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Creative Writing -- a Time Well Wasted

Val enjoys turning his thoughts into a form of an article or a rhyme, while not necessarily keeping in mind reader's possible taste.

When it's about creative writing, it's better to waste some time than let time kill you.

When it's about creative writing, it's better to waste some time than let time kill you.

Create. Not for the money. Not for the fame. Not for the recognition. But for the pure joy of creating something and sharing it.

-- Ernest Barbaric

It's All About Self-Expression, Success or Not

I think no online creative writer needs to be told that demands on the culture market are not working in their favor. Then, when someone like myself is also indifferent about succeeding, it all boils down to self-expression as the only reward from it.

Well, it certainly appears to be one of the best ways to give a sweet taste to boredom, possibly loneliness, whatever someone may find in it. As for myself, I am never bored, never lonely, so it's this opportunity to give a literary form to my thoughts that prompts me to write.

I am also grateful to this Hub Pages for putting up with my somewhat odd, and out-of-box views, my oftentimes tactless sincerity, and my use of those semi-profanities like "ass", "crap", "shitload", and maybe a very rare "fuck"... otherwise being words that I don't use in my daily talk. So you might as well see it as my linguistic gems reserved for my literary self-expressing.

If Google is not crazy about creative writing in general, they care even less for poetry. So it just may be called an extra-wasted time to write that stuff -- but again, after my daily high quality time spent in my "self-advancing rituals", wasting some time is not an issue for me -- so I could easily be caught writing some rhyming stuff, like, let's say the following specimen of it depicting this particular topic at hand.

Hey, I don't want to scare you away with my poetizing. It's good for the change of pace. I'll be back with my prose, but bear with me, and if you feel generous enough today, even try to like it.

Creating a form may be more fun than caring much about the content.

Creating a form may be more fun than caring much about the content.

Imperfections are not inadequacies. They are reminders that we are all in this together.

-- Brene Brown

Creative Fever

We have an incessant inner chatter

minds often shifting into an overdrive

so to dump some of that mental clatter

it's good to make a creative writing dive.

Brainstorming through all that stuff

ideas come some crazy, some good

not easy to separate wheat from chaff

but then it all depends on creative mood.

It's something like giving mental birth

and not exactly without any labor pains

then finally we get to see our efforts' worth

while feeling a great relief all over our brains.

Now talking about that nagging need to share

once that an idea looks worth presenting

but we need it to be shown out there

even if it's only a crazy venting.

And we admire what we have created

knowing by others' tastes it will be tested

just the same, look how we're feeling elated

for all time spent just couldn't be better wasted.

Time wasted is time when we have learned something.

Time wasted is time when we have learned something.

Creativity is brain's invisible muscle -- that when used and exercised routinely -- becomes better and stronger.

-- Ashley Ormon

Are You Still Here?

You know, when you really think about it, there is this little ethical issue involved here.

Namely, if I don't mind wasting my own time, why am I trying to waste the reader's time by not caring whether they will like my literary crap or not? I should show more respect for those who are nice enough to read it beyond its title.

O.K., dear reader, I do respect you, if you came this far with your reading. But look, here we are in this dilemma of who is potentially wasting whose time. For, if I happened to be one of those who really needed your praise for encouragement, or a tiny treat for my hungry writer's ego -- and then you just gave me one of your best sneers, you would have wasted my writing time.

That would be the opposite scenario of me wasting your reading time with my crappy creations.

Now you may wonder why I am all into this "time wasting" thing -- even wrote a rhyme about it. Well, I have to -- that was the title of this post.

I can't suddenly start writing about relevance of consciousness in collapsing some waves into manifestation on quantum realm -- so just bear with me some more, because, here, I have another rhyme to waste both your and my time -- while all along hoping you got a good sense of humor to give a proper treatment to this post.

Whether creative piece is good or not, may also depend on where you are reading it.

Whether creative piece is good or not, may also depend on where you are reading it.

Inside is where we meet everyone else. It's on the outside that we are truly alone.

-- Charles Simic

Obviously Nothing Better to Do

When state of mind craves to produce an art

there's nothing that could stop that inner call

for we've got a coherence of mind and heart

when sky is the only limit, no ceiling or wall.

That surrender to inspiration feels so sweet

it is much like drifting into a creative trance

whole purpose of life seeming so complete

as we are admiring our creation in advance.

So once more our confidence is a guide

the one from so many instances before

it's between a satisfaction and a pride

we simply feel that we'll again score.

Word follows word like artist's brush in dance

a pen and a paper in their little romance

already looking great at first glance

with some highlights to enhance.

So here I'm writing to kill some more time

for the moment having nothing better to do

but to play with showing my prose in rhyme

and to spend this little time with some of you.

Betting on green may have brought a bunch of views here.

Betting on green may have brought a bunch of views here.

Dance above the surface of the world. Let your thoughts lift you into creativity that is not hampered by opinion.

-- Red Haircrow

Talking Some More About Creative Writing

I like that expression "in the relativity of everything", and it's quite relevant here as we are examining how much creative writing may be a waste of time.

Namely, "in the relativity of everything", whatever we may write has potentially the same chance to be literally admired as to be called a sheer crap -- and what makes it relative is the vast variety of readers' tastes.

I can still remember a few writers mentioning how some of their "mediocre" works turned out to be stars among all others, whereas those that they were betting to produce a good review, were hardly visited.

Which reminds me of some pieces of classical music, for which I could swear that both the composer and the performing orchestra must have been on drugs -- but for some magical reason they were "allowed" to take a place among classics.

Who were the critics? Did they have any cultivated criteria for harmony, for tonality, for some standardized musical value?

That's what we, creative writers might ask ourselves when we read some nonsense which everybody seems to like in their comments. So where is any parameter of literary greatness if "in the relativity of everything" anything goes?

Such thoughts brought me to write this post with this couple of rhymes. Indeed, does it really matter if I wrote about a wasted time on creative writing or about any other topic, because it all really depends on what kind of readers will run across this post -- whether those who will like it, or those who will not.

Well, so much about this one. For my finishing words: creating feels good, no matter what the subject, and no matter if it turns out to be a waste of anyone's time.

© 2022 Val Karas

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