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Donald and I

God saw fit to show Donald and I our intersection in the crossroads of life.

God saw fit to show Donald and I our intersection in the crossroads of life.

A Revelation...

When a man is lost...

And knows not who he is...

He is dangerous...

Like any day, I was walking as I often do; for exercise and reflection. On THIS day, God saw fit to impart these words into my mind. And at the moment, I knew it was His way of reaching out to me in being more obedient to Him and ultimately, to change. But then I realize just how close I am to yet another individual; one whose different from myself, in both birth and status. Some people refer to him as the 45th President of the United States of America. I just see him as Donald John Trump. Senior. He's old. Though that doesn't explain how he and I are connected with these words. Therefore, let me explain what they mean, and why such an odd bond is formed from them to two people who have never (and may never) meet in real life...not that I would want that.

An Understanding of Where Each of Us Is At in Our Respective Lives

Without revealing too much into our own lives, let's just state that we are not exactly where either of us should be. We are lost in our own wilderness of sorts. I am transitioning to a new chapter in my life, and he is being made to serve the public after being a private business owner. It's a new, uncharted, and intimidating path for both of us; neither of us was truly prepared for it. But can you really be prepared for all that life has to offer? I feel this is the defining shift between how he and I.

The Wilderness That is Our Ego

It is said that sometimes our greatest threat is our own ego. It can be a wilderness, much like how God's Chosen People wandered for over four decades in their wilderness, that all people experience in their lives; the answers we seek are far simpler and straightforward yet the ego would not allow such simplicity.

In my case, the fact that I feel a sense of inferiority, on occasion, to that of my family and status in it. The burden of being the eldest of three, the younger siblings having better control over their own lives, while I'm still wandering and occasionally stumbling on my past missteps. The only son of two beloved and well-respected doctors, the Blue Devils' finest. My own inability to better discern what I need to do, combined with a lack of understanding of who I am, and what I must do in life, brought about this downfall. I am lost in my internal struggle, even when all around me tell me over and over that it's just my own ego beating me down.

How does this concern Donald?

In Donald's case, it's the brand name his ego provided. It is his shackles, forever binding him to be at its mercy, beck, call, and service. This is counter to the Mantle that is the Presidency, for though the title is "Commander-in-Chief" and "Leader of the Free World," all that came before him and took up this burden know its true name: servant. Servitude goes against everything the Ego of Donald stands for. Conqueror, King, Master, these edifices are unconstitutional in our Democratic Republic but are the lifeblood to Donald as a businessman. Thus, he is lost and confused as to why those that do not worship this ego would call him unfit for office.

What Makes Us Who We Are

I will admit that I am getting a better grasp of this. Perhaps it was the many nights that I had to reflect on my life choices, perhaps it was God using the wisdom of my parents in what they said that "being distraught while not knowing who you are is dangerous." These may not be the exact words, but it was more than enough to better understand where I need to go.

And How does THIS concern Donald?

His 'go it alone' approach doesn't work for him, for he needs adoration for his actions. Going it alone means that you are comfortable with being alone. He has not been like this since taking up Office. This is even reflected in how he conducts himself with people around him. Yes, they are giving him 'praise' but he quickly jumps on anyone that has dissent of him...women in particular. This is a strong indication that the slightest provocation will set him off. If he knew who he was, this would not faze him as it does. But all signs point otherwise.

The Meat of the Message

This was the eye-opener that I hope to never forget so long as I live. Not knowing who you are will make you dangerous to all around you; regardless of position and place. That level of unpredictability, or rather an instability, can not only be destructive to yourself but can also cause undue harm to others. It also can be very subtle, but the consequences will be devastating. I am rather fortunate that my sphere of influence is small, but I still must be mindful of who I am and the people affected by my actions. This requires me each and every day being constantly vigilant in knowing who I am; as a person, and as an American.

This is where Donald comes into the picture...

Donald is in a larger position than he has ever thought possible, while NOT knowing who he is and what he does. This is dangerous. While he does state that it's strategic to be unpredictable, it is not wise to create constant flux or instability. With no clear vision, coming from not knowing who he is, he leads further chaos, which may or may not work to his favor. Thus he has to return to a sense of predictability, such as touting the economic status of the nation. It also does not help in that he needs constant validation from those around him in order to justify his 'go it alone' and 'tough guy' approach. This was previously stated before, but it bears repeating to stress the importance of such a problem. Usually, those that go it alone as an act of toughness have accepted themselves as loners, not requiring praise from others while not shunning those willing to help them. They also understand they may not be understood by all, but these loners fully understand who they are, how they must conduct themselves, and ultimately have a vision of what they must do.

So to Recap...

I fully acknowledge that Donald and I are our own people. We have different lives and different pasts. But these differences do not discard the similarities that he and I share, such as feeling lost, forgetting or fumbling to find who we are as 'ourselves' and to recognize the dangers of not knowing who we are. While I cannot speak for what he plans to do with the rest of his life, I see this another blessing from God that I am able to make the change to a better life; one day at a time, for as long as God Wills it.

© 2019 Michael Rivers