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Writing Poetry As A Hobby


The creative side of me has been yearning to break through for a very long time. As a young girl, I kept notebook sized diaries in which I would record everything that went on in my household. And, there was plenty material to draw from since I am the sixth of 8 children; 1 sister & 6 brothers; 2 deceased.

I love to write poetry; this is my means of self-expression. I live deeply within my head & once my creativity peaks, I write many varied words & sentences. It seems I enter into a trance-like state. And, as a result, I put those words together and it turns into a poem. Once I have 3 to 4 paragraphs, I can begin to edit those words. It is very useful to create a title first, that way you can decide how you want your poem structured. Lastly, it's not necessary to rhyme for the poem to have meaning. Although I find it useful to use rhyming at every other line. To use rhyming can give you somewhere to go.

My Dad once told me that "Communication is the greatest thing in life." and, Understanding is the best thing in the world". As a person who values communication & understanding, I have been blessed with these 2 tools to create good poetry. In order to write meaningful prose, I go into my home office, where its quiet. I've transformed my work space into a mini poets corner so that my creative juices can flow. To continue, I jot down my ideas/key words as soon as they come to mind, so I find it useful to keep pen & paper in every room of my house. This way, you will not forget any important thoughts. I have pictures of Maya Angelou, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Paul Lawrence Dunbar, Robert Frost & Martin Luther King. These famous writers inspire my creative thinking process. I don't fully understand where these words come from. It's as if I'm in some kind of trance & my brain is telling my hands what to write until I have poured out all words hidden in my head for that moment.

By Marsha A. Johnson

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