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A Dream Black Water Pool

Mek H. Kamongmenan is a senior tutor of law at the School of Law, University of Papua New Guinea, and a lawyer.


A dream that reveals a future life

It was on the 07th of June 2010, I was passed asleep in my house at 8 mile settlement, of National Capital of Papua New Guinea. During that day, I was attending first semester law courses since I was doing my first year at the School of law, University of Papua New Guinea, and so I was tried.

While I was sleeping, I had a dream that I was walking down a bank of a river which flowing down a stony land, with trees and plants on the either sides. I heard some people were talking and shouting as they travelled the same direction, before me.

When I was eagerly following behind them, I did see that these persons were not crossing the river to the other side of the river, and thus they walked straight down, on the same side. As for me, I could see a well- constructed iron-bridge, over the river. I marched on that bridge to the other side of the river with confident without looking back to the other persons.

After reaching the other side of the river, a thought came into mind that forced me to glance quickly on the right hand side of the road, where the place was covered with trees and other plants. When I went little further into that bush, to my surprise, I saw a yellow A4 envelope which seemed to be left some weeks ago. My mind was focused on the item so I just took it and there was a thought clicked quickly in my mind that that envelope must contain my Constitutional Law major Assignment.

Just after few second, I opened that wet envelope and I saw my Constitutional Assignment paper which I submitted to the lecturer in charge of that law course, on behalf of other 14 students in my group. To my surprise, the Assignment was not marked or not assessed and therefore, marks not awarded.

I got angry and took the envelope and moved back to the main road. While walking towards the direction which I previous walked, I looked up the other side of the road and I saw a small creek which was flowing down a large stone covered with green algae. It was such an attracting nature, that I want to flow up the creek and see for myself, where it actually sources out from.

Just after few minutes, I crossed over to the left-hand side of the road and started flowing up the creek, by stepping the big stone covered with green algae. It was bit difficult to get to top of that stone, but somehow I managed to reach the top.

When first stepped at new site, it quite unique and great wounder to see that the small creek that I followed up, was sourced from a big black pool of water which was fenced off by high white and blue stone walls. These stone walls were on the front of my face and the area that I travelled up was fenced with lower stone wall which allowed over flow of water to go down the hill.

It was extra ordinary scene that took my attention and I stood on the side of the pool of water and looked around that area. I did not believe such a beautiful creation of the nature. When I saw the high stone wall, it was very difficult for any person to climb or even reach the top.

After I spent some considerable time that I decided to leave the scene and walk back the way I first came up.

I reached the main road and was trying to continue on walking towards the directions of the flowing river. As I was walking, somehow a thought came into my mind that urged me to look into the bush on the side of the road.

To my surprise, I saw a yellow parcel which was left there for some time. It was wet but the contents of it were in good condition and can retrieve them. I quickly picked this parcel and opened it up to see what were inside.

Then I saw some A4 papers with written notes on them. As I looked closer, I recognized that it was my major Assignment for Constitutional Law, which was handed to my lecturer for correction and thus for assessment purpose.

In my mind, I already concluded that the lecturer responsible was not in good terms with me so therefore, he meant to fail me in his course. But I did not get over emotional since I knew from the beginning that the person in question, had personal discrimination feelings towards me and some of my colleagues.

A strong courageous piece of relief that went into my heart and mind, comforted me by giving me a thought that I may fail the course that time but I will still do it at a later date. Therefore, I put to rest this issue and continued my journey.

When I was still travelling forward on the road, the dream came an end due to somebody disturbed me, while I was pass-asleep.

To conclude, this dream revealed my future of education and my life. Though I went through the hardship of life, where some person were being obstacle in my life’s journey, God of love informed me earlier, in this dream of what was happening that particular time and my positive bright future.

Even though, that particular lecturer and many others have tried their best to fail in many of my law course, by the help of God Almighty, I managed to re-registered and re-done that Constitutional Law and others, which I did well.

After completing all the prescribed law courses I was qualified and eventually graduated with Bachelor of Law (LLB), after 4 years of study.

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