Confessions of a Man With Empty Pockets

Updated on May 11, 2018
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I was born in the south. I live in the south and will die in the south. This is only a small part of the memories I share.

Just Who was

Angus MacGyver? He was known as just MacGyver, or Mac, the title character and the protagonist in MacGyver. He is played by Richard Dean Anderson. MacGyver works as a problem solver for the fictional Phoenix Foundation in Los Angeles. Educated as a scientist and with a background from a fictional United States government agency, the Department of External Services (DXS), he is a resourceful secret agent able to solve a range of problems that he can solve by the use of his Swiss Army knife and a roll of duct tape. MacGyver was so "in the zone" concerning a Non-Firearm Mindset, that he would not use a gun to solve a problem that meant taking the life of the parties who were causing the problem.

Although Anderson's series premiered in 1985, the only thing missing from the series was a band of Flower Children played by a band of much-older Flower Children who lived in the "Make Love, Not War" era in the late and turbulent 1960s and I think now that if Anderson had read the first script of MacGyver and noticed the Flower Children, it wouldn't have mattered. In 1985, America was changing ever so quietly, and yet, so profoundly as the open protests against Vietnam had vanished only to take up another protest: American Industry: Public Pollutant No. 1, whose factories were dumping tons of toxic slush into the clear streams of our country while their majestic smokestacks churned out billows of white, toxic chemical residue that led to causing much of our air to become filthy.

Close-up of Richard Dean Anderson, "Angus MacGyver."
Close-up of Richard Dean Anderson, "Angus MacGyver." | Source

What Does MacGyver, the Non-Firearm Special Agent

really mean? More or less, the show really said to our nation, we've got a hero who can fight better with his mind than his fists. That punch sent America almost to the canvas. But the early script-writing that spotlighted a Non-Firearm Plot could go for only so long--so a little dab of realism was written to soothe the gun-toting, I Know My Rights-Type of viewers and a few guns here and there was seen on MacGyver, but just the villains, for the most part, ever used their guns. MacGyver on the other hand when all hope and his personal engineering talents were spent, he did use an AK-47 to stop death in its tracks to keep the scene in a peaceful light. But the secret was: MacGyver felt awful at even picking up his rifle.

Now What Does my Introduction

have to do with my hub? Well, if you read closely, you will certainly spy my texts where I use the terms of Mac, as he was known by his friends in the Phoenix Foundation, used a Swiss Army Knife and a roll of duct tape because he had not only been trained properly on how to defuse a potentially-deadly happening, but how to safely defuse that same potentially-deadly happening with his ingenuity and (sometimes) what he could lay his hands on.

Now I really don't want to play the role of a "heavy" right here, but didn't we see some of MacGyver's handiwork by "B.A. Barracus" on NBC's A-Team in 1983? I remember well how "B.A." and the (team) would come to some good person's aide, maybe a pretty girl whose elderly grandfather, a WWII vet, had found oil on his farmland, but the corrupt and greedy corporate villains would pay him a visit and try to buy him out to the protests of his lovely granddaughter. It wasn't long until the entire A-Team would surface, meet face-to-face (No pun here about "Face") and it was on between George Pappard's "John Hannibal Smith," and Mr. T., "B.A. Baracus," a self-made mechanical engineer and with "Face" (Dirk Benedict) and Dwight Shultz as "Howling Mad Murdock," the grandfather, granddaughter and the millions that came to the two were saved--and all of this gun-play, planning, and building for NOTHING. Just a friendly wave by "Hannibal" and the rest of the A-Team as they disappeared into a cloud of dust as the credits rolled.

The A-Team, one of NBC's hit shows premiered in 1983 and ABC started MacGyver in 1985. Plenty of time between the two show's scriptwriters to lend a few of "B.A. Baracus'" and "MacGyver's" various talents that they could use during the course of their shows to keep the interest of their viewers and advertisers.

Again, I Will Ask

you: please, let me tell you what all of these 742 words (now) mean about my hub today about the things that you carry in your jean's pockets every day of your life. Okay. I intentionally-over-wrote my introduction as I did not want to create any confusion about MacGyver or the A-Team. I wanted it out in the open. Transparent. I think that I made the right move.

So guys, go to your jeans or slacks pockets right now and take every item in the pockets on a flat surface, probably on the bed and see if the items do not say a lot about who and what you are? I did it some time ago and I came away very embarrassed. The things that I carried (at that time) were some smokeless tobacco (chew), some pocket change in case I wanted a cold soda, my comb (now this is where you guffaw because I did have a good head of hair at this time) and my wallet that had my driver's license, some family photos, my press pass and a few one-dollar bills and maybe a five-dollar bill if my paycheck had went the distance.

Do you know what shocked me about the items in my pockets? In case I was ever kidnapped and held for ransom, I would just have to be shot or thrown off a cliff because I had nothing by way of survival tools and skills that I could lean on to gain my freedom. I also felt shame along with my embarrassment because I was not completely armed. No. I didn't "pack any heat," by trying to wear a firearm simply because I thought it to be dangerous, so I didn't. No wonder that I felt so low and depressed.

And if I were just walking down a sidewalk in my hometown and a gang of blood-thirsty hoodlum's armed with automatic rifles started coming at me with their eyes glaring at me like those hideous looks that you can only see in comic books. Those people. Killers and proud of it. I know that if I reached into any of my pockets, I would just have to play like that I was a bulls-eye target. I had nothing in my pockets that MacGyver or "B.A. Baracus" would be proud to use as an anti-attack weapon.

My dad, rest his soul, was never unprepared. Each day of his working years, he came to play, as it has been said. He carried his trusty pocket knife that I can guarantee you that all four blades were razor-sharp. He also carried some change and a lot of greenbacks, not because he was stingy, but because he was thrifty. My dad could take a five-dollar bill and stretch that bill so far that he would always have food in the house, gas in his truck, and spare cash just in case that whatever event happened, he was prepared. And no, he never went around other people and gave them an inventory of what he kept in his pockets. I didn't either, but there again, not any of my co-workers ever wanted to know what I had in my pockets.

I Have Though

dreamed more than a few times about MacGyver and "B.A. Baracus" and how they could take an intrinsic item such as a paper clip, a toothpick and match and build a working sailboat in less than an hour. Not me. Although I did watch the two TV shows that I have reminded you about, still, I never felt the need to carry around a Swiss Army Knife, smelling salts, an ink pen that doubled as a pistol, and a piece of thread that I could use as floss if I ever had a need to floss at any time of my day.

I close with this old fabled saying that fits yours truly to a "T": "If the devil dances in empty pockets, he'd have a ball in mine." That pretty well says it all about me and my pockets.

My Last Closing Remarks

from the first word in the first sentence of the first paragraph at the top of this hub can only be judged by yours truly as one of the worst that I have ever written. I am not going to say otherwise. I can say to all of you young would-be writers: this is what happens when you take one thought that you thought would going to be another block-buster-of-a hub. Remember that.

May 10, 2018________________________________________

Richard Dean Anderson.
Richard Dean Anderson. | Source

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      • profile image

        Kenneth Avery 

        10 months ago

        Hey, RoadMonkey -- your pocket items are much like mine, but with no hanky or anything else. I do have a Driver's License that I put on my pocket IF I do drive, but not a wallet. Too bulky.

        Liz was right. I could get a lot of discussion from what is in our pockets. But I do not think that a Forum on HP would take to it.

        Thanks for coming by. Please keep in touch.

      • profile image

        Kenneth Avery 

        10 months ago

        Liz -- thanks ever so much for your sweet (and informative) comments that I enjoyed so much. I would venture that a knife anywhere is taboo like you said with the crime and all. So I guess that what change and bills I have would be the extend of my pockets when they do have these items in them.

        Thanks for coming by. Please keep in touch.

      • Eurofile profile image

        Liz Westwood 

        10 months ago from UK

        I guess you could get quite a lot of mileage from discussing what people carry in their pockets. In the UK, knives are definitely out of favor, due to issues with knife crime. Paper tissues (for colds in the cold UK winter and allergies in the not so hot summer) along with my mobile phone are ever-presents for me. But most times I'm out and about I need a handbag for all the other junk I carry around with me!

      • RoadMonkey profile image


        10 months ago

        Well now, the title caught my attention from the start. I remember the A team though not McGyver and loved watching them. My pockets? Two hankies, keys and cell phone. Interesting, not only for memories but also changes in society.

      • kenneth avery profile imageAUTHOR

        Kenneth Avery 

        10 months ago from Hamilton, Alabama

        @Carrie Lee Night -- "My sincere thanks for your sweet words. I sure do wish that I had written this one a lot better. That's life. And Carrie, you keep on doing your writing the way that you do and I am sure that you will be a huge success.

        Stay in touch with me.

      • carrie Lee Night profile image

        Carrie Lee Night 

        10 months ago from Northeast United States

        Fun hub. Thank you for sharing :)) .


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