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Do We "Fall in Love" or Just Lose Our Balance?

Donna is a writer & poet of things that matter, and things that don't! As the years progress, we learn to paint a picture with words...

Just a Thought to Ponder

Love is kind and giving, it's accepting oneself, first, before having the ability or the capability to love another human being. It's not hard to do. But sometimes it may seem difficult, depending on the nature of it all!

There's a substantial difference between the two kinds of love that we experience and some of us have felt these emotions a time or two in our lives.

We Fall and Crash Sometimes

We all have lived and loved, and we have been "in love" and have "fallen" out of it. We can convince ourselves that we are in this thing called "in love"

But what comes after it all when it's gone? Where did it go and how do we get it back?

Is it lost forever and when you do give your heart and soul to that special someone, what happens if all of it is gets lost along the way?

Is there anything left to give even of ourselves to feel the love that we once gave away and yet we want it back?

Where does it go? What is one to do?

Love is an entirety of just the feelings and emotions, you feel like you can't ever lose it, can't forget it and can't live without it when in fact you can

True Love is in the Eyes of a Newborn Baby

When we were born, our mother's fell in love with us When I gave birth to my kids, it was instant LOVE. Let me tell you that it's a love that has no comparison to any other kind of love than by God.

Never to know anything stronger than that kind of love. It's unconditional and forthright. I never had the need to do more than just love and nurture my kids.

There is no love greater than the love shared between a mother and her child.

Does Society Define Love?

If only people could remember the first time, they truly felt love. Eventually, time is not on your side and somehow It gets lost in relationships, life's struggles and confuses one of the abilities to "actually" "fall in love"!

No one can actually "fall in love". It's not something you can fall into. It's not supposed to be based on actions or non-actions.

It's not even based on conditions or on what you do or say or what you don't...It's not based on what you get back. It's all about what you give.

You Have to Love Me - We Only Tripped!

You see, my friends, we can't control the actions of others and we certainly can't control what life does to us!

We, however, can control what we do to our own lives. We can't fall out of any emotion. The degree in which we feel those emotions may and can change

Emotions Born

Any emotional capabilities we are born with, and don't you think that It's up to us to discover what it is that we can accomplish. No one can "give" us what we have been looking's not possible.

It's up to the individual! We are in control of our own lives and what we do with it. We can and are in control of the essence of our Love!

Procession of Life

So, don't try to make someone love you or be "in love" with you. It happens naturally and if it's not in harmony as you feel that you are, then embrace what you're given!

Embrace what you do have and not what you don't!

Then walk away if neither one of you benefit by "loving each other" then just let it be

Happiness Starts with YOU

Be happy with yourself first and the rest will "fall" (if-you-will) into the place and at the end of the day

LOVE never subsided and it didn't go away, it just might have changed, taken on a different level of emotion. It's still there! May not be what you wanted but it's there and you should embrace it!

Love never ceases it's like how seasons change, and it changes without warning but that's ok too!

Because tomorrow is a new day where love can and will grow or be kept as a hidden treasure to be discovered by another buried treasure and know the love can also be a beautiful disaster!

It's still love, and love is such a beautiful feeling to be embraced by the beauty that twinkles in one's eyes from the most beautiful sunset waiting for another day to begin and then instant love awaits its destiny!

© 2020 Donna Rayne

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