Doing Business Like A Child, and Making Money

Updated on February 25, 2018
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Holly is a Photographer and Digital Marketing Professional focusing on SEO, Pay Per Click, User Experience, and Strategy Development.

It is More Common than not to be Unhappy at Work

Most workers are not happy when they are at work. Their positions do not make them feel fulfilled or motivated.
Most workers are not happy when they are at work. Their positions do not make them feel fulfilled or motivated.

Personal Growth and Development

I have learned some valuable lessons over the past couple of years. With time, age and experience, I have changed. Beyond physical appearance, beyond collective knowledge, I have changed how I think and how I approach the world. I am sure that my words will be challenged, and I welcome that, because let's face it, if you don’t agree, then at least you are reading, and considering what I am saying, which is always a good thing. To get back on subject, I have become a better version of who I was through the struggles, and successes that the past few years have shown me.

Cancer Gave Me Perspective- I Was Miserable Because of My Job

For those not aware, I was diagnosed with Vulvar Cancer in May of 2017. After surgery, I underwent three cycles of chemotherapy, each cycle lasted for 2 weeks, in-between which I was given a little break before starting again. To put it bluntly, the experience sucked, was hard, was eye-opening and took its toll on my mind and body. But I survived, a little more worn and a lot more tired than before, but I survived.

If We Have to Work, Why Not Be Happy?

I lost my job in October, I wish I could say that I didn’t see coming, but I did. I was told, it was not a good fit. When I am honest with myself, beyond bringing home a paycheck, I was not growing as a person or a professional in the position. After the initial thoughts and feelings of,

“What the hell am I going to do? I have kids and bills…oh shit, oh shit, oh shit”,

I calmed myself and fought the knee-jerk reaction of going out and finding a new job, one that I would once again not be happy doing, would not grow from, and would struggle in my efforts to, “be the fit”, that they would be looking for me to be. I then calmed myself. Within my calm, I began to think as I did when I was a kid.

You are probably wondering how thinking as a child would help me as an adult, so let me explain.

As an adult, we become clouded by our responsibilities, or perceived limitations and are usually jaded from what the world has shown us. As a child our thoughts were simple. As a child my thought process included, does this make me happy (to a lesser degree, will I get in trouble-but mostly I focused on happiness)?

Happiness as a concept is so simple, but as an adult, I more often than not, did what made others happy, what made others money, what I had to do to make ends meet and be what is considered a, “functional and beneficial member of society”.

As a child, we never cared about what society thought or never considered it. The thought of, how can I make my boss more money, or get that “at-a-boy”, which is a generic accolade that doesn’t really mean much, and its benefits last about the length of time it takes you to read this hub.

To get to my point, my simple childlike thought process was,

“Fuck this, I just beat cancer, and why? To go back to the exact same thing I was doing before I was diagnosed? To return to the meaningless tasks that went unnoticed because that is what was expected?"

Choose to change or choose to stay the same?

We all Deserve Happiness.

I had beat cancer to return to the day to day existence that I wasn’t even happy living, so excuse the expression, but my conclusion became, fuck that! I didn’t beat cancer to live a life that didn’t make me happy.

We all deserve the happiness that as children we so clearly saw. We all deserve the dream, and if we are lucky the dream comes true. As an adult, I know that what makes me happy is not as clear-cut as a career choice, prince charming, or brand named clothes, but more so defined my the choices to think, live and be who it is that I am. As an adult I have come to realize that there is not one particular job or life event that will make me happy, but is an overall approach to how I approach the world and living in it.

Work Now vs Work Then

For starters, I don’t work. Work is something that is not fun. What I am doing is living and having experiences that make me happy (and fortunately, make me money that keeps my bills paid). I am not waking up for the sole purpose of making the hour-long commute to an office where I would consistently be 10 minutes late to, to sit and stress over things that I did not have the authority to fix and was consistently assured that I did not have the support to improve.

Yes, I still have clients, and still, have meetings to attend and things that I need to learn, but I am not working, I am experiencing and building trust and relationships with people. I don’t approach a known problem with the mindset of, it isn’t in the purposed budget to fix, so lets put a Band-Aid over the problem and get things to be, “good enough”.

I am now working with people that happen to be business owners and professionals that I enjoy working with and I sincerely want to see these people do well. Because of this, when there is a problem, I can call and tell them what I have found, and how to fix what is broken, and because I am doing it for reason that stem beyond a paycheck, the budgets get blurred and things get done, and I get to be a part of something that helps someone else meet their goals and achieve their dreams. For that, I am not sure there isn’t a budget that can properly define a line item on an invoice.

Be better than the norm.

If you are not happy, what is the point?
If you are not happy, what is the point?

Stop, Refocus and Succeed in Life

Happiness should never be lost for in the battle to earn a decent paycheck. Businesses shouldn’t get the “good enough” service because that is what the budget allocates.

Integrity, Empathy, Respect and Honestly may not be at the forefront of most companies or business professionals, but as for me- I am not willing to sacrifice my ethics or soul for a line item on a billing statement.

I run my life and help my clients to the best of my abilities because I follow my heart, and I do what I believe is right so that my clients are helped, and given the tools, they need to grow. I handle my business and services in a way that provides clients with truth, and because my focus is not on the billing statement but the people, the childlike concept of happiness is finally being fulfilled within me.

I make sure that I am not the only person that is benefitting from what I am doing and putting out into the world. I believe that happiness is more than a selfish perspective, I believe that true happiness should affect the ones around us as much as we are affected by the benefits.

Are you truly doing something that makes you happy, or just makes you money?

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© 2018 Holly


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    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 

      2 years ago from Houston, Texas

      First of all I am happy that you beat cancer. The fact of it waking you up and making you evaluate what is most important in life is also a positive. Glad that you figured out what now makes you happy while still paying the bills. Congratulations!

    • mckbirdbks profile image


      2 years ago from Emerald Wells, Just off the crossroads,Texas

      Hello Holly - You are such a fighter, such a philosopher, and such a shining example. All of us should learn that when we arrive at the place of employment, we are working for ourselves. The pat on the back is our own to deliver, knowing we gave some task our best efforts. Fulfillment is as important as getting those boring bills paid.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      2 years ago from Olympia, WA

      I've lived and am living this message. Good for you!


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