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I’m new but I want to write something. Cheesy teen romance from my POV maybe in letter form. But I’m anon.

Caught my eye

We didn’t even tell each other our names when we first started talking. We just immediately started having a conversation and I thought I could’ve sat there for a couple hours just talked with you.

We talked and joked about the people around us. At times I forgot where I was until someone else intruded on our conversation. We talked about age and school and sports and our friends.

Then the next time I saw you a week later we still had that same easy going connection. I wish both of our situations were different. Or that it was more acceptable to society for people of opposite genders to be friends.

I feel like you don’t see young people connect with others outside of social media and electronics anymore. Go us for breaking the norms of how young people normally meet.

Too bad we hadn’t met a couple years ago things might be different right now. Except I doubt you are thinking about me at all right now.



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