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Do Our Loved Ones Watch Over Us In The Spirit World?

Spirit world and Life after death do our loved ones contact us?

Spirit world and Life after death do our loved ones contact us?

I remember a few days after my aunt died. My brother and I were standing out in her garden, still under a grey cloud of grief, feeling shaky and sad.

After a while we began to calm down and started to discuss what we were going to do. We had so much to plan, the funeral, who to contact and so on.

i suddenly felt this tingling feeling down the back of my neck and traveling down my spine. Someone was behind me. The feeling was so strong I could have turned around and touched them. But there was no one there.

My eyes searched the garden and settled on a corner of the house. There, in the shadows. Something or someone. My eyes couldn't quite see her, but I knew she was there watching us.

It was as though she was on the other side of a glass door, just out of sight. But I knew it was her.

Was it the grief talking? Definitely not. I had lost my mother and father, and I had never felt this before. My brother was talking, he didn't see her, but suddenly said, 'I think she is still here'.

Now, my brother is very scientific, and doesn't believe in ghosts or life after death. But even he knew.

A few days later he said, 'I think she has gone now'. And yes the feeling had disappeared and the room was light but empty in her house.

Spirits and loved ones who contact us after passing.

Spirits and loved ones who contact us after passing.

Contact from The Spirit?

Many people who lose their loved ones say that they have been visited by those in the Spirit world. Some I believe are just going through the grief process, and want to see or hear their loved ones. Others actually have encounters that to another person sound as though its just wistful thinking.

But is it? Seeing a Spirit maybe just a symptom of sadness, but what happens if you actually have something physical happen?

I recently lost a very good friend of mine. Once again I went through the grief, but nothing happened. In fact it was just after the funeral that I had my first inclination that someone was trying to give me a message.

I was sitting in my front room just watching TV. My partner was upstairs sleeping, and there were no windows open, nobody else in the house and all was quiet.

Suddenly there was a terrific bang in my kitchen. I jumped out of the chair and ran into the other room, only to see the huge black lid of my trash bin rolling across the floor!

I started to shake, but being the psychic/scientist that I am I decided to check to see what else could have caused it.

No animals in the house, the windows were closed, no brooms or mops that could fall over and crash into the bin. Nothing.

But something made that huge trash lid lift off the bin, and literally jump right across the room and still keep spinning as I stood there.

I don't know if it was my friend. But what else could it be?

Heaven and the afterlife with messages from spirit

Heaven and the afterlife with messages from spirit

messages from Spirit from dead relatives and friends

messages from Spirit from dead relatives and friends

How To contact our Loved Ones.

Not everybody is psychic. Sadly. But there are many other ways that we can try to get a message from the spirit world.

After losing my mother I went to a Spiritualist Church and got involved in the psychic meetings. I often sat in on the Mediums sessions. A Medium, if you don't know, is a psychic man or woman who can channel a Spirit through them and give messages to the audience.

I personally never had a message, but I did sit in on a few quite amazing ones. One time, an old guy was picked out by the psychic. She told him that 'John' was laughing and stating that all Bob did was sit in his garden reading and drinking tea, and then telling his wife that he had 'dug the vegetables'.

Bob looked really uncomfortable, and in fact only went to the meeting because his wife had asked him to accompany her.

When pushed Bob totally denied it and said it was rubbish. The psychic looked confused and kept on. By this time the audience was laughing, because of the look on his face.

Suddenly the psychic medium turned her head as though listening, laughed and said 'John says don't forget you put the teabags in the plant pot, top shelf at the back of the shed'.

Bob just looked at her. Then shrugged his shoulders. 'Okay' he said. 'I give up, yes John is telling the truth'!

The whole of the Church just burst out laughing, we were holding our sides it was so funny!

What a lovely memory! And just goes to show that you can get in touch with your loved ones whether you do it yourself or go to a Psychic medium.

There are of course other ways too.

Check out Psychic Elements who will help you get in touch with your loved ones. From Tarot Cards, Clairvoyance, Dream Analysis, and of course Mediums who will contact the Spirits for you.

Others can read the Angel Cards or just give you advice about how to cope now your loved one has gone. But of course they have other talents too. Many have Spirit Guides who can help with communication.

speaking from heaven

speaking from heaven

Nina Kulagina Telekinesis

Nina Kulagina

Nina Kulagina (1926 - 1990) was a Russian woman who claimed to have Telekinetic powers. Since this time, many people believe that she was a fake. But according to Russian history, she was in fact studied by top Russian Scientists for over 20 years.



The Trouble Is.....Telekinesis

There could be a number of other reasons that the bin lid fell to the ground. Our minds are a complex organ. Its been known for many years that our thoughts are made up of electricity. The technical term is Synapse. This occurs when a neuron or nerve cell in the brain pass an electrical or chemical signature to another part of the brain. Also known as a neurotransmitter.

This releases energy or an electrical field. We can't see it, but psychics and scientists both agree that we all have an energy around our body.

In plain English, does our mind, when under stress release this energy and transform it into a force that can move objects?

Yes I believe it can. So of course we have to define the difference between an outside force such as a ghost or Telekinesis.

I know that it does work, I have seen it and experienced it myself.

When my son was born I would put him to bed, and after a while I would hear, thump bang and other strange noises. Running up the stairs, my two month old would be asleep but I would find toys on the floor which had been on the window ledge, and I would also hear knocking on the bedroom door. In fact the sound would come from inside the wood as though someone was trying to get out.

Sounds strange? Well yes, but I did have witnesses at the time. I always believe it was Telekinesis caused by my baby sleeping.

The difference is that telekinesis only works if you are concentrating. Either in an argument when your aura sends out vast amounts of energy, or if you are really upset. In the case of children, its said to be caused by the fact they are dreaming. In the case of teens its hormones and emotions.

In the case for ghosts, most people who encounter a Spirit are usually calm, or even if they are upset with grief its more of a personal feeling. The calm after grief that we all go through is because we have exhausted ourselves. Therefore the energy has spent itself out. Its usually quite a while after this that we encounter the Spirits. in fact some people say that they were not even thinking about the person at that time, just going about their everyday business. So I do believe we can tell the difference.

In fact, the feeling is totally different too. If we get upset/mad we can tell that our energy levels are spiking, but in the case of grief we feel alone and exhausted. No energy, no telekinesis.

Why Do They Come Back?

Telekinesis aside, I do believe that our relatives and friends come back to say goodbye or leave a message. I am probably one of the most skeptical of people in the world. If only I hadn't been born psychic!

I love science, and totally believe that one day all the mysterious things that happen, from ghosts and spirits to time slips will be explained. And yes if it had never happened to me I would be the first to laugh at this so called nonsense. But I believe. And I believe because I was born psychic. From Precognition to everyday strange happenings, its happened to me.

I believe our loved ones come back because they feel our grief. If we are handling it okay then they leave us alone, but if we feel that horrible gut wrenching grief then I believe they hear us and come back to comfort us by letting everybody know that they are still out there, and still loving us all.

I always say that there is nothing called Coincidence. I believe each and every action that happens after we lose someone is a sign from our loved ones.

Speaking to loved ones in heaven and spirit

Speaking to loved ones in heaven and spirit

Why do some Spirits come back and not Others?

I have often wondered why we feel, see or hear some Spirits and not others. Why didn't my mother come back to comfort me? Or my father? Why was it my aunt who I felt was watching us?

My two best friends are in Spirit. The first one I dreamed about a few nights after she died. I saw her looking happy and glowing, talking to an 'Elder' who was helping her. She spoke to me in my dream. Dreams Did A Ghost Speak To Me?

As I mentioned, the other friend threw my trash lid across the floor! Can't get more proof than that.

But why not my parents? Maybe it was because they had come to the end of their lives, they were both old. This could be a natural transition that causes them to go to a higher realm?

Maybe, who knows? All I know is that sometimes our loved ones break the veil and come back to show us, yes, there really is life after death.

© 2014 Nell Rose

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