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The Meaning of Living Before Dying

Lazola Pambo holds a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from the University of South Africa.

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The Meaning of Living Before Dying

Here is a fascinating thought. We are living in an age in which we cannot begin to do the right thing when we are long gone but we have to do what is right before we depart from this world.

It may sound corny to most people’s ears but one has no time to feel lukewarm because of the demotivating criticism of others.

I have always wondered, why is it that people find it classy to be enlightened after they die and not before their exit from their body? The fixation almost feels like the time that people have spent on earth seems as though it were a nightmare or the universe is seen as one gigantic monster.

Allow me to tap into your minds in the time-frame of this essay. The world is orbiting in the atmosphere my brothers and sisters. If that is not an awesome miracle, it definitely is a sight to behold. Do we even realize how blessed we are to exist in this planet we call Earth? Look around for a moment at the magic of nature and scale of fellow human beings.

The universe is not the enemy. It never was to begin with. For man to hate the Earth with so much passion is by virtue of the disgraces of his or her own actions. We have to perform some form of spring-cleaning within ourselves.

It cannot happen tomorrow or five days from now, but it should be a lifestyle embedded in our conscience to be masters of great change in the spirit of goodness. By the way, don’t get me wrong because this is by no means an act of preaching a navigation of holiness for every man has weaknesses.

The matter at hand though is not the weakness of man but the resilience of man. We should not play lovey-dovey with death as if it will rescue us to the first and only truth. It is wise for us to be acquainted with the truth in the now. Many people ask themselves, why on earth were they created?

From my understanding, without being prejudice to other people’s opinions, human beings exist out of the creation of love. If we consistently remind ourselves of this truth, would it not be appropriate to practice love and more love towards one another. I can bet my last dime that there is nobody on this planet that is born with hate hanging over their necks.

We choose to deceive and fall in the trap of regret in the long run.

Over the many years I have been on Earth, I have found the greatest treasure to safeguard all the days of my life. I should live in the state of love by being an instrument of love in the stage of creation. I cannot wait upon doing that after I die. What is the purpose of my existence if I deny to give love when I was given the most admirable love to exist on earth?

I challenge you my fellow brothers and sisters to constantly show love before you die and not wait for the exaltation of the after-life. Surely everyone knows how saddening it is when we forsake our loved ones when they are alive but immediately once they depart from us we experience an agonizing pain: if only we had showed how much we loved them while we had them around.

I for one don’t want to live a life of anguish or a state of ‘what-if’s’.

Certainly, nothing is easy in this world but love does not come at a price. It’s not a product that you purchase in the supermarket. The mantra that should ring in our heads is ‘Not after we die but before we die’.

If your plan is to make history before you die then I support you two hundred percent. Every single one of us has a trademark: that is why we are gifted in different ways amongst each other. We have to be in the moment by using our trademarks, not in the next life but in this very one.

Many of us cling to the ills of poverty by saying that it’s hard to get out or the usual echo that I was made by my circumstances. Whether you find yourself in the slums or a deserted isolated village, the fact that you are still alive, gives you the power to change that unbearable circumstance.

Now also think for a moment, by virtue of you being created to exist, does that not mean you have the strength to undertake the difficult of tasks?

If mankind is weak by nature, I am sure that none of us would be here, but we are here, day in and day out, year after year, seasons after seasons, moving along with the times while overcoming the struggles of life.

Let’s row the boat forward, not after we die but before we die. We are not denying the truth that in the end we shall die, but we are awakening to a new truth that as long as we are living, we are capable of doing what is right. We do so, not because we seek to get a gold medallion or live in the Guinness book of world records, but it is an act in our nature. No matter how much we can deny it or try to escape by hiding in some mysterious dark forest, love is the beginning of who we are and it will remain the ending of who we were created to be.

© 2022 Lazola Pambo

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