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Donald and I Once More

Michael is a 2006 Graduate of Collins College and has earned a Bachelor of Arts in Game Design branching into IT/Coding Fields.

The more I realize how closely intertwined our paths are, the more I realize how broken a man Donald is.

The more I realize how closely intertwined our paths are, the more I realize how broken a man Donald is.

The Odd Bond Between Us

As I keep writing these thoughts on my journey in life, I'm seeing more and more of myself in Donald John Trump than I realized before. He and I have similarities that better reflect our natures; yet still, we have ocean-wide contrasts as well, and I hope to showcase this fact through these articles and this 'series' as a whole.

Forgiveness is Not Weakness

The impeachment trial in the Senate is now over; recorded in the annals of American History. Under normal circumstances, this would require a moment to have the nation heal over this heated incident. Donald isn't the person to do that. Quite the opposite; his 'healing' is in hurting others. I don't see the reason to do that and it's not right to do it, but in this moment of reflection, there are similarities that he and I DO share.

We are More Alike Than Different

This is what I've noticed in how Donald and I are more alike than different:

  • We're hotheaded. Meaning we can potentially get upset at some of the slightest of things.
  • We take a long time to forgive (in Donald's case, longer), as well as struggle to forget the wrongs done to us, sometimes.
  • In our moments of weakness, we lash out at others, undeserving to them.

Where Did We Go Astray?

While I am still struggling to identify my own areas where I went astray, and there ARE PLENTY, Donald's is easier to recognize. First, he's in a position that requires servitude. He is to serve the nation; his upbringing has been warped to believing the nation serves him. This is why he gives instances of how he has 'the absolute right' in terms of his abilities as President. Dictators and kings speak this ideology, in that they claim 'absolute power' and those that do not bend to his whim are traitors, usurpers, 'bad' people. Worst still is his inability to show forgiveness.

I can see how I do sense that of people who may have done things to me I felt untoward, but ultimately, it does not change the situation; rather than dwell on it, I tend to just forget and move on...unless it so shook me to the core, then I find means to never allow it to happen to me again. Ultimately, I still find ways to forgive them, either by forgetting it, or working on ways to forgive them while doing them no harm at all. I may not do it publicly, but I will do it privately. It's a start at least.

Forgiveness Heal Us as Well as Those we Forgive

This is the critical point, in that regardless of the wrongs he and I feel, we must forgive others. By forgiving others, even loving them, we can heal ourselves and ultimately become stronger. We're not swayed by those of the past when we forgive them in our present moment, provided they are no longer doing us harm. Donald doesn't see this, so he's still stuck in his old ways. This is worrisome because his anger is blinding his judgment, which is affecting areas he's responsible for, such as the Department of Justice.

So What Do We Do?

First, pray for guidance. Since Donald states he's a disciple of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, that would be the most important step to take. Do it immediately (that means closing your eyes Donald; you get distracted easily) and in private. No cameras, no groups, just you and God.

Second, learn to forgive and forget. Some things we must remember in love, and some things we must leave in the past. Not doing so creates resentment and makes you incapable of moving forward into becoming someone better.

Third, GROW from this incident into a better person. If you are putting yourself in situations that would cause such harm to who you are, and you KEEP yourself in those surroundings, you have not learned from them; either that or the 'lessons' from those moments are not resonating change within you, and thus you repeat the same mistakes until it inevitably costs you dearly. Don't let that happen, Donald.

Still, I can also learn from this, and I have. Thank you Donald for the chance to remind me just how you and I are more alike than we both realize.

© 2020 Michael Rivers

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