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Could I Interest You in One Low-Mileage Wishing Well?

I was born in the south. I live in the south and will die in the south. This is only a small part of the memories I share.

A young Harry Nilsson.

A young Harry Nilsson.

“Dreams Are Nothing More Than Wishes . . .”

is only one of Nilsson’s creative lyrics that he wrote in “The Puppy Song,” that he recorded as well as Mary Hopkin from England. Frankly, I am no music critic, and cannot give you an expert take on this song, but if I were an expert, I would write this one down as Excellent from the first to last note.

Vintage wishing well.

Vintage wishing well.

For as Many Drops of Rain

found in the world’s oceans, mankind will, in some way or the other, take time to toss a coin (or stone) into an old, homemade Wishing Well. The Well goes back for several hundred years and they are beautiful, no argument there, but when I see a man, woman, or child invest the time and money into wishing for something that they need or want, I am reminded to repeat that I am no Expert at Wishing Wells, so I cannot give you the spin that you are looking for.

In a big town in north Alabama, Florence to be exact, I have had the pleasure of visiting the Regency Square Shopping Center to take my wife to do some shopping and maybe grab a bite from one of the many restaurants found in Florence. But more than once, I have witnessed people from senior to youngster, toss their coins into the beautiful fountain that the mall designer placed in the center of this complex. You read right. People actually threw their hard-earned money into the pretty water. And upon further inspection, I walked up to the fountain and I lost count of the pennies, dimes, and quarters—and on one occasion, I witnessed a soggy one-dollar bill.

I could not help but wonder if each of those funds caused something nice or valuable to come to the sender? Probably not. Then there is the ongoing argument about whether or not Bigfoot is a hoax or a real mammal. Like I said. I am not in any position to judge.

Scratch. ..long green . . .cash . . .

Scratch. ..long green . . .cash . . .

You Would be Surprised

to know that not only do modern-day thinkers, shakers and movers of society not only believe in Wishing Wells, but Bigfoot too. I am not here to put dark notions about Wishing Wells, but I can confess that they are really nice to look at.

Why is this picture of cash here? It’s for a sensible reason. There is not one human being who does not have a secret desire to be rich—but we have grown from rich to wealthy. I do not mind telling you that I have wondered this idea of getting rich (the legal way) enough so I could help others, strangers in need, churches, charities, and of course my wife, grand kids and son-in-law.

And I can tell you that as many wishes that have been made somewhere in our vast world, there are those heart-broken people with heads hung low after years of wishing, throwing in the coin, only to discover that the wishes that they paid for did not work.

I am not a Scrooge by any means. I do not think myself as stingy. But I cannot find any trace in The Bible where it states that it is a sin to have some cash in an I.R.A. and money enough in the bank that if I wanted to draw-out a few hundred out of my account for someone that needs help . . .I think that God would be pleased. At least He would be pleased with giving rather than being down-right greedy.

A natural beauty.

A natural beauty.

Beauty Comes in Several Forms and Shapes

and the artwork of the pretty woman (above) is very alluring, but only if you follow your imagination mixed with carnal urges. You see? There are those hitches that we can many times overlook or just neglect the consequences all together.

What has a Wishing Well and a beautiful woman have in common? You would be surprised. The very same people who have fed water fountains and Wishing Wells follow their monetary wishing to be blessed with ONE gorgeous woman to have and to hold.

And while there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a gorgeous woman to have and to hold and have friends with beautiful women, but what is wrong with this heart-racing event is that (depending on the individual) in some wrong thinking courtesy of a man, he finds out that the beautiful woman that “just appeared,” one morning, and is friendly with every male besides the man who dropped a couple of bucks in silver coin in order to have a girlfriend.

You know the rest. One word leads to the other and before long, the guy is in jail and the woman is on the nearest Greyhound headed one-way to Phoenix under an assumed name. Watch yourself, men of whom trust the riches to that of a Wishing Well, Telephone Psychic and Horoscope. They “sound” good, but the result is not all the time good.

Yummy, yes. Dangerous, that too.

Yummy, yes. Dangerous, that too.

This is Not a Knock

on or about anyone who loves to eat food. If it is, the knock is on yours truly. Sure, I could lose a few pounds, and if I am prone to believe that (a) wish coupled with a coin in some fountain or Wishing Well can magically cause me to lose my appetite for food, but I simply cannot put this type of faith in this happening now or ten years from now.

I like good food. I like the good food that my good wife makes for us to enjoy. But . . .there is the thing about Gluttony and unless I’m wrong, this is one of the Seven Deadly Sins and while Alcohol and Drug Abuse as well as Spousal, Child, and Animal Abuse is just as bad, Gluttony leads to Obesity and I had much rather eat a moderate amount of grits and black coffee than to stuff myself like a Christmas turkey and eat everything that doesn’t move, including the Christmas turkey.

And so we have come to the end of this (might be) controversial hub because there are places in this piece where I felt as if I were standing on a soapbox. But I ask your patience in this hub because I felt what I wanted to say.

So in closing . . .I touched on the Seven Deadly Sins, and you know them by heart, so what do you think would happen if I shared my Seven Positive Notions with you to just cancel out those other sins? What about it?

Okay. There is something that you and I all want . . .

1.) For Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike to just get along. Stop the back-biting! We the American public would love it even if you tried to get along.

2.) For the American Military to be brought home—with no conditions.

3.) For Spousal, Animal, Drug, Alcohol Abuse and Violence to CEASE.

4.) For whomever is in the White House to take care of US, the American public with higher education for all and good jobs for those who cannot find suitable work.

5.) For our waters and air to be clean like it was before the Industrial Era began.

6.) For neighbors to not be forced to keep their doors and windows locked.

7.) For the Peace that only God can give, to be upon all of us.

I do not Wish these things, but Sincerely Pray for them.

April 2, 2019_______________________________________

© 2019 Kenneth Avery

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