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Dealing With Ill Health. a Short Piece About Myself.

My health problems all started in 2005.

In 2005 I was diagnosed with COPD.Later on I was diagnosed with severe arthritis. Whitch amounted no carteledge in my joints, bone to bone.They started giving me shots but they didn't always do the job. At the same time I was fighting high blood pressure snd couldn't get it down. finally in 2010, my limit was reached. I was taken to to genesis group in Zanesville, Ohio where I was operated on for a quadruple bypass. I survived. At the time we were living in Macksburg ,Ohio. and later move to Johnsstown Ohio.


Pictured above one of the 9 horses we owned. Buddy, a Belguine Draft.

We kept these horses quite a while there, then Aan met and married and moved to a beautiful spread north of Jonnstown. Plenty of room for horses and miniature goats. There also was plenty of room for hay storage. Heated buildings, with frost free spigots. These animals finally got it made. Don't have to worry about food or water or heat. The way it should be.

No body Knows What The Great Plan Has In Store !

My first wife and I were together nearly 51 years. We rarely ever argued, pr fought or any of that...we just didn't do it. We were married in the good ol days. December 6, 1968. At Linden Lutheran ChurchL It was a nice service, a pretty service. A very good time was had by all.I'm going to jump some time a little. At some point her and I split. Truth is, I wasn't done playing. But her and I managed to stay close and help each other out. I told her everything, no secrets, but it didn't seem to matter. In 2015 I moved in with her and stayed there. We said we didn't see any need for new paper. I had started having trouble with my legs. Pain walking. I started building the fence around the back yard. And finally finished it. I bought a 2005 Ford EscapeXLT with the idea of traveling out west. I have family out there. Then in 2019 everything changed drastically. With no warning.

CHristmas 2018, this is our last picture together.


Christmas Eve At Dave and Kathy's.

We had gone to Newark to be with family on Christmas Eve.No one ever dreamed that the year would turn out like it one was more shocked than I was. However, on May 15,2019 at 1:15 am Mary left us. After 3 weeks of fighting she was finally at rest. I had a tough time, and still do. I teased her, kidded with her, just aggravated the heck out of her, and never knew she was sick...But we loved each other through everything we encountered. Together.

They Say Time Heals, Or Does it?

Time may heal some hurt, but not this kind. Some pain stays with you no matter what, and sometimes you never get over the loss. I am convinced she is in a good place and she is happy. I will see them all soon, and I am convinced we will all be together and happy. I have seen many programs about near death, after death, and I'm not afraid. at any rate we continue on and keep our loved ones in our hearts and memories, and never forget. After all, our memories is where they live now. Right?


I got Sick, Tim took Me to The Hospital.

I was at Riverside for about two weeks and absolutely no memory of it. I don'tt remember anything until they were loading me up to go to Whetstone for rehab, Then I woke up. Wasn't too bad at first. And even now it isn't too bad. But now I'm in a place on North Karl rd. Their taking pretty good care of me. But now I can't walk at all or stand. I'm working on it.

What is septis??

After a while, we were finally told I had Septis ,a blood disease, and it took my legs out. No real cure and the damage is done now. I just have to live with it. The therapy isn't really going to help so I need to talk to the Insurance company and get their thoughts. Also now I have Diabetes, and never had sugar problems before now...but guess what? It has been over 500 at least 3 times so far. But we have it regulated close to where it's suppose to be. One Doctor has told me he doesen't think I'll make more than a year now...guess we'll see.

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