pet is the barking Frog who lives on the door jam, or the piece of asphalt I rescued 10 years ago, named Rocky. I know what you must be thinking, but I read somewhere that writers need a muse, and Rocky has been my muse. Rocky is like the elf on the shelf, only naked, who listens without judging me.




After the second cup of coffee

Enjoying that second cup of coffee, I don't miss the morning traffic and road rage, the screaming of obscenities and nasty gestures on my part or the cold coffee. As far as owning a pet, I may consider starting with a gold fish, right after I make a visit to a shrink.

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