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Why Do We Create Coming Out Stories?

We shouldn't be expected to explain the love we desire. We aren't any more abnormal than anyone else.


Not Everyone Has A Coming-Out Story

In honesty I did not have one - not at all because I wasn't expected to have one or expected to explain my reasoning for being with a woman simply by the looks that are given to us walking into a store holding hands. I suppose we're not allowed to do that out of respect for others, right? Hell no. I didn't have one because I didn't want it to be any more abnormal than the straight couple in front of me asking the question. I am not going to make it any more abnormal holding her hand than it is than the old couple holding hands starring at us. I find it amusing how curious people are about homosexuality and still now, so many people get to act as if their desirable actions of love are superior to mine. I often like to ask people what was their coming out story to being straight for a good laugh. That always throws people for a curve ball and hopefully pushes them back into reality. Because I will always rebuttal with a question that leaves you questioning why you're so curious about my choices, as if I need to explain. If I do then you need to also. "Well, when did you know you liked girls" ? I enjoy replying with: most likely the same age you knew you liked girls also.

I'd Love to Go Back And Help Her

I was working at Tastee Freeze In high school it was the most popular ice cream and burger spot in our small town. All of my friends worked there also. One of the girl's (who was also gay) was ranting and raving about a girl she was seeing, she seemed to like her a lot but she wasn't sure if the feelings were mutual between the both of them. She later found her own answer when the girl she liked had kissed one of her best friends. She painted this whole picture of how hurt she was, the things they shared between each other, how wrong it was, so as typical girls we all decided we would not like her. It was that simple then.

However, she always came at least once a week - and man was she beautiful. I am talking 6'2" tall with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a sexy black Jeep. I knew I wasn't allowed to 'like' her so every time she came in I would take her order with a stern voice and quickly walk away. I noticed she would come in more often and the more she did the more excited I would get when I saw that black Jeep pull up. As excited as I was I would never smile and act like I was mad. She would come in and compliment my watch, and my nails the next time. I knew she liked me but how did she know I liked her? She added me on Twitter where we liked enough pictures amongst each other where we knew it would be save to send a message. Fast forward a month later and were head over heels for each other. We saw each other every chance we could and we never went a day without talking. She would always come over where we would lay in bed and talk after school or I'd come over to her house and her dad would cook us dinner. One day I was sitting on the couch with my mom when she asked if she needed to come in through the garage and I said, No. The front door is fine, just walk in. This super tall basketball player, because that's how she was dressed and also what she played, walks in the door and my mom looks up, did a double look, and says Hi. That's how I told my family - without words. Without a whole story or explanation. My parents have NEVER asked me about being gay. They have never made it abnormal than my sister dating boys. I have talked to my mother about many woman and one I thought I would marry.

This Is Very Real For A Lot Of People

Now I would like to say . . . not everyone is this lucky and it breaks my heart. A lot of people have gone and are still going through so much pain by opening up to people they thought they could trust that only let them down by not accepting them. This same girl that I brought home did not come out to her parents for years and It was the reason we eventually went different ways, but remained friends. I understand that it can be difficult on more levels than most will ever be able to comprehend, but you must know you are not broke. Their perspective and entitlement that thinks we are broken only makes them look more ignorant. I believe when people start living their life normally and stops feeling the urge to explain themselves the more normal this will be over time. LOVE - does not go away because you wish it to. Your family will never stop loving you, they may not love what you are telling them, but now that is their burden to work through now. And they must ask their self why they are so burdened by their child having such a beautiful and genuine love for someone. Our parents did not fail us because we are gay - they have failed us by not accepting the fact that we are gay.