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Consider the Birds of the Air

From Ohio, God brought me out of my old life (a wilderness without Jesus) and round about my transient life He brought me to Bible college.


Of More Value Than the Birds

Concerning a search for still further employment, the thought that being at an age where it may be more difficult to get a job, could be discouraging. But it doesn't have to be. Be assured of this, that if God so wills, it is possible to get a job still, perhaps whatever the age as long as one can work. At that, for another job, (almost) anything will do for the Christ-follower to enhance his/her witness for Jesus (Yeshua). As well, and not only for needed income, but to get one out of his/her home occasionally, particularly if the person is single to dispel loneliness.

Such for some to consider, and I too. With me, I had never had what one would call a “career,” except perhaps my 15 years out west. But, I'm still able to work, and (humanly speaking) a job is necessary; my “financial portfolio,” I think, considerably less than perhaps the norm when one reaches that age where one can take ease through those so-called “golden years of their mortal existence. Yet, as the Scripture reads, “one's life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions,” Luke 12:15. And thus, we're not to worry about our financial status as Matthew 6:25-34, so reads. Verse 26, “[Consider] the birds of the air. They do not sow or reap or gather into barns, yet your Father in heaven feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?”

These days, perhaps since the coming about of my unemployment, Matthew 6:25-34 has had a great impact on my life. Maybe the Lord is saying (to me) there’s nothing wrong with having less (maybe less is even better) than what perhaps is the norm or average of material wealth or goods. And God did care for me all through my years.

An Abundance of Lack

I didn’t come from a “well-to-do” family; we never did have an abundance of wealth. Hence, I wasn’t born as the saying goes with a “silver spoon in my mouth.” My dad was a good provider. My mom cared for neighbor children in our home to help. As I have written in a previous article, “I have not much of everything and very little of nothing.” But I think that’s okay. (Again, consider Matthew 6:26 as well, Luke 12:15; 21:1-4.) All my moving about, I didn’t have to pack up a van to move all my stuff. I moved out west, and that by bus, on just $50 a month support. When I moved back from California, I practically gave away all of my furnishings and other stuff via a yard sale (much of which was given to me anyway), and again I returned by bus.

I was blessed, having moved into a mobile home upon my return to Columbia. There I remained until I had to move out, due to a change of landlords. Thus, my move to what was then Crossroads Apartments; little did I know, however, that my unemployment would come about ten months later. Again the furnishings I had at Crossroads were given to me. My two cars also were, for the most part, a gift, one at a time; the second car when the first car "gave up the ghost," so to speak. For that second (my present) car, I donated an amount for that person’s support who was going overseas in Christian mission work. But then my move to C.I.U.’s Pine View apartments and the furnishings I had went there with me. I gave it all up, however, upon my (hasty) move to Ohio. Thus, my little became even less. And that’s the way it is – now back here in Columbia.

Now with or without a job (I wish it to be with), these cooler months, nevertheless, in my small apartment, I may find it a little better to cope financially. How it is to have a bunch, I do not know, and probably best that way. (Again, consider Luke 12:15.) I’ve been awed visiting other peoples’ homes (but no coveting) seeing all their “stuff” (furnishings) – wow. My mind entertained the thought they’re either very wealthy or greatly in debt. But more appropriately, I’m sure, the Lord’s blessing. But the Lord lets me know that I’m blessed too when He lets me consider the birds of the air and their feeding upon the ground.

Awakened to the Truer Purpose

Perhaps God brought about my unemployment, even those eight months in Ohio, to rouse me out of my “comfort zone” of enjoying the passing pleasures of this mortal time – to awaken me to the truer purpose of my mortal existence. Hence, nothing else these days – particularly TV, sports fanaticism, or the things of Hollywood – holds my interest. Eternity is all that matters. Hence, should the Lord provide other employment for me (I like to think when), I should watch that I don’t get caught up again in that job or again in the temporal pleasures and pursuits of this passing, mortal time, so as I do not neglect the eternal values. (See Colossians 3:1-3.)

As well, having lived (physically) alone all my life, understandably I think, I sense loneliness at times. For myself to dispel such, again, I should watch and be ready to step out of my comfort zone to meet people, even in my not so talkative personality, being attentive to any divine appointments the Holy Spirit (Ruach Hakodesh) may so lead me for an opportunity to share Jesus (Yeshua). Considering it over the years, stepping out on occasion has occurred.

But that’s what I miss about residing at my Crossroads apartment; my present residence and my lack of furnishings, maybe in particular that I’m three levels up, it is not so convenient to practice hospitality. I have had the thought to move again into C.I.U.’s Pine View apartments; C.I.U., then C.B.C. is what brought me to Columbia in the first place where my life has been revived and renewed, and here in Columbia (probably) I'll remain until my eternal homegoing or the Lord's return. But wherever, however, how long, I can’t live my life anymore simply with the mortal world in view. In that, “I can only [try to] imagine" what it will be like in eternity and the end of this mortal world. And looking forward to the end of this time, viewing the happenings in this world today, I can only echo words of the apostle John as recorded at Revelation 22:20, “Come, Lord Jesus.”

Until then, however, perhaps my writings and other products of my design to encourage shining the Light is God's idea as a "ministry" for me through the remaining days of this temporal life. As well, other needed "tent-making" employment (as the Lord so wills), getting me out of my home, so enabling myself to be an example in shining the Light of the Good News of God's eternal love. And thus, my fellow Christ-followers, as well as myself, consider the birds of the air, that we are of more value to our heavenly Father than they. So let us pray for one another, through these dark days, in our endeavor as Light bearers to the world of God’s eternal truth.

© 2019 Charles O Newcombe

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