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Do You Believe in Superstitions? What If the Universe Was Sending You a Message?

Book by Milton Goldsmith

Book by Milton Goldsmith

As a child, I’ve always had a strong imagination, like any other child, but I’ve always thought I had something magical in me. I could pinpoint the exact moment in my life where I had a Deja Vue and know what was coming next. Recently, I have been able to analyze everything that happens around me. For example, this weekend, I was with a friend and I had a feeling she hadn’t taken her meds but I was too scared to ask. Two hours later, when we were at a restaurant, she blurts out that she forgot to take her meds today. Another example is when I was 13 years old, I could see this shadow move whenever I turned my head and you may think that it is an optical illusion, but that shadow was always there when I needed it the most, like an angel of darkness.

Back in the Dark and Middle Ages, superstition arose because of ignorance and illiterate people, proving that superstitions were created by a false interpretation of the bible. During that time, men believed that everything that was related to nature was the work of the devil. They believed sorceresses were working for the devil, therefore they would burn them alive. Many superstitions began as a way to teach kids lessons or to help them avoid getting into trouble: “A belief that it is unlucky to sing before breakfast may have been taught by a father who hated to have his morning slumbers disturbed by his daughter’s singing.”

A chapter was devoted to wedding superstitions and I thought of my mother. Back then it was unlucky to get married in green. It was unlucky to take your wedding ring except in cases of necessity, and to get marries on April Fool’s day meant that “the lady will wear the breeches and the man play second fiddle.” My mother got married on April Fool’s day in a red dress, wearing a crown of flowers. My father was supposedly born on April Fool’s day, but my grandmother changed his birthday to the 2nd. And according to superstitions, “Children born on this day[April Fool’s day] will be lucky in legitimate business but unlucky in speculation.”

My mom used to tell me that a big forehead was a sign of intelligence and that a big gap between the two front teeth was a sign of luck, it is why it is called ‘Dents de Bonheur’ in French. Translation to to ‘Teeth of Happiness.’ But it is different from the superstition “If there is a gap between the two upper middle teeth large enough to pass a coin thought: foretells wealth.”

Days of the week have their own significance. For example, “Jews considered lucky to begin a journey on a Tuesday because in describing the time of creation: ‘God saw it was good’. On the other hand, it was thought unlucky to commence anything on Monday, when God omitted to say it was good.”

To be born on a Monday suggests a person will be beautiful, promised good things and a fortunate life. To be born on Tuesday, a person will be full of grace, meaning they will have a strong personality, are real fighters, and energetic. To born on a Wednesday, a person will be sour and sad, meaning they are often unreliable and careless in their approach to life. To be born on a Thursday, a person will be merry a glad, meaning they are a generous person with a jovial view on life and people. On Friday, the person will be worthily given, suggesting their life will be full of love, balance beauty, and art. To be born on a Saturday, the person will work hard for their living. To be born on a Sunday, the person will never know want, suggesting they will be bright, creative, and loud. They will also be natural leaders.

I have two fathers and two mothers. A Russian biological family and an adoptive French family. (The topic of Adoption will be addressed in another article.) I’ve always felt a stronger connection to my biological father, even if I never knew him. I know why: We were both born on Sunday. My adoptive dad was also born on Sunday, which would suggest why I am so masculine. Both of my mothers, ironically, were born on a Tuesday, and I feel like the universe is telling me something, but I have not looked at it closely enough to know what.

There is so much more about superstition, and if you would like to know more, I strongly suggest you read the book: “Signs, Omens and Superstitions” by Milton Goldsmith. I realize this book was written in the early 20th century but I’ve always thought: "The older a book is, the purer it is."

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