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Do you see the world from the half empty or half full perspective?

Yes, I’ll have to accept that I completely understood the real meaning of life and the Real Purpose of our Living with Self-Confidence.

Is this glass half empty or...

The way to observe the world

The way to observe the world

How do you see the world!

Do you see the world from the half empty or half full perspective

This reminds me of a funny quote ‘Who said nothing is impossible, I’ve been doing nothing for years.’

In the Italian word, the phrase goes to say ‘il bel far niente’ means ‘The charm of doing nothing’, which most of the people may not imagine doing it though unknowingly they are in it.

There is a beauty of supplementing our emptiness by our ability of forming mental images, sensations and concepts in a moment when they are not perceived through eyes, ears or other senses. In a true sense, emptiness is the true form of fulfillment. It takes us to the world of imagination that helps to provide meaning to have an experience and understanding of true knowledge. Only emptiness provides us the fundamental facility through which people make sense of the world, and it also plays a key role in our basic learning process.

The psychologists prefer to describe such visionary or imaginative attitude as a productive process.

We all are born with the special faculties of discrimination and choice and everyone has the right to use them as they wish. It calls for both a blessing and curse because the choice of discrimination leads to conflicts. It becomes a hindrance in our routine life because we can neither solve this conflict nor can we live with it. If anyone tries to suppress them for a while, it resurfaces with the same force for us to be with it. This makes us to feel that we human beings are incomplete and undesirable lot. The desires of wanting many things in life disturbs the feeling of incompleteness because we can not possess them all. We try to replace old undesirable object with new acceptable one, thinking that it will make us happy. But unfortunately, the greed for such desires keep changing without any change in further more desires of more objects. This way our mind gets caught in the turmoil of more possessions. We ourselves are responsible for such cause because we are in conflict with ourselves in that process of fulfilling our inadequacy. It is obvious that the desires and peace of mind can’t stay together. A constant delusion remains in mind that I’m not happy unless I have something more.

What degree of commitment and desires are required to determine the fulfillment of life? It is not possible to predict.

It is therefore a fun to accept our life as it is, in the state of emptiness and embrace the reality in a true spirit. We neither can collect all the goods throughout our life to fulfill all our desires.

In fact, the beauty of healthy living comes from accepting the value of present self, for being now, alone, true with nature, accepting as we are, taking life with true love for self and nature, accepting every incident and moment as our own, being complete in oneself without outside interference or obstacles, looking for no barriers or oppositions.

The greatest fulfillment is in the satisfaction of working our heart out for some noble cause and lie down completely exhausted on the battlefield having heard our colleague uttering. We have won.

The preliminary function of fulfillment is fullness in the emptiness. And, in the course of fulfilling our emptiness, can show our creativity with a mental and social process involving the generation of new ideas or concepts.

The satisfaction factor starts when we are free from all commitments, all obligations, having nothing to give or take, in the world of emptiness at large. It is not in the pursuit of happiness that we find fulfillment, it is in the happiness of pursuit.

You can imagine the state when we can remove all the vibrating and disturbing noise around us, free from junk and stale goods eroding the soil, away from ambiguous thoughts, get rid of all the filth and stink emanating in the atmosphere and be in the refined and serene state of mind, to be ourselves with nature without any sort of chaos or turmoil.

Will this bring fullness in our emptiness- no way!

Only those who have learned the art and power of sincere and selfless contribution in their daily life, the experience deepest joy, the true fulfillment.

We are so busy, engrossed, accustomed to and habituated with filling our emptiness that we can’t imagine being in the state of total emptiness or complete fullness.

It will always remain half empty.

© 2021 Shyam Gokarn

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