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Do You Believe In Love?

In the past, if someone asked me if I believed in love?

I don't need to think too much because the answer is definitely no.

Children born in a family that are always at odds like me are always suspicious of love and happiness.

Don't even know what it is.

Why do people who used to love each other so much and then hurt each other?

At my age, people go through five or seven loves, get married and have children.

I have not had a love affair, there are no times when I cried and stopped eating because of my heartbreak, I have nothing to say and I am not very impatient.

Because I have no love.

My life is still the same, neither happier nor less.

When I go to work, come home at night, talk to my friends' parents, then sit and play with the trees and books, so there is no time to worry.

I often joke with my friends "how do people get to know each other so well".

From time to time, I receive a few incoming messages, talk with a few stereotyped sentences and then secret words, promising all kinds of things through the phone screen.

I laughed because I still believe in actions, words don't suit me very well.

I know that everyone wants to present themselves as a good person to attract attention.

But with different views and lifestyles, I refused.

Because if there is no love, it is best not to give people hope, to avoid wasting both parties' time.

I also don't want to bring love out as just a bargain, to try to know to get achievements. I don't want to bring other people out to make fun of, especially emotionally.

There was a time when I also liked a person very much, but suddenly thought that my family was like that, would people accept it?

People are so good, do I deserve it?

If I'm not perfect, will people love me?

But from the moment when I ask those questions in my head, the correct answer is NO - don't start a relationship when you're not ready.

And even if I don't love myself and believe that I also deserve to be happy, no matter how talented people love me, in my head are only question marks and doubts.

If someone asked me now if I believe in love. Yes.

Love is everywhere, as long as there is safety, respect and understanding.

Now I love myself enough to love and care for another person, but I'm not looking for love anymore.

I'm looking for a friend - soulmate.

People who can work together for no reason, not because of competing with society's standards, not for personal gain.

Together because we both want that, together to write our names in each other's lives. And being together is a beautiful journey.

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