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Do Not Throw Gasoline into the Fire

Sean is a teacher who is writing about his spiritual adventures to help other people find balance and self-respect.


I'm what I am thinking.

— Sean Dragon

Our Thoughts Create Our World

Our thoughts define and create the world in which we live! Does it seem strange to you? Let's try to explain it.

Our thoughts determine what we will say and what we will do at all times. They will determine the way we will act and the kind of the conditions and situations, positive or negative, that these acts will create. They will also determine our reactions to external circumstances and stimuli. For example, if our thoughts are thoughts of Love, when we will see refugees from another country coming to ours, we will feel the need to help them, and our actions will be in that direction. But if we are filled with thoughts of fear, our reaction to these fellow human beings will be hostile, because we will be worried about the "evil" that they will cause us. Therefore, depending on the case, our thoughts will become words and actions with particular results in our lives.


My point is that in the first instance of our example the results will contribute to the inner joy we feel when we offer and to the peace that fills our soul when we serve with Love. So this inner joy and peace will bring happiness to our lives. In the latter case, our actions will result in more fear, hatred and therefore misery.

The Law of Substitution

Hence, our thoughts are the source; subsequently, they become our words and actions which create what we are living now but also what we call Destiny or Karma. We shape our destiny with our thoughts. We do that, not someone else!

Consequently, we can come to the conclusion that a critical element in creating a happy life, our happy life, is to learn how to control our thoughts. To accomplish this, we need to understand the laws which are governing our thoughts. One fundamental is the Law of Substitution. This can be expressed as follows:

"The only way to get rid of a thought is to substitute it with another."

This means that if you want to dissipate a negative thought because you know that only negative results it will bring to your life, the only way is to think something positive and constructive.


Indeed, there is no other way. If I tell you now, "Do not think of a pink elephant," you will instantly form with your thought a pink elephant that will "possess" your mind. If you say, "I will not think that something bad happened to John and that's why he has not communicated with me" your mind will be overwhelmed by some possible negative scenarios which may have happened to John. This may not actually affect what happened to John (although because of we are all connected to each other, we can have a positive or negative effect with our thought over others), but it will surely spoil your mood and tranquillity until to be able to communicate with him. But there is another law of thought that says:

"Any thought attract its kind."

This means that any negative thought we make will attract others of its kind, so we go from one to the other and eventually, we learn to live with them, while they are making our lives miserable.


But when your mind goes to something else, if you think of a green horse, for example, you immediately forget the pink elephant or if you think of a happy moment you have lived with John, you instantly forget the "bad things" that may have happened to him. This is the Substitution. That is how it works.

Hence, to break the "guardianship" of negative thoughts they must be substituted by other positive ones. And this explains a critical mistake we usually make and instead of freeing us it confines us more. We try to fight negative thoughts, but this gives them strength instead of weakening them since fighting is a negative process anyway. It does not make sense to say "I will drive you away, wrong thought" because we continue to think the thought we are trying to drive away and so we become attached to it! Jesus said, "Do not resist the evil", and this is what He meant.

When negative thoughts come to your mind, do not fight them, just think of something positive. What will surely help you is to think about the Love of God and the blessings He has prepared for you. If this is difficult for you, then think of a positive idea, an act of kindness that you did or received, a beloved person and the love you feel about him or her, think of an action you could do to help someone. Then you will see that this negative idea will be lost and with it will also be lost anything negative result it could bring to your life.

Sometimes, however, you may experience an outbreak of pessimism, anxiety or anger, and negative thoughts occupy your mind with such intensity that it seems impossible to think of anything else. In such cases, the best thing to do is find a beloved person and talk to him or her about any other subject or see a good movie or read a book. Anything that will make you distract your mind from negative thoughts and create new images in your mind. If you try to fight this negative wave that overwhelms you, all you can do is to strengthen it after you feed it with your energy and attention.

Stop thinking about the problem or dealing with its details. Turn your attention to something different, and later when you have been discharged enough of it, you can calmly return and treat it with a spiritual process like the one we described.

So let us take control of our thoughts, let us "train" the mind on happy thoughts! Let's stop throwing gasoline into the fire!

If you leave the fire of negativity without thoughts as fuel, it will sooner or later put out.

— Sean Dragon

© 2018 Ioannis Arvanitis

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