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Can We Live Without Technology?

What's life without our modern tech?

Did we depend too much on this technology? In this mechanical existence that we forgot how to live without it?


Captives of Our Own Creation

Year 2021, where everyone has phones in their pockets, TVs in their homes, microwaves, oven, and refrigerators in their kitchens and even vehicles in the driveway.

Wherever we go, or wherever we will be, these human-created developments can be found all over the world. We live in a mechanical existence where everyone depends their lives in this so-called technology. Well, we would all be able to concur that these developments and innovations we made, makes human lives simpler and comfortable. It remarkably saved innumerable human lives.

Yet, even with this load of beneficial things' technology had contributed to our society and our way of life, deep inside my heart have some intriguing questions. Questions that my mind cannot stop thinking about. Questions that needed answers. Do we rely upon innovation more than we ought to? Is it safe to say that we are the one in control? Or then did we, creators of these innovative technology, become captives of our own creation?


We are electronically present but physically absent.

These computers and applications we made, helps people connect to their friends, families, and to their loved ones. It interfaces us to them without the necessities of being there with them truly. We explore the world with just a single touch of our fingers. We watch shows, listen to music, read the news, and communicate to the world. Not only that, but we even buy stuff through online shopping sites. All we need is just a single click, a single touch, and an electronic device. It sounds good to be true. It makes life way easier than before.

But why is it that the more we become electronically connected with people, the more we feel alone?

Before the pandemic happened, everyone can go out, everyone can go shopping, everyone can go to parks, playgrounds, and churches. Everyone is free to go anywhere and do anything. But even before, even we can go out with friends, even we can talk to them personally, our eyes and palms still glued to our phones. We are still stuck in this mechanical existence, in the deceptive illusion of our own creation, in this place where everything we want can be found on the internet. We never knew the significance of a human touch until we can’t have it anymore.

Significance of a Human Touch


Does this Mechanical Existence we live on is just an Illusion?

Furthermore, we thought that as long as we have these gadgets, we will never feel alone.

How are we going to feel alone when we can see the world in our palms?

How can we be bored if we can watch movies online without the needs of going to the theaters?

How can we be alone if we can chat our friends on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter?

As a social media enthusiast, I said the same thing. I thought of the same thing. I deluded myself in this electronic connection, in this fantasy-like reality that technology gave us. Yet, everything changed when pandemic hits our country. Loneliness becomes humanity’s arch nemesis.

No Man is an Island

Everyone needs someone.

Not simply conversing with individuals on the web, we need human interaction.

A human touch is different from touching a smartphone.

A human voice is different from the voice we can hear on the internet.

There are millions of things that technology cannot give and some of them are happiness and satisfaction. Technology will never be enough to suffice human needs. The most intriguing thing is, why most of the new generation spend most of their days on their phone? Can we live in the absence of modern aged technology? Or did we become parasites to the artificial world we live in?


Nature's Arch Nemesis?

The more we move towards advancement, the more we destroy our own world.

Our own home. Technology is a part of us. Technology has become humanity’s greatest weapon. But for every great power comes with great consequences.

And the consequence of that is the extermination of other species.

The destruction of our beloved Mother Earth. Nature and technology don’t coincide with each other.

The developments of automobiles cause a tremendous contribution to air pollution which contributes to the depletion of our ozone layer.

The mining of minerals and precious metals to make electronic gadgets also contributes to the depletion of finite natural resources.

The use of dynamite in mining and fishing causes countless animal and human deaths. Pesticides, insecticides, and domestic waste also contribute to water pollution. Due to those human activities and technological advancement, we have caused global warming, mass deforestation, pollution, and species extinction.

Technology as Humanity's Wings

Not everything that technology did was to harm us.

Because of these innovations and inventions, we surpass human limitations. Back then, humanity was not capable of flying. Biologically and physically, we cannot fly. But it didn’t stop us from overcoming our own weakness.

Humans use their creativity and knowledge to build planes. To fly without wings. Before, we never thought that it was possible to reach the moon. But even though we do not have superpowers to fly through the sky, to reach the unknown, to touch the untouchable, we have made the impossible as possible.

We made the improbable become probable. We reached the moon and continued to seek the unknown. We learn how to predict weather. We connect with people even how far they are. We can read books through phones. We can go shopping through online sites. We can learn and take classes from the web. We make automobiles that help us travel faster. We made trains to carry large amounts of material from one place to another.

Technology becomes the wings that humanity needs to soar through the sky. To fly high and go where no one has been gone before.

To explore and gain understanding of this majestic and breathtaking creation of our creator.


Humanity's arch nemesis is Humanity itself

Then why technology become harmful to our environment? Is technology the natural enemy of nature? Is this the archnemesis that will cause our own extinction? If we analyze and look closer, technology is not good or bad.

It’s not evil. Technology is just a tool. It is the living embodiment of human’s imagination. Technology was made by human for them to surpass their own limitations. It is not the inventions, creations, and innovations we humans made that is detrimental to nature’s existence. It depends on how we humans use it. Humanity’s arch nemesis is humanity itself. The world we live on already faced 5 major mass extinction and the 6th one will depend on how we use the power we have. The actions we do today, the history we learned yesterday and the future we desire for tomorrow, will decide our fate.

It is common among creators to fall in love with their own creation.

It is normal to be captivated by the beauty of our own inventions and advancement. But we should not let ourselves become a parasite to this mechanical existence we live on.

Let us keep moving forward and face the challenges of life with technology as our weapon and with nature as our home. If we use technology to save our nature, then one day technology and nature can live side by side. There are challenges in life, and the technology we have today, and the technology we will accomplish tomorrow will save more lives, and make the world a better place.

However, our own future and our own fate lies within the palm of our hands.

© 2021 Bendyk Mackenzie Petallo

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