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Do Animals Have a Soul or Spirit Like Humans?

Jackie shares her stories and knowledge of animals in her life. Is it their spirits that live on or simply all the memories of them?

Wikipedia Definitions of Soul and Spirit


In many religious, philosophical and mythological traditions, the soul is the incorporeal essence of a living being.

Soul or psyche (Greek: "psychē", of "psychein", "to breathe") is the mental abilities of a living being: reason, character, feeling, consciousness, memory, perception, thinking, etc.


The English word spirit, from Latin spiritus "breath", has many different meanings and connotations, most of them relating to a non-corporeal substance either contrasted with or given ontological priority over the material body. It can also refer to a "subtle" as opposed to "gross" material substance, as in the famous last paragraph of Sir Isaac Newton's Principia Mathematica.

The word spirit is often used metaphysically to refer to consciousness or personality. The concepts of a person's spirit and soul often also overlap, as both contrasts with the body and both are believed to survive bodily death in some religions, and "spirit" can also have the sense of "ghost", i.e. a manifestation of the spirit of a deceased person.

Wild cats

These sisters never tamed down to actually become mine.

These sisters never tamed down to actually become mine.

No Two Alike?

Have any of the dogs or cats or any pet you have owned or known, been just like another? Aren't they all so individual?

Cat Sisters - Same Spirit.

As much as I always liked cats I did get rid of a pair of sisters. They were meaner than striped snakes as was a saying in my family from I don’t know where. I am beginning with these two because they are the only animals I knew with the same personality I could never make friends with. If I had, perhaps I could have seen a difference.

Someone dropped them off on me. I think they took for granted I would keep them. They were wild. I called the pound and told them to come to get them and they came and had their nets and those two gave those men a run around you would not believe, and they let me know they had never seen anything like them. They were past being kittens, but a very young adult, skinny and fast! I had tried to lure them with food or any way I could to catch them and take them to the pound with no luck. This was odd since I had never had a problem having animals like me and get close right away.

After the catchers caught them they told me how much that would cost. What? I said I wasn't paying them anything. They said did you feed them? I said well, of course, I had to leave food out all the day hours I was gone for my own. But they never were in my house as my cats are allowed to do. One reason I wanted them gone too was them eating up my cat's food, really. I couldn't be sure mine ever got any.

They said well if you feed them they are considered yours. I said well they are not mine and I am not paying you a cent. This is your job, you will get your money when someone takes them. They said well they would have to put them back out then. I said go ahead. They got in their truck and left...with the two wild cats. I guess they wanted to make sure they never had that chase again!

I stand my ground to that to this day. They were not my cats.

Tiger Ears


Do Cats Have Different DNA?

I had never seen cats act like that, other than the calico kitten that had kittens. It was really the same, just very odd, in a different way. She did not look to be more than a few weeks old herself. It was like a twelve-year-old getting pregnant. She played with her babies like they were toys and made me a nervous wreck. The nursing seemed to tickle and make her so rough! I was so glad they all lived to get big enough to get rid of them, especially the mother.

I wonder sometimes if animals aren’t much like humans, with an added good, bad and ugly, like us.

If you think about it, animals really and truly are so like adults and we know there will be animals in heaven. The bible tells us so. Who is to say they don’t have a soul? If real flesh humans are not in heaven then would it not be the same with animals? Well, they have to come from somewhere, not flesh and blood. I, of course, would not argue salvation for animals.

Have we ever seen two animals exactly alike? I have never heard science say so but I believe they all have their own DNA just like humans. Although I have not done a study on this just some basic searches suggest while most different types of cells in an animal have the same DNA there are some cells that are clearly different.

Well, you know, if even every snowflake is unique, surely animals are!

Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty loved to kneed my afghans on the backs of chairs and sofas but she knew to keep those claws tucked in.

Miss Kitty loved to kneed my afghans on the backs of chairs and sofas but she knew to keep those claws tucked in.

Animals Are Like Children

Even with their owners, they are like children. If the owner spoils them and allows them to bark and snip at people's ankles (I use to sell Avon long ago so I have seen many) then that is what they will do. The very same type of animal that has an owner who will not let the pet act that way will be friendly or simple go off out of the way. However, the owner has taught it, just as with a child.

I have taken cats with me from state to state with the worry they may run off from me and it upset me to imagine one ever would, but they never did. They feared the newness (some enjoyed it) and checked it out good. All my animals have been outside ones. No litter boxes and keeping them much out of the way of a husband that did not like cats. (Although that has changed in recent years.) But like a child would come to me often for reassurance I was still there for them. None ever tried going back to the house they came from which proves to me it is the humans that bring animals back many miles sometimes taking a very long time. Humans and their love for them.

Two of a Kind



Tom and Jerry - Brothers and Friends

I only had one kitten with claws sharp enough to hurt and even as a tiny kitten he sliced me good just playing. Being a tomcat with another tomcat from a previous litter (half brothers) I never had them inside. They were barn cats and great friends to each other. He would need his claws to protect himself and I could never play with him but I loved him and would pet him when he got older not wanting to play. The older one was gray I called Tom. He and this younger one, because I loved the cartoon so much, I called Jerry. He was a beautiful golden striped color. Regrettably, Jerry was killed when he was a couple years old or so and left Tom all alone.

My sister put a small dog off on me and Tom left and never came back. I got rid of the dog that chewed all my small trees down but still never saw Tom. About a year later a huge gray cat showed up behind our house and he looked like Tom only bigger and wild. He had something like a veil over his eyes; it was the strangest thing I had ever seen. He was scary looking. Had he come home to us?

Tom kitty


Did Tom Have a New Spirit? - Veil over His Eyes.

I talked softly to him awhile and got him to come in to eat but I was afraid to touch him and I don’t think he would have let me, but before he left it was like that veil slid away, at least to some degree. It was him we were sure after a while. We all talked kindly to him. He left and maybe came back one more time but it was not long after this we moved to South Carolina to do some missionary work, so I never saw him again.

I assume he had lived in the wild and caught his own food and had become wild and those eyes I will never forget. I wondered what brought him back though and why he didn’t stay. Maybe he had his own family. He sure looked healthy and not hungry though he did eat. I don’t know but it was certainly a very mysterious thing. I thank God though I got to know he was alright. He was a very gentle, kind cat, all the time I had him. Even being older he was still a real brother to Jerry. They always were together before Jerry was killed. I saw love there between these two and never once saw them fight.

Would Jerry have gone with Tom had he lived? Would they both have gone wild or would having each other prevented it? I will never know of course, nor how long Tom lived on his own in the wild. My guess would be a very long time.

Christmas Moon


There Will be No End to Man or Animals

This was not intended as a religious article but as the bible and God Almighty are a huge part of my life many things can often lead there.

Soul or spirit...which would you call it? In discussions I have had with others about it, some very much think the spirits of our good animals will be in Heaven. Others think animals will be there that we love (which the bible does say) but not those that have passed from here.

Personally, I would not commit totally to either but know the bible says there will be animals. Of course, no flesh will be there so it must be spirit animals. If then there are spirit people there from earth why not spirit animals? God made us all and gave out all the good spirits, so why not? He has promised us unimaginable happiness. Besides our loved ones, what could make us any happier than seeing our dear departed pets?

God is so good, I think He just might do that and why not?

What do you think?

Funny! Acting Like Humans.

© 2017 Jackie Lynnley

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