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Dancing With The Grandmothers At The Mexica Moon Dance


The sweet gray smoke swirls through the midnight air, while the women continue to dance in a circle under the full moon. In the very center sits the Drum, the heart beat, the center of everything. The singers surround the inner circle and lead the voices in prayer songs that raise to the bright stars laying against the black velvet sky. Women of all ages, varied nationalities and beliefs, gather on common ground to pray for all the world in a ceremony known as Las Danza De Luna. The Mexica Moon Dance. In this ceremony, all women play important roles, however, it is the Grandmothers who light up the night! With their wisdom, nurturing and healing ways, they are the rock, the foundation of the ceremony.

The moon dance is originally a Mexica women ceremony. However, there is a codex that depicts the dance with women of different colored faces. Among the Mexica Grandmothers, it is believed this codex is foretelling a prophecy written long ago. Today, us women dancing with the Grandmothers are living this prophecy.

This ceremony has re-emerged over the last 30 years in Central and South America, along with a similar ceremony in North America known as the Sun Dance. Like the Sun Dance, the Moon Dance is a ceremony of singing and dancing in prayer, healing the Earth and the People. Instead of dancing in the day, the women dance at night to the energies of our Grandmother Moon. Four nights of commitment that each of us prepare for all throughout the year.

Unlike the Sun Dancers, us Moon Dancers do not pierce, for we have bled every moon cycle as our offering. But much like Sun Dancers, we fast during those four days, only relying on the medicinal teas the Grandmothers give us. Sun Dancers respectfully dance and pray to a sacred tree that is sacrificed for the ceremony, representing the "Tree of Life". Us Moon Dancers see the center of life as the womb, a place of origin. Our circle we pray in, is shaped like that of the uterus. We dance in Mother's womb.

As in the Sun Dance, we are given great responsibilities. We are fire keepers and pipe keepers. We are responsible for gathering prayers and releasing them to the creator through our pipes and the fire. We are to serve the People. We can not just play Moon Dancers for four days and go on with normal life. We are pledged to live and breathe as Moon Dancers in every walk of our life.

The Grandmothers have taught us this through the stories, teachings and songs. They demonstrate the way of this life walk by living it, leading us women by example. These Grandmothers walk the talk faithfully and display beauty the way the Creator intended.

So exactly what do we do in this sacred circle womb? One Grandmother describe it best. She said, "Imagine if you will, that we are collective a huge needle and plunger. As we dance and pray we pull back the plunger filling the channel with healing medicine from our hearts and energies. We draw from the full moon, using her magnetic forces and pull back the plunger again and continue to create medicine. Night after night we work up this medicine from our heart and on the last night we push the plunger down and give the Mother Earth a boost of a shot for healing!" That is exactly what we do at this Mexica Moon Dance. We dance with the Grandmothers and pray with our very souls!

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