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Donald and I Again

Michael is a 2006 Graduate of Collins College and has earned a Bachelor of Arts in Game Design branching into IT/Coding Fields.

To think, Donald and I would meet again in our philosophical Crossroads.

To think, Donald and I would meet again in our philosophical Crossroads.

Our Walks in Life Converge Once More...

It's amazing how walking can clear one's own head. Just the other day I did my usual constitutional in my neighborhood, pondering life choices, feeling despondent of not yet landing employment in my career field and a multitude of concerns flooding my mind. But like the sun overhead in the sky, I am reminded of my other half, the 45th 'President' of the United States of America; Donald John Trump, Sr. Therefore, it came to a surprise that he and I once more meet in our perspectives in life. . .

Temperamental Twosome

If there is one thing I can say with absolute certainty, it's that Donald and I are temperamentally sensitive...meaning we are quick to get upset. To provide an example, simply hearing something that could be unsettling to either of us is enough to disturb our temperament. There are various degrees that we both share, such as the manner of dealing with these scenarios. I am still using outlets such as writing articles and blog posts as one outlet of healthy releasing my stances in life without causing due harm to another. Donald, on the other hand, is still struggling to overcome criticism of any sort. He believes that going to social media as a means of expression is a healthy choice, however, it is showing detrimental effects to his own perspectives. Worse still, it's not healthy to engage in one-sided, overly praised debates without a counterpoint of discussion to really test one's views in a healthy manner.

Willingness to Seek Counsel

Nobody likes to be proven wrong, but when we do, we must seek correction. The best way to do this is to seek wise counsel; for us, Christians, seek God in all things and be devoted to His Word and His Way. To put it into a Biblical perspective, Proverbs Chapter 3, Verses 5-14 (Most will refer to Verses 5 and 6, but reading up to 14 gives a much richer perspective). This is true for both Donald and me. We both must seek wisdom and proper instruction, regardless of age, for we can always learn and grow. Failure to do so is disastrous in our respective lives. The concern I have for Donald is that he believes that he is above such understanding. It also disturbs me that, for a man claiming to be a child of God, that he doesn't go to the Lord in prayer...I am deeply concerned about that alone, but that will be an article for another time.

Following this, Donald isn't receptive to wise counsel of government affairs; even among the more conservative of his 'Cabinet.' I use the term loosely as most if not all members are either Interim, meaning not appointed by the Senate, or of so low of standing they are merely there to occupy a title for the sake of argument. This ultimately proves he has much and more learning to do in his life, as he has been the scorner and not the scholar. While I have my moments of scorn, seeking wisdom and correction (even when I get upset by it) is the correct path to maturity and growth. It should be celebrated and praised, for in doing so, we should recognize our greater purpose in life. This is what has held Donald back for his entire life; I say this since I believe that I have, in some way, done the same as him.

The Ever Burdening Desire to be 'Right'

In this time of American History, now more than ever, we run into this singlular problem, exemplified by our leaders and ever present in ourselves: the desire to be 'right.' There is some truth to this; when we present arguments or explain a situation, there is an inherent desire to be seen in the right of it, to not be the 'bad guy' of sorts. I'll admit that I have done my fair share of this in my years of walking on this Earth, and so has Donald. The difference between us is the location and consequential impact such a desire leaves.

While my location is small, the consequences can be stretched into the foreseeable future in my sphere of influence; the desire has some sway at where I live. Donald is on a much larger scale, yet he still believes he's in a small space; within the limits of his control. He also fails to see how lasting the damage he is doing in his ever forward march to that sense of absolutism in being right. I don't have that 'discipline' nor am I delusional to acquire it, for the end results are disastrous on the positive end of the spectrum of life, and fatal on the negative end. One of the few things that differ me from him, to be sure. Nevertheless, it is a burden that we must overcome and agreements must be made without the desire to be 'right all the time.'

It also does not help our case in that, in the desire to be right, the argument itself is lost in the noise and confusion. Those that could better mediate the situation have consigned their efforts to those that would never see the middle-ground. The only ones left are those with such ferocity in where they stand, that compromise is akin to death. This prevents any improvement and understanding that could benefit all, including those unwilling to see reason.

The last President that could compromise and move this country forward, President Barack Hussein Obama II, was blocked every step by the opposition party, and yet despite this, he still felt compelled to work together with those determined to stop him to move this country forward. His desire to see the country succeed was greater than the desire to be 'right.' He Made America Greater than she was before.

Another deviation between Donald and I, his 'Counter-Puncher' philosophy. In order for a 'Counter-Puncher' or retaliator to exist, another must strike first and often. Otherwise, you are not retaliating, you are lashing out. It also requires that the retaliation be directed toward an aggressor; therein lies the conundrum: who is the aggressor for Donald? It can't be the Democrats as they are not targeting him directly, merely questioning his direction. Yet, because of the desire to be 'right all the time' Donald no longer can distinguish an aggressor any more than he can distinguish his current personal circumstances.

It can't be wealthy individuals, for he is 'wealthy' as well (in terms of the amount of financial security between him and myself). Yet, because he has a sense of inferiority in terms of his wealth and the public opinion behind said wealth, he felt the need to belittle them along with those beneath his current status.

What I'm saying is this: Donald's desire to be 'right all the time' predicates his actions, motives, and direction. He makes himself predictable by this simple fact, which in his position is unwise.

What is Left for us to do...

This is the crossroads we must all face, just and Donald and I face our own roads; intersected in between us as they are. Primarily, our temperament must be addressed to convey a better sense of understanding things around us. That we must also seek counsel in trying times, to the betterment of our situations. Finally, to denounce the desire of always 'being' in the right through discussion instead of doing what is right through action. I know not what Donald has planned, but I assure you, that this was yet another humbling and eye-opening experience for me to grow from.

© 2020 Michael Rivers

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