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Dreams of the Future. Precognition. My Experience.

I have experiences of precognition, dreaming of the future, but it is not something I can control.


Precognition meaning

Precognition is the foreseeing of a future event before it happens. Pre means before, and ‘cognitive’ means thought or the sense of knowing.

Precognition is dreaming of a future event that comes true.

I have many experiences of seeing spirits, ghosts, and precognition that came true. Here are two of my precognition experiences.

Adam Ant

Adam Ant

Adam Ant

Precognition One

It was 1981. My youngest sister who was a teenager at the time was experiencing anxiety and depression. During the time she was ill, she had a schoolgirl obsession with the singer Adam Ant who was topping the charts in 1981. She was truly obsessed and every time she spoke, Adam was part of the conversation. I was truly concerned for her and wanted to help her.
One day she got distressed and said she needed to speak to Adam Ant. He was a famous singer with millions of followers but I knew I needed to get his attention to help my sister.
One night I was laid in bed. Adam Ant came and sat on the end of my bed. I told him all about my sister's illness and that she was crying out for him to help her. He agreed to help her. I chatted for a little while longer with him, and then he just disappeared.
The following day I was taking my youngest daughter to school. I saw a friend in the street who asked if I knew anyone who would buy two Adam Ant tickets from her because she had tickets she could not go to the concert. I got goosebumps and bought two Adam Ant tickets for half the original price.
The concert day came and my babysitter let me down. I could not chaperone my sister to the concert and with all her excitement at finally going to see Adam in the flesh, I could not let her down. After failing to find someone to take care of my child while I took my sister to the concert, I agreed to let her go unaccompanied to the concert fifty miles away in Manchester.

There were no mobiles in those days so I had a long night waiting to see if my sister was safe. When she finally arrived home she was ecstatic. She was excited and happy because she had seen Adam and not only had she seen him, she had a private meeting with Adam in his hotel room while screaming girls could be heard outside the hotel. Everyone had found out which hotel Adam and his Ants were in and congregated outside screaming and crying for Adam.

Only one girl was allowed in the hotel to meet Adam in person and my sister was chosen. She chatted with him and had photographs taken with Adam.

Adam Ant and my very happy sister.

Adam Ant and my very happy sister.

Precognition Two

I was laid in bed one morning after being snapped wide awake by a sound. I had problems with ghost's in that house so I quickly opened my eyes hoping not to see anything too scary. When I realised that it was a sunny morning and everything seemed normal so I breathed a sigh of relieve. As I started to relax a little, I noticed my bedroom door slowly opening and with bated breath I waited to see what was happening.

The door opened wide and in walked my oldest sister. She did not live with me and I could not understand why she was there at such an early hour. As she walked into the room she slowly turned her head to look at me. I could not breathe or move as I watched her. I could see her clearly but could also see she had a translucent look about her. She carried on looking at me as she walked into the corner of my room and just disappeared. I freaked out and ran from the bedroom. I waited an hour and then rang my sister. By now it was 7 Am.

'Are you okay', I asked her. She knew that I must have had a premonition or something to be ringing her so early in the morning. 'Do not tell me anything', she said in a nervous tone. I was known for my ghost seeing and premonitions so she was a bit scared of what I was going to tell her. I told her that I saw her walk into my room and that was that. I was glad she was okay so I carried on with my morning routine. At 9.30 am I got a call from my sisters husband. 'The ambulance has just taken her to hospital', he told me. She had been whipped into hospital, suddenly suffering from appendicitis which had started that morning after our talk. Was this some form of premonition?

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What do you think of precognition? Do you believe? Not believe?

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Have you seen the future in your dreams?

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