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A Dying Man Was Dragged Kicking and Screaming Into Hell

Man on his death bed.

Man on his death bed.

Truth can be stranger than fiction

I grew up in a small Botetourt county town called Blue Ridge, where truth was often stranger than fiction. I lived in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia in Botetourt County. Just a mile behind us there were people who lived at the base of an actual mountain. They were not like the hillbillies you see on television but were just regular folk, black and white who worked every day and went to church and were as normal as anyone else. I heard a lot of legends, folk tales and ghost stories growing up and had no way to know if any of them were true.

When I was in the eighth grade in junior high school,(what is now called middle school,) my younger middle brother was a sixth-grader in elementary school. He told me an amazing story one day that has come back to me often over the decades. I shared it on two other writing sites which have long since been shut down and thought of it today. just as clear as it was told to me close to 5 decades ago.. My brother drowned in 1993 and I don't recall the name of the girl who told the tale. Even so, I believe it bears repeating so I tell it once more.




A family concerned

One of my sibling's classmates shared something pretty distressing one day during school. I believe her story because in 1972 in the county where I grew up, most children I knew were innocent and truthful. This was day and age long before the internet and fake news. We knew was what we experienced ourselves or were told by our families. This was an area where most everyone attended church and considered themselves as Christians and it was a family-type atmosphere. The nature of this story is not anything an eleven-year-old girl would want to happen to her grandpa. In my opinion, if she had made up a lie it would have been more elaborate. So I share what my brother told me that this girl in his class shared with several classmates. You the reader can believe it or not. Perhaps someone reading has had a similar unfortunate experience.

This young lady's grandfather was ill and in the hospital. He was a stubborn man and did not believe in God. When doctors said they had done all they could for him, the family went to his hospital room. They began asking him if he would please at this point accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, but he refused. This man had lived his entire life without believing in God and his family, being Christian were concerned for his soul's salvation. They did not want him to die and spend eternity in hell.

Hell fire

Hell fire

The battle between good and evil

I have no idea how many opportunities this grandfather may have had in his life to accept Christ, but with a Christian family, he obviously had heard the gospel or at least had someone attempt to present it to him. For this reason, I don't believe that what happened on his death bed was the only time this choice was put before him. The granddaughter said that on this particular day her grandad's condition had taken a turn for the worse. He was moaning and groaning in agony. and the family knew his time was short. They began praying around his bed and again telling him that he needed to repent of his sins and ask Jesus into his heart.

The grandfather was obviously between the realms of this world and the afterlife because he no longer addressed those who were in his room. He began screaming and begging for help. The family members continued to tell him to call on Jesus, but he did not. Instead, he became frantic, shouting that his feet were burning and that "they" were pulling him into the fire. He pleaded for help and for someone to please pull him out of the burning fire. He continued saying “they” were pulling him and begging for help. I thought of the scenes in the movie Ghost where the damned beings grabbed the souls of the dead and dragged them to hell. I can only imagine this chaotic scene that was taking place. A loving family wants to see their father and grandfather in heaven and are asking him to choose eternal life through Christ. He is now dying and feeling the flames of hell and demons tugging at him. A battle of good and evil is taking place and sadly evil won that day, as the grandfather died without ever calling on Christ.

Choose the Light

You don't have to die hard like this man and spend eternity separated from your creator. My husband of 40 years accepted Christ at age 8 and trusted him all of his life. Two nights before he transitioned the movie Ghost same up as an option on the television. I watched a little of it the turned it off. I did not want to see the part where "They" came for Sam. The next day the room where my husband was sleeping lit up as if someone was shining a bright light and an overwhelming sense of God's presence came upon me.I said to myself "They" (the angels are here. My husband's face began to glow, his hair was shining and family members said he looked so peaceful and as if he were aging in reverse. When he passed the next day he did not struggle or suffer. He was simply breathing so soft and then he was not. I miss him terribly but I have a wonderful memory of how he exited this life. Today, if you have not already done so, please ask Jesus to forgive your sins and write your name in His book of eternal life. You can have the assurance that you will spend eternity with Him and not in a flaming hell. You can choose so that when you pass on the beings that come to get you are anels and not demons.

Truth sets free

These are two true stories and you can believe them or not.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Cheryl E Preston

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